Installing Kitchen Cabinets? Skip The Professional!

Yes, you read it right. If you want to save tons of money and have the pleasure of doing something with your own hands, buy RTA cabinets and give the designers a miss.

If you are not renovating the entire kitchen you can easily do the required job yourself, all it needs is some time, planning and a few garage tools. This is one of the best ways around to save on redesigning expenses.

Kitchens usually have a lot of activity in it, as such the cabinets may get worn out or you might just feel like giving it a facelift. Doing so does not need much time since kitchen cabinets are nowadays readily available at stores or online. It is always helpful to have an extra hand around, not that you will not manage without one, but its always better to have someone hand out tools while you set the cabinets in place.

Since these have to last a lifetime, make sure that you buy durable products made of wood or metal preferably.

While installing these it is convenient to have incumbents and children busy somewhere else so that you can concentrate on the job. See that the floors and valuables are safely tucked under carpets or old rugs. keep some place behind the cabinets for electrical wires. It is always safe to do  this after the plumbing and electrical work is completed.

As already said, a few tools such as screwdrivers, spanners, clamps and saws will do. If you don’t have something, borrow it from somebody you know. Keep pencils handy to mark things and a level to keep things parallel to the ground.  Use of safety glasses for protecting the eyes is strongly advised. And finally, try to install the upper cabinets before the lower ones to make your work easy.

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