The Evergreen Choice — Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

Since time immemorial, wood has been used to carve furniture for our houses, kitchen cabinets are no exception. Some characteristics which decide the quality of wood are colour, texture, grain, water content, density and durability.

If  you look around, you will find that oak, walnut, cherry and maple are the most common varieties used for the construction of wooden kitchen cabinets. These come in a wide range of colours, sizes and designs. On top of that, most of these are available at affordable prices. Let us see what are the specialities of each of these varieties.

We will start with oak. For its hardness and unparalleled quality, oak is considered the classic material for kitchen cabinet construction. The grains in oak are straight which makes these harder than most other species used for manufacturing furniture. The natural knotty anatomy of oak and its intrinsic colour, which may vary from pink to white, makes furniture build of oak look impressive.

Cherry wood when polished shines beautifully. This is used for constructing luxurious country kitchen cabinets and are available in a wide range of natural colour, yellow, red, brown and even green. Red and brown varieties are hard, while white sapwood is known for its creamy appearance. Cherry wood has a silky texture because of the fine grains in it.

Another very popular wood used for the fabrication of kitchen cabinets is maple. These are hard and have natural soft flowing grains. The density of maple is not consistent through out which creates beautiful patterns on the surface. Maple is a densely grained wood and hence it is perfect for cabinets, usually these are found in chocolate brown finish or veneered.

And last but not the least, walnut. Cabinets made of walnut are popular because of the inherent beautiful composition of the wood. Although walnut is strong, it can be easily carved into exotic and intricate designs.

Any one of these beautiful wood can be give your kitchen a jazzy look and also last a lifetime because of its tenacity and robustness. Invest in wooden kitchen cabinets for a lifetime of happiness.

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