Cabinet Door Catches — How to Choose Them

Cabinet doors are found in a wide variety of options, some are hinged so they close on their own while some are not, it is beneficial to know all the available options before embarking to remodel the kitchen.




Try to gather information on all things that will make theĀ  selection process easier and more effective both in terms of quality and money. Knowing the differences between cabinet door catches will go a long way in making you happy with your kitchen, not to mention it will also last a life time.


Some commonly available door catch options are listed below to help you choose wisely.



  1. Spring Roller Catch: Whether used on framed or unframed doors, these discreet catches are silent and remain hidden inside the guts of the cabinet.
  2. Magnetic Catch: As the name suggests these have magnets attached on them for an effective but cheap self closing mechanism, but the downside is a clicking sound that these hinges make every time they close.
  3. Friction Catch: These are a bit expensive as compared to magnetic catches but are much quiet, effective and discreet, worthy of every extra penny spent.


Knowing all the choices will empower you to make the right decision and it will ensure that your time in the kitchen is productive and satisfying. The prices of these catches are affordable so choose all you want and make your kitchen the best in town

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