Doing Your Bit for Environment Conservation

“We what save, save us”, said the dean of culinary at Stratford University, now what did he mean by that? Almost everybody wants some space in the nature-consciousness bandwagon, some are really concerned, some think this is the latest fad, whatever be the reason, nature is the greatest beneficiary of this. People are learning new ways of reducing their carbon foot print in any way possible. Some are buying low emission vehicles, while some are installing low power consuming lightings in their houses, you can choose to make the green statement with your kitchen.



This does not require a flip over from your normal habits and customs, all you need to do is make some conscious decisions and you are done. If you have not come across any new ideas to contribute to nature conservation, here are a few things you can try out.



ñ  Use biodegradable packaging for all groceries and food items. Try to buy vegetables that are locally produced this way you will be helping the local farmers as well prevent fuel burning in transportation.

ñ  Avoid synthetic towels and such things which cannot be reused, instead opt for utensils and china or plastic crockery which can be washed and reused. Use old rugs to clean up things rather than using paper towels. Old rugs and curtains can be used as spreads during picnics.

ñ  Water filtration appliances are better than buying packaged water. This way you will reduce the plastic bottle problem facing the nation as well as save money.

ñ  Store all recyclables and take these to sorting plants so that these can be reused. A lot of garbage and plastic waste is being used for land refilling but that makes the land unusable for vegetation. You can set up a small composting unit at your home and use food leftovers as manure for your kitchen garden. 

ñ  Investing in environment friendly cleaners is also a great thing to do. A home made concoction of lime, water and vinegar is as good as commercial cleaners that you can buy off the shelves at stores.

ñ  When buying home electronics and kitchen gadgets choose those with higher ENERGY STAR ratings. With these you will know that you are saving electricity and promoting a good cause.


These changes are not going to happen all of a sudden, dean Magnant says that a few changes every year will make the final transition to a more greener kitchen.

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