Kitchen Under Construction? Never say Die!

Compromises and adjustments are part of everybody’s life, sometimes its a broken car, a broken lift or a broken kitchen well not broken in the conventional sense but unusable. So what is to be done? Easy, improvise. Eating at restaurants every single day during the renovation period will pinch your pocket hard so here is a list of crazy but practical ideas that will see you through.


ü  Have you ever eaten in your garage, well may be not. Most of use our garages to park our cars, but these can double up as make shift kitchens too provided it is spacious enough to do so. Even if it is not, ask your neighbour’s help, may be they have a wider garage to accommodate your car until you have your kitchen back. You can ask your contractor to make the necessary arrangements in the garage. Old cabinets can help you here. If you do not have a working surface use wooden planks. The basement is also an alternative.


ü  Use food-grade storage containers made of plastic or stainless steel to hold your spices and condiments and mark them legibly so that you can find them easily next time you want to put them back in place in your new kitchen. Other unused food needs to be dry stored to avoid damage.


ü  Store extra cooked food in deep freezers and heat them up in a microwave whenever you need. Try to schedule your remodelling during the warm season and take advantage of barbecues outdoor. This way you will make the best out of the situation rather than pulling your hair at the absence of a proper kitchen.


ü  Eating outside can also be an option without disrupting your budget, plan picnics, it does not cost much and you will enjoy the weather outdoors but you should obviously have the time for arranging a picnic so choose weekends or Sundays for these. Collect take-out coupons and restaurant clippings.


ü  Try out new ideas of making sandwiches, you can visit for unusual ideas. Portable and cheap sandwich makers like Panini are a real time saver and can be useful in situations as such. You can also invest in camp stoves or buy used second hand stoves to save money since these are for temporary use only.


ü  Love thy neighbour and they will let you use their kitchen! Well, at least you can try. If your neighbours are too busy to cook their own food at home, offer to cook for them and use their kitchen in return.


ü  Keep a tab on the development of your kitchen remodelling. Snap photographs and create a check-list of items so that you can keep your impatience in check as well as track your expenses.


ü  Keep your valuables out of harms way, map a route for your construction workers to take without knocking off things in adjacent rooms or hurting your pets. Use old carpets and rugs to cover expensive floors.


We hope this list will help you sail safely across the renovation period.

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