Kitchen Cabinets — Making the Right Choice

While remodelling kitchens, kitchen cabinets will occupy the lion’s share of the budget. So, we suggest you to prioritize kitchen cabinets and ear mark about 70 percent of the total expenditure for these. Now, when you have to spend that much on one single item, it becomes imperative that you put your thinking cap on and choose smartly. We are going to help you do just that, read on.


The Right Place to Start


There are quite a few style options, finishes and build materials that you can choose from, sometimes even making you swoon! But do not worry, here are a few steps that will make the process easier.

Understand your needs – This requires you to understand what your lifestyle is and which product will fit square and fare. This step should help you decide upon the final product’s beauty, utility and the right location in the kitchen.

Hiring a Professional – Once you have made the basic assessments, you need to proceed and hire a professional who can fine tune everything and make necessary adjustments if required. For those of us who do not have the time or knack  for such things, professionals are the best bet, they can get the job up and running from scratch.


The ‘Money Saving’ Tip


Stock cabinets are much economical as compared to custom products. These will save you some money which you can invest in a different part of the kitchen or upgrade something old. Mass production cabinets will not provide you with as many choices as custom ones but they are every bit worth the money spent. The finish and polishes may be not as fine they are as durable and stylish like their  custom counterparts.



6 Useful Tips to Get What You Want

  • Fitting Things in Unusual Areas – You might think that every cabinet will fit every single kitchen, but that is not always the case. You might have to spend a few more for your odd dimensions. Although this may cost you a little, but it is worthwhile than having to stick with peeling cabinets.
  • Finding The Finish – Oaken, cheery wood or maple wood all have characteristics patterns and stains, these are easily identifiable so you should find it easy to spot.
  • After Sales Support and Product Quality – laminated kitchen cabinets and those made of thermofoil are easy to maintain and keep clean but they do not last long. Even if your budget forces you to  buy these, make sure you have a robust warranty and after sales service.
  • Looks and Efficiency – Your cabinets will see quite a few rough days. Utensils banging on counter tops, heat and moisture doing their bit, they need to be tenacious enough to withstand these without giving way. Durability does not mean cabinets have to be hideous, you can find the perfect combination of both even in the cheapest of options.
  • Cabinet Dimension – Solid wood has a tendency to deform with time, you should choose veneer coated plywood products for peace of mind. Also consider the thickness of doors, sides and shelves, normally these should be within ½ to ¾ inches.
  • Construction Material -  Prefer fitted, mortise cornered doors over disunited butt joints. If you have to place heavier things in your drawers, which most of us would, choose dovetailed drawers for their strength, these should be fitted with self closing smooth glides approved to hold 75 pounds.


For Those of You Who Have a Small Budget


If newer cabinets seem like a dearer thing to do, opt for refacing the existing cabinets. This will include changing the doors and drawers too. You can also buy cheaper wood for the doors and drawers and faux stain them to look expensive.

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