Break Some to Make Some

Have you ever heard of the saying ‘Old makes way for the new’? There was never a better analogy to breaking half walls to make space for a new airy kitchen. On a less dramatic note, old walls in the kitchen built as a result of some unfortunate miscalculation or left as a parting gift from the earlier owner of the house can make your life uncomfortable. There may be several other things that you may want altered or expunged, such as old gas lines, leaking water pipes or defunct electrical appliances. These things raise their ugly heads in the course of remodelling your kitchen. You will have to get around them without losing your sight and keeping the floor space intact.


This requires a bit of thought and consideration. Take into account which wall will give you a better view of your loved ones or more space without sacrificing the storage area. Proceed with your plans only after you are convinced of their benefits, this will give you a great kitchen without piling up on your expenses.

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