IKEA Cabinets — Is The Name More Important or Quality?

Choosing something just for the sake of its brand name is the worst decision that we as consumers can ever make. Despite the popular brand name and flashy promotional rubbish, there is something wrong about IKEA’s basics, the quality. No doubt that the products are great crowd pullers and people fall for the cheapness of these cabinets, but what they fail to observe is the quality of materials with which these are constructed. We have mentioned the detrimental effects of using particle board or engineered wood elsewhere. IKEA uses these materials. The worst part is that IKEA products come disassembled. Why would you want to buy cabinets disassemble when you have the option of getting a sweeter deal than that?



Looking around a little on the Internet will not only open up a wide market for you but also give you alternatives which are far better than those found at IKEA malls. Online products are much more dynamic, you will find products tailor made to your specifications plus the heartening treatment that only online stores can provide. Oh, did we mention the money you will save by shopping online? There are very good reasons to ditch big brands and start shopping online for better quality and satisfaction.

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