Using Kitchen Dead Space To Your Advantage

Unused, dead spaces is not something uncommon, in fact we have seen many people who have tried to get rid of such areas with the use of faux doors and curtains. Such unused spaces may be the result of kitchen designs made by the previous owner or because of some fault of your own, nevertheless, here we will try to provide a solution to the issue of dead spaces.



The best way to mitigate such problems is by not getting into them at the first place. Designing the kitchen with sizes of appliances in mind will help you put things to order without wasting an inch. For those of us who has to make the best out of second hand deals, things have to handled in a different manner. In fact we do not get into such problems until we have new appliances which need more storage space. New kitchen cabinets, refrigerators, dish washers an garbage disposal units require some space which raises the issue of utilizing unused areas.


There was not a better way of dealing with this until cabinet manufacturers invented kitchen addons. These can be placed in unused areas without violating the aesthetics of the kitchen. For places where addons do not fit, try fillers and store cutting boards and trays. Is there an unused corner cabinet in your kitchen? Get a Lazy Susan installed and use it to place cutlery and knives or spices.



Making use of dead spaces isn’t that hard after all, but it is best to avoid with careful planning.

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