Potpourri of Styles for The Unified Design

Wouldn’t we like to make a  nice collection of different styles from different eras and create something unique, a perfect fusion of classic and contemporary where style and productivity blends seamlessly. This requires far-sightedness, you have to foresee the future and estimate what things in your kitchen will help increase your productivity yet look uniquely striking. Such cabinets cannot be bought off the peg, you may have to scour showrooms, get yourself dizzy with browsing the internet yet not get anything close to what we are going to suggest you.

Striking harmony with conflicting genres is an art. Most interior designers and cabinet sellers will ask you to avoid this like the plague, but where is the fun if you have to buy something that everybody else is buying. Here is how to set course to a personalized amalgamated kitchen design.



Start with the unavoidable, such as the cabinet or the counter top. Take your pick from any style that suits your taste and build the rest of the kitchen around it. It may be an ornate oaken cabinet or the flooring or the counter top. All these complement each other and complete the overall look of your kitchen. Begin with the larger items and keep this as the pivot. Pick samples without worrying about the design and start building the kitchen one piece at a time like a large jigsaw.



There is not a single method of doing this. As you might have already guessed, it will test the limits of your imagination and get you thinking out of the box for every single stage of the process, it is a challenge in itself, albeit a rewarding one. You can tweak the mouldings, patterns, hues and carvings on the cabinets and other accessories, add tiny  oddities and get a coalescent look that no other can boast but you.


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