Cabinet Pulls and Knobs: Employing Creative Materials for Tailor-made Hardware

If you are thinking to modernize your kitchen cabinet accessories, you can try changing your mind from usual pulls and knobs to something different. The latest fury in green and environmental living is to use those materials for new purposes that are already present in your surroundings. That would be the best means of updating the hardware of your kitchen cabinet and doing that allows you to save plenty of money as well.

Innovative ways you can try

It is not really a good idea to use knife as a pullout drawer, but using of old forks and spoons for that purpose is. It would be easier if you opt for the old incompatible pieces of past utensil set for your drawer. Tow them out and observe if you cover enough of them for all the pulls to be replaced in kitchen. If your present pulls have gone flat, you can super-glue a fork or spoon on top of them. It is a fine idea to curve down any pointed fork and locate them on the upper surface of the drawer. You can curve the utensils to form a bent drawer pull if you don’t like the idea of gluing the utensils onto the old drawer pull. Make sure you leave about one and a half inch on each end, because you will need some space to make a hole and fix the fork or spoon in the drawer. Aim to curve the utensil to such an extent that it matches the outline of the present drawer pull, which enables you to use the same holes attached to the drawer face.

Sea Glass

If your house is situated in a beach or if you have just came back from a wonderful vacation from a beach, you might have bought a set of sea glasses which can be used in various creative projects. The word project defines a view in creating newly modernized kitchen cabinet knobs and drawer pulls. Idea is that you could attach the sea glass pieces with the help of glue directly on them if the pulls are in fine shape and possess a flat surface. Make sure that the edges of the glasses glued are not sharp or pointed, or else it might be dangerous using the kitchen cabinets without checking. If the present drawer pulls do not work, you can purchase cheap wooden ones having a flat face. The more general the pull is, the best masterwork can be applied in order to make it a fine look.

Decoupage Knobs

Give your cabinet knobs a fun and funky look of fine art. Get the plain and wooden product that suits the shape and fashion of your cabinets. Leave them as simple as possible to get the best results. The next is to search for a colorful, fancy, or of a romantic depiction from a catalog or publication that would fit on to the surface of the pull. And then paint the pull or knob as you desire, and then paste the depiction or image onto the surface. Make sure you add some extra sealant layers to guard the pull or knob from regular use and probable contact with water. You can have at your disposal a truly distinctive set of kitchen cabinet knobs for as little as you could imagine.

Kitchen Cabinet Reconstruction- Is this appealing?

When it comes to reconstructing your kitchen you are left with various options. One can swap their present cabinets with the custom cabinets or make use of the RTA cabinets. One more option is what most house owners do, i.e., one can undergo swapping of the cabinets by reconstructing their old ones. There are both merits and demerits for each of the options and they have suitable reasons.  

Have a Glance at Your Cabinets

Before reconstructing your cabinets you need to go through your current cabinet that is installed in your kitchen. If the cabinet material is in a good state like if the wood is in good shape and strong enough, then they are the perfect one for cabinet reconstruction. Cabinets with unsound quality are not at all worthy of being rebuilt. For e.g. if the cabinets are broken, bent or warped, then they are not capable of being reconfigured. The cabinets should be reconstructed in such a way that it can resist heavy exercise, or else rebuilding would be hopeless.


The interesting fact in reconstructing your kitchen cabinet is that the design and layout of the kitchen remains unchanged. The cabinet remains in the same position during the whole reconstructing process. The problematic areas in the design of the kitchen does not solve by reconstructing the cabinet. So in such cases the best remedy is to assemble RTA cabinets or custom cabinets. You can attach extra cabinets and can also move the appliances to any area of your room wherever required. This is one of the greatest reasons why most of the people desire assembling new cabinets rather than reconstructing them.  


It is a practicality that kitchens’ renewal is fashioned with budget issues. There always occurs unpredicted expenses that show up, and thus minimizing the finance you have kept for the renewal. If your budget is high enough, custom cabinets and RTA cabinets are the possible options. Yet in case your budget is low, a further inexpensive option will most possibly be resurfacing of the cabinet. Whatever is your decision, whether it is about buying new kitchen cabinets, or reconstructing the present cabinets, it is essential to keep in mind to work inside your budget?  You would wish for a kitchen that would bring you pleasure and satisfaction and not regret for any reckless spending. When it comes to reselling, a kitchen which is attractive and tempting is valued more than other ordinary cabinets. It would be difficult for anyone to differentiate between a reconstructed cabinet and a custom made cabinet if the former has a good finish. The main thing is that you are the one who has to be satisfied with the decisions and changes that has been made. And if you are satisfied with the reconstruction option than there is no looking back, just go for it.


Selecting Eco-Friendly Kitchen Cabinets as a part of Your Kitchen

Formulating an eco-friendly home is an enormous responsibility.  New kitchen cabinets can prove to bring major disaster to one’s homely environment.  But if you are eco-conscious and believe in keeping your homely environment good, then this is where you can discover information about selecting eco-friendly kitchen cabinets.


Material of the cabinet

Initially you need to decide if your cabinet really needs to be swapped or not. Fixing new cabinet accessories to your old cabinet may save you some money as well as the earth. Various ways like painting your old wooden cabinet would be real handy rather giving it a new look. This way you can save plenty of money. But in case of damages due with time and various environmental conditions, you can opt for the new eco-friendly cabinets. Cabinets’ prepared from well maintained solid wood is an outstanding choice to make. Remarkably sustainable as a natural product, the bamboo with its slim design and durability makes it the finest choice as well. Bamboo is famous for its sturdy nature and longevity in comparison to other hardwoods. Cabinets made of metal are also a better choice, because they can be recycled and reprocessed even after they have been used as kitchen cabinets for a long time.


Beware of a few things…

Formaldehyde, a chemical agent that is used in the production of urea is also brought to use in the manufacturing of some cabinets which might lead to illness and change in the quality of air that you breathe in your home. A lot of house holders are not conscious about the chemicals that is used in the manufacturing of cabinets and which can affect the class of air that they inhale at home. But they can and need to take precautions. Soy and PVC are additional substitutes that are safe and can be used.



One more thing that is to be taken into consideration is to decide the number of cabinets required when going for the eco-friendly kitchen. Probability  of interchanging of one cabinet with one of open shelves or pot holding racks, cooking pans and dishes from the designs can be applied within to bring new looks at times you want a change. This will help you in saving your money and also bring down needless consumerism.

The best way to protect our planet from the misuse of the sustainable resources of our lovely planet is to opt for the eco-friendly cabinets and recycling the old cabinets for the kitchen. Though it might not give the impression of a big step, still it would prevent the earth from various misdeeds like deforestation more or less. The house owners must keep in view all these aspects and remain conscious about the recycling and making use of materials like bamboo. The house owners must also inform the local cabinet sellers and contractors and make them aware about what you think is the best for your budget as well as your homely environment.


How Good Are Movable Kitchen Cabinets

There are quite a few things to consider before buying modular kitchen cabinets, modular kitchen cabinets or movable kitchen cabinets as they are also known let you shift the cabinets from one place to another at your convenience. However they are not suitable for all kitchen spaces. Here are a few things that you might want to consider.


Size of the kitchen


If your kitchen is not big enough, we would suggest fixed cabinets. A small kitchen will never let you take the full advantage of movable kitchen cabinets. A moving rack or shelf can be an alternative if you need some extra space, but if you have a small space you will have to make use of the walls and the floors to all its fullest capacity.


The needs


Consider a get together party at your home when you might want to place the desserts. A movable cabinet can be used to place them neatly in a convenient corner between the kitchen and the dining room. Modular kitchens are known for their flexibility and can help you in several different ways. The only factor which you will have to keep in mind is the space. You would not want your guests to be inconvenienced by the inadequate legroom. 


Relocation Concerns


For those of you who have to be on the move a lot, modular kitchens are perfect, these can go wherever you want them to and you will save a lot of money which would have been spent had you had wall cabinets instead of modular ones. Changing over from an old home to a new one will be much easier with these cabinet which are almost identical to kitchen islands. However, find a house that has a spacious kitchen to arrange everything without cramming the kitchen.


Diversified Applications


Many kitchens are not only the cooking space that we have been seeing traditionally. Sometimes kitchens may double up as study rooms or offices during the day time. If your needs of this type, modular kitchens will let you make optimum use of all the space you have. Roll a cabinet to an agreeable position to place your office stationery during the day and roll it back to its usual place to aid you in cooking or enjoying the meal. The study area needs to be isolated for the child to concentrate on studies, therefore a movable shelf can shield him from the distractions created due to your work in the kitchen.


Visit as many stores as you can to find what you need. It is indeed important to find the correct modular cabinets. Never hesitate to solicit professional help to get the optimum flexibility from your movable kitchen cabinets.


Ready-to-Assemble Kitchen Cabinets For The Country Look

Do not worry of you have not found the correct theme for your kitchen, it might be so that you are not looking at the right places or you do not yet know all the options that are available. Not all kitchen themes are familiar to most of us and its not surprising that home owners are unaware of the fact that RTA kitchen cabinets can also be used to create the old charm that only custom made country cabinets can provide.


The Floor Planning


The first step to take before ordering your kitchen cabinets online is taking accurate measurements. The original floor plan can be changed or an entirely new plan can be drawn to place the kitchen cabinets on the kitchen floor. Hence, before you step into a retail store or place an order online, get a good idea of where the cabinets will be placed and how much space you want to allocate to each item of the cabinetry. Once you have ensured how much space you have to work, you can make informed decisions regarding the right type of the cabinet and the other aspects. Ask for free advice from RTA resellers. Extra cabinets can be added to the plan, but before that you will have to know the floor spaces properly.


Cabinet Types


Country kitchen cabinets are rare, therefore make sure that the RTAs that you select are good embodiment of the country spirit. Your country kitchen RTA cabinets should make it easier for you to access the items inside. Imbibe Lazy Susans in your design and try to create some space above the main counter top. It is quite comm on to place the plates and the dishes above the counter or on a separate shelf. Some RTA cabinets come with inbuilt lazy susans and extra shelves to accommodate the plates and extras that we just mentioned.


The Colors And The Facade


Natural, earthly tones are more suitable for country cabinets rather than black and shiny tones. Country cabinets made of maple and raised at the edges make the look perfectly bucolic and exquisite. Giving a distressed look to the unfinished kitchen cabinets is rather a good option and you will get plenty of unpainted RTA cabinets in the market which will let  you do so. Avoid doing anything that hampers the country look, such as painting the cabinets black or choosing plain facades. Dark reds as well as green are good color options.


RTA kitchen cabinets are available in a lot of themes and finding one that looks classically country will not be that hard in our opinion. Search the Internet if the local stores do not satiate your thirst. Searching for the all the available options will undoubtedly take time which is why we suggest you to plan all ahead and start looking right now if a renovation is  in the offing.

Kitchen Cabinets –- Storage vs Usage, Which is Important?

First let us see if the basic difference between a kitchen cabinet which has been optimized for storage and one which is armed for frequent usage.


Some cabinets are made to withstand the physical strain of being opened and closed a number of times every day. While others are specialized to contain more items then a normal cabinet. Choosing the cabinet for your kitchen will depend on the following factors.


Cabinet Doors


Pantry cabinets are the perfect example of storage cabinets. These are placed towards the sides of the cabinetry and do not come in the way of your daily usage. Since these are made to store things, storage cabinets are exposed to the physical strains of being opened and closed several times during the day. These cabinets do not require glass fronts and can be fitted with solid and strong wooden doors. Other frequently used cabinets which contain plates and glasswares can be fitted with transparent or semi-transparent glass. However, the insides  of the cabinets have to be maintain in prime order to have glass door fronts.


Hardware Issues


Cabinets which require to be open and closed often need sturdy knobs rather than stylish ones. They should have the capacity to withstand the regular tugs and pulls of everyday usage. For storage cabinets the best type of knobs are the metal ones which come in variety of styles and designs. If you can manage to pull the knobs softly then stylish ones can also be useful. Another alternative to these is the magnetic doors which closes the doors softly and also does away with the problem of replacing broken knobs. All of these are found in different styles and themes to match your requirements.


Layout of Cabinets


It is important to consider the contents of the cabinets while planning their layout. You will never benefit from storing your dinner plates where you cannot easily access them. Keeping such cabinets within reach, especially near the stove or the sink can make your work much easier. Store your rarely used items in cabinets which are by the wall or where they do not hinder your movement. Plan properly and examine all options before investing in storage cabinets. This will not only save you money but also preserve your time in the long run.






Cabinet Doors — Making The Right Choice

Kitchen cabinets are costly and for any home owner,  buying these is a part of a major investment. Cabinets and the doors on these cabinets are found in several styles and themes. The best thing about cabinet doors is that you will find a door which is made with your needs in mind. The perfect style, material and color is not all hard to find if you look at the right places and you know what to look for.



Conventional Doors


These are the most popular forms of cabinet doors. You must own something that has a conventional door. While these provide unobstructed access to the guts of the cabinets, their biggest drawback is that these take up a lot of space. This is makes conventional doors unsuitable for kitchens which have a small area. The inconveniences are immense and from making it hard for you to move around the kitchen, conventional doors can  render your entire kitchen unusable. All said and done, if your kitchen is roomy then there is nothing better than these conventional doors for ease of access and maintenance.



Roll Top Doors


If you have seen shutters being pulled down in shops, you will understand how these cabinet doors work. These roll top doors retract all the way up inside the cabinet and do not need extra space when open. Often times, roll top doors are seen on upper cabinets rather on the lower. It makes it easier for you to access the lower or base cabinet without worrying about banging your head on anything. The only word of advice regarding roll top cabinet doors is that you will have to make sure they do not jump tracks or get stuck inside the cabinet when open.



Glass Doors


These are actually conventional doors with the only exception that most of the door is made of glass, which makes it suitable for displaying expensive china or cutlery. Commonly seen in  traditional and contemporary kitchen cabinets, glass doors beautify the kitchen. As you might have already guessed glass doors will need more maintenance for the obvious fact that these are finger print magnets. You will also want to keep the insides of the cabinets in perfect order for everything is laid in full sight of any one who steps into the kitchen.


Cabinet doors should not only match your budget but also your needs and lifestyle. Buying the cheapest style may not solve your particular problems, hence take a close look at all that your money can buy and choose wisely. Your neighborhood retail store may help you in deciding the correct door for your cabinet.

Thinking About an Open Loft Kitchen?

The specialty of open loft kitchens is that it makes the process of kitchen cabinet selection even harder. The cabinet has to meet the demands of your loft as well as stay within your budgetary limits too. Choosing a kitchen cabinet is never easy, it only becomes harder with an open loft kitchen. Here are a few tips which can help you choose the best and avoid blunders that home owners commonly make.


Space Aspect


Most specialty stores will help you out with this and in case they do not, you will have to make sure that you know all about the length, breadth and height of your kitchen. This is important to know before buying cabinets online or offline. Open loft kitchens do not have any walls so deciding the correct cabinet can be a bit harder. Consider installing an island and cabinets over them. This stand alone arrangement will segregate the open space into a kitchen area and a dining area. As already mentioned, free services are available if you seek them at stores.




Colors are a manifestation of your personality. Colors can make the kitchen stand out or gel in well with the surrounding. The décor of the room is instrumental in deciding the correct tone for your kitchen walls. Interior designers suggest the use of stark colors like plum or dazzling red in case of loft kitchens. Buy any of those  RTA cabinets which come uncolored so that you can paint or stain it the way you want to. Choosing sober tones is not discouraged at all, but that has become common place, experimenting a bit with the colors will not hurt you at all. Since RTA cabinets can take on color quite well, you can change the color later on after a year or so.




Another thing that can influence the looks is the material with which the cabinet is constructed. Uniformity with the surrounding is important, more so in the case of open loft kitchen cabinets. For example, if the loft has a contemporary, up to date look, you should choose a material theme that is in congruity with its surroundings. Minimalistic, sleek lines and sophisticated demeanor of the loft should be reflected in the cabinets too. Similar is the case with other themes. An antique or classical loft deserves matching cabinetry. Common, traditional materials or green products such as bamboo and laminates are also suitable.


Appropriate cabinets in the loft can add space to the otherwise small kitchen. Loft kitchens usually are exposed more than others, so garbing them with proper cabinets is essential. Buy RTA cabinets that let you do the right thing.

Mishmash Options for Custom Cabinets

It is quite obvious that after designing your kitchen you will expect it to look just like the way you dreamed about.  We do not have to reiterate that you will be unhappy if the kitchen turns out to be a bummer. The most challenging thing to do is creating a custom look for the kitchen using economical RTA cabinets. While you should not quite expect it to outshine the beauty of a true custom cabinet, there are chances that the RTAs can give a close competition to the custom cabinets if the designing is done properly. We believe our ideas will give you an idea of what we are trying to say.




Congruity of Top With The Bottom


Designers insist on matching the top of the cabinet with the bottom part. This match is contributive towards the beauty of the cabinet. This, however, is not a hard and fast rule and people have used diverse top and bottom cabinets to achieve better results. A dark upper cabinet combined with a light toned one at the bottom or vice versa. Space seems to extend with this combination and the beauty of diversified cabinetry is palpable. Such shrewd color schemes will make the kitchen look bigger than it actually is. All said and done, be careful not to make the difference too evident. You can maintain the persistence with the use of trims. Use trims of the similar hue as that of the lower cabinet.



Splash of Colors


Not all of us may like the idea of a colorful cabinet, but for those of us who like to splurge in a bout of creative outbreak, consider painting the cabinets with the wildest of colors. Most RTA cabinets are painted before they are sold, but there are unpainted versions too. Try finding some of these to indulge the painter in you. The final output of such colorful endeavor might not be worth showing to your friends but then the kitchen is a private property after all.



 Mixing The Old With The New


People often times like transfusing old cabinetry with the new ones and create an uncommon design which incorporates the charm of the old world as well as flaunts the sophistication of the new. Your base cabinet can be in antique style while the upper cabinets can be in modern theme. Try to imbibe colors and undertones that have a similarity in both the old and the new parts. Although it is not so easy, combining antiques with modern will yield great results if properly planned. Also be careful about the hardware choices.


RTA cabinets are truly wonderful when it comes to customizing or improvising things on your own. Try to put as many elements as you can and maintain a harmony among all.