Cabinet Accessories — Play the Game of Customization

Accessories are part and parcel of every kitchen and from a simple cook to the connoisseur of wine, everybody needs some accessory in his or her kitchen. RTA kitchens are not only cheap and efficient, but they also open the floodgates to a wide range of accessory options let us see what accessories are doing to RTA cabinets.



Accessories to get tipsy


if you are too attached to  your bubbly and do not need much of a cause or occasion to have a sip then get yourself one of these wine racks. These accessories can be found inbuilt into some cabinets, inbuilt ones will not tolerate much customization and are optimized for space and functionality. Detached versions which can be bought as separate add ons are customizable and can be placed within the cabinet or over the island. Hence whether it be the inbuilt version or the detachable one, wine racks come first on our list for obvious reasons.


Organize your spices


A drawer or a hanging rack for all your spices will make cooking easier and keep the kitchen islands look organized. We have seen cooks scattering their spice jars all over the kitchen and trying to find the right one at the time of need. RTA kitchens do have such racks or drawers, however if you are not in luck, you can also order these separately. These will make your cooking experience pleasurable and organize the kitchen too.


Drawer Inserts


These are good organizational accessories more so when bought from the manufacturer of the drawers. These will fit seamlessly inside your cabinet drawer and help you organize all the cutlery and put the entire cabinet in order. Using drawer inserts will make the maximum utilization of space and give the impression that the RTAs are custom cabinets.


Protecting your food


There is no alternative to a refrigerator for keeping you food fresh and prevent it from rotting. However, bread rolls can take care of the problem to some extent. Although thee are not as efficient, bread rolls are good enough to delay the rotting cycle to a significant level. These are easily available at stores and easy to install too.


Finding the right accessories is not that hard. However, if you look to buy the best or try finding the most fashionable, you will have to search quite a few stores online as well as offline.

Choosing Glass for Mullion Doors

Glassed doors will let you show off your china and precious crockery. If you are fretting over the details of your kitchen cabinet then you can take a glance at this option too. Other than solid wooden doors and composite finishes on surfaces, kitchen cabinets with glass doors are not only attractive but also efficient when it comes to displaying kitchenware. There are so many things to consider for the finishes that you will never tire off, rather the joy of taking your pick will keep you motivated. We have seen people choose glass for their cabinet fronts for various reasons. Besides the obvious one of showing off, some deem passage of sunlight inside the cabinet to be a healthy thing! No matter what your reasons are here are a few things that we would like you to consider before anything.


Members in the family


It is vital for the safety of the young members of the family that the cabinets which contain glass should be placed at the safe corners rather than where children and teenagers run around a lot. Typically, glassed or mullioned cabinets are safe above the counter top. Glass may be one of the most beautiful thing but not necessarily safe. To ensure safety of everybody in the house it is imperative that you select the right position to keep glassed cabinets. Less maintenance is also another advantage of placing glass cabinets away from children.


Type of glass


As you might already know that glass is not of one type alone, there are quite a few varieties and all are different. Some are good at making things discernible while others  such as semi-transparent glass will conceal things to a great degree. In case you are  miserable at cabinet organization, etched glass is a great option. Think beyond traditional glass when it comes to furbishing your cabinet. There is simply no explaining how good glass panels can transform the looks of your kitchen entirely.


Placement of the cabinet


As we have already mentioned, glass cabinets will not only be safe but also look apposite depending where you decide to place it. Since the space above the counter top is away from the reach of children and it is readily visible to all your visitors, we think the space above the counter top is the best place. Glass banging against the wall or being knocked by a running child is a potentially hazardous situation. Keep an eye out for such things and anticipate all events while opening or closing the cabinet doors to avoid them as well as to prevent the glass from shattering.


There is a dark side to everything good and glass is one of them. While there is nothing better to show off the china inside your cabinet, you may also end up replacing the glass frequently due to a slight mistake in the placement of the cabinet. Make sure you get the three basics right which we have just discussed.



Cabinet Materials — Latest Trends in Construction

Knowing all about the cabinet construction material will help you in choosing the best for your kitchen. There are several choices and it is important that you know what material does what and what not as well as the costs. Below is a guide to the most used materials in RTA kitchen cabinets.


  1. Solid wood: Solid wood is not only structurally strong but also pleasing to the eye. These are more companionable with stains and colors. The natural look of solid wood is incomparable and veneer comes nowhere close to it. If you plan to change the colors later on then solid wood is your best bet. Try to buy cabinets that at least have a wooden door.
  2. Plywood: Plywood and solid wood are quite different and it would benefit from the knowledge of the two. Solid wood, as the name suggests is solid unlike plywood which is several layers of thin wooden sheets glued together. This makes plywood less vulnerable to warping over time, however as far as the aesthetic beauty of things are concerned, we suggest solid wood to our client. Solid wood should form the doors of the cabinet and it would not hurt if the other parts are made of plywood. Countertops, sides and base construction are better off being constructed with plywood.
  3. Particle Board: Unlike fortified plywood materials, particle board cabinets are also used in many households. These are made of pieces of broken and discarded wood pieces which are finally glued together. Their structural integrity is nothing to sing about and a little physical strain can take the cabinet apart piece by piece. There is absolutely no guarantee that cabinets made of particle boards will not bend or warp over time.


As far as our opinion goes, solid wooden doors and plywood based cabinets are not only durable but also beautiful. These may have a relatively higher price tag but every penny is worth the expense. While investing in kitchen cabinets, it is quite imperative that you choose wisely and make every penny count.

Top 10 Trends For Home Improvement in 2011

  1. People need a sense of serenity and tranquility. This can be achieved by an unperturbed and organic flow of items through out the house.
  2. Recycling artifacts is in. Young home owners are looking to repossess what their family passed down on to them. Antiques are in demand like never before because of their capacity to connect the home owners to their past.
  3. Ascetic living styles have been shunned in favor of a warmer lifestyle. People want to be surrounded by warm tones and pretty textures and forms.
  4. With rising unrest around the world, people are looking for peace and comfort in their homes and that has been reflected in their choice of articles in their kitchens.
  5. Green products which are free of VOC and other such harmful effervescence are going to become mainstream. Their present acceptance among the patrons of environment conservation will receive a shot in the arm and gradually more and more people will join.
  6. The popular alternative to paints, wallpaper is back again. Textured and creatively patterned wallpapers are selling like hot cakes. These are a better than paints because these can be removed and changed at will.
  7. Soft curves and pleasing lines are better than angular edges and hard shapes. Lively structures do impart an impression of animation in the kitchen rather than a cold demeanor which are characteristic of boring geometric shapes.
  8. Upgrading houses and kitchens have become more attractive than buying new ones. Spending less and gaining more has become the motto of modern homeowners due to the downturn of global economy. To save money DIY projects are being taken up as people seek newer ways to save money on labor charges.
  9. Custom cabinetry is no more the apple of the eye. The strain caused by the economy has made homeowners rethink their styling strategy and hence big box owners and online retailers are making their presence felt.

10. Mixing and matching costly items with affordable ones is suggested by most interior designers and home decorators.

The Fabulous European Kitchen Cabinets

We do not even think much about the fact that the humble kitchen has transformed itself from the place of cooking to the most important place in our homes over time. Lack of time has made man multi task and change the order of things around him to suit his multi tasking abilities. Kitchens have indeed become the hub of multitasking in our homes. This is where we cook, eat, interact, enjoy and plan for the future. As such it has become increasingly important to have a kitchen that is capable of meeting our cooking and storing needs but also contributes to our life styles and tastes.


Normal kitchens are boring, there is no doubt about that fact and we will not mince words. The best cabinet that suits a high energy family is European cabinets. These are the perfect amalgamation of style, substance and functionality, adding a sense of serene sophistication to the aesthetics of the house. The glossy finishes and the wide range of color options make European cabinets the perfect companion of a high-end kitchen which sees a lot of activities. The electric colors, clean lines, shiny coatings and unconventional shapes of European cabinets are great for open floored kitchens within an enclosure. Once placed inside a kitchen, these will make the dimensions of the kitchen apparently expand.


Women folk prefer these cabinets because of their high style quotient and undeniable durability. These seemingly cheap cabinets are beneficial for the pocket. They do not warp or curve and last a long time, eliminating the need to alter the cabinetry frequently or spending on maintenance. Let us take a deeper look into the details.


  1. Scandinavian Theme: Carved bottoms and tops along with simple patterns for the rest of the cabinet sets the Scandinavian cabinetry apart from the rest. Pine wood is often used for construction.
  2. Contemporary Theme: If you see a European kitchen cabinet with Formica panels , then you are looking at a contemporary European cabinet. Glass doors, striking colors, avante garde technology and stylish designs are often seen in these cabinets with smooth finishes and clean lines.
  3. French Country Theme: Characterized by intricate designs and gorgeous stains, French kitchen cabinets are a art connoisseur’s delight. The knotty appearance and exquisite looks give a warm rural look to the cabinets.


Among these cheap, stylish and good looking European kitchen cabinet, you may choose any and lighten up the atmosphere of your kitchen.

The Importance of Budget in Kitchen Cabinets

No matter what we buy we are careful about the amount we spend and the quality of product we get in lieu of our hard earned money. Buying kitchen cabinets is no exception and you will have to consider the budgetary aspects of the purchase and match it to your needs and capacities. A home owner has to be careful about not exceeding his budgets while buying kitchen cabinets as well as get the most out of it. Everything depends on the money you are willing to spend and it decides the number of available options you will have in the market.


We advise you to plan in advance and earmark an amount before even you step into the home development store to buy cabinets. It is not practical for anyone to keep buying cabinets over and over  again or change the looks frequently, apart from the monetary angle, changing and relocating stuff from one cabinet to another is also a pain. Hence we think it is smart to decide the amount you are willing to spend.


What decides the price


The price is directly proportional to the quality of material used. Higher the quality, higher the price and lower the quality, lower the price.


The next factor is the dimensions of the cabinetry. A large sized cabinet with lots of bells and whistles will be costlier than a small sized ones or with lesser drawers and shelves.


No one wants a cabinet that looks unattractive or unfashionable. The style factor comes next on our list of factors. A simple cabinet without any extras will be economical than one which has the looks in full measure.


These factors are at the driving end of the price of cabinets and no matter how high or low your search, you will find no exception to these factors. Hence we advise you to take heed of these every time you go shopping. We have categorized the cabinets in three groups for your ease.



Basic Kitchen Cabinets


For those of you who cannot live without the perfect fitting and good styling, this is it. The parts of these basic things are cheap and easy to assemble on your own, thus it cuts down on your labor expenses too. Frame less and made of veneered particle boards basic kitchen cabinets are available in quite a few options in terms of style and size. Expect these to cost somewhere around 250 to 350 US Dollars.


Mid-Segment Kitchen Cabinets


These are priced higher than the above category and allows for more personalization and style options such as trims, accessories, finishes, paints, designs, themes as well as choice of construction material. Thicker veneered particle boards or thinner pieces of plywood is used for the construction of these  mid range cabinets. Do not expect it to be made of high quality stuff. The price can be expected to be somewhere in the range of USD 400 to USD 900.


Premium Kitchen Cabinets


The costliest and the best that the cabinet industry has to offer comes under this category. These include the high end, fully customized cabinets as well as the semi-customizable ones with a huge price tag. These are perfect style statements for those who want to match their kitchen décor to the rest of their house. There should be no doubt regarding the quality of materials used or the hardware fitted into these cabinets. These will make you poorer by USD 1600 to USD 2000.


We hope  this has made it easier for you to decide the type of cabinet you want for your kitchen.

Styled with simplicity — Gorgeous Mission Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen cabinets are one of the unavoidable parts of the kitchen and the house for that matter. You cannot ignore the  importance of choosing a stylish product for the kitchen which spices up the looks as well as sort out the storage issues with aplomb. Some people are of the view that beauty lies in sophistication, we beg to differ. Let us see the example of mission kitchen cabinets.


These cabinets are precisely what we call beauty in simplicity. The looks are focused on being simple without much superficial ornamentation or cluttered composition. Mission kitchen cabinets are well suited for the needs of every kitchen and no matter how different the overall geography of your house be, these cabinets can fit the style bill with brilliance. Straight lines and moderate curves are conducive to the tastes of all designers and hence they can fit most styles and themes that are found commonly in American and European houses. Made of dark or moderately dark materials, the doors of these cabinets flaunt a squared and properly cut look. Inlays and leaded glasses on the doors and display shelves make these unique.


Surprisingly these significantly modern looking cabinets are an invention of the 20th century. Geometric shapes and uncluttered looks that these cabinets are adorned with was popular back then and the adoration has permeated into the modern era. The fact that the designs of mission cabinets have lasted centuries make it evident that you do no have to worry about changing them anytime soon, unless you already are a hundred years old! These fashionable products are good if you are in doubt about the perfect cabinet for your kitchen.


To make the beauty of these cabinets shine out better here is a list of some of its qualities.


  1. Masterly craftsmanship and good quality raw materials are exclusively used.
  2. The imperial looks are the consequences of using mathematical shapes.
  3. These highly functional cabinets have a dark tone and suit the needs of most home owners.
  4. These are extremely flexible in terms of gelling well with other design themes.
  5. You can place oriental pottery or modern accessories on these cabinets without fearing that these will look odd amidst others.


As already mentioned, most of these oak cabinets are beautified with leaded glasses and inlays and you will appreciate the handcrafted looks. You can add matching décor such as chairs and stands to add sophistication and amicability to the kitchen. There are cheaper versions of these such as the laminated oaken ones. No matter which one you can afford, mission kitchen cabinets are an asset and you will have a matching cabinetry every time you change the looks of your kitchen. Mission kitchen cabinets are capacious and can accommodate all your essentials with ease and yet look gorgeous. Maintenance is easy because of the unsophisticated lines and curves of the cabinets and you will be better of buying these if you are considering a change of kitchen cabinets or planning to buy new ones.

Creating More Space for The Kitchen — Kitchen Storage Cabinets

Placing important things properly in the kitchen is a problem that is not uncommon among homeowners, in fact this is one of the major factors that trouble people with small as well as large kitchens. The mistake that is primary cause of storage issues is inappropriate storage solutions. The best solution which you can apply to get around this is kitchen storage cabinets. People have found all sorts of shapes and sizes to suit their space needs to take care of all their kitchenware and foods.


Also known as pantry cabinets, these tall kitchen storage cabinets are adequately spacious and are adept at charting out newer space for your kitchen which you never thought existed.


The design of these kitchen storage solutions will not only create more space for all the utensils, food and condiments but also lift up the looks of the kitchen. You will find a lot designs to appease your thirst for the perfect storage solution for your kitchen.


Easily accessible drawers and cupboards are a characteristic of these kitchen storage cabinets. Apart from allowing you to keep things within your reach, these spacious cabinets will most likely solve all your headaches regarding placement of important things in their right place.


Drawers of most cabinets, no matter how sturdily they are built will gradually sag to such an extent that will render them inefficient. Before this happens, take the right steps and fit the bottoms of drawers and cabinets with melamine ends for reinforcement. Kitchen storage cabinets are available as standard pieces at most home development stores, but alternatively you can create your own customized storage cabinets. What customization essentially does is that it gives you the freedom to choose whatever accessories you want to incorporate into your design. Some of the  commonly used ones are listed below.


  1. Pull-Out Organizers: Found in different shapes and sizes these will allow for easier access and maximum utilization of space.
  2. Driver Stands: Used for placing larger objects which cannot be accommodated inside the cabinets are stored in these.
  3. Base Cabinets Organizers: These are used to make the kitchenware more presentable and reachable. Finding these in many shapes and sizes will not make you sweat.
  4. Door Mounted Organizers: You can fix these to doors of cabinets to increase the area of storage and lets you place things which are smaller in size and frequently needed.
  5. Mounting Kits: You will require these to keep your larger utensils.
  6. Tip Out Trays: To place your scrubs and washing supplies these are perfect.
  7. Waste Containers: To place your waste hidden from sight, waste containers will help you immensely.
  8. Baskets: These are good to organize your kitchen and if you have been looking for a place to keep your vegetables fresh and also for placing other simple things too.
  9. Under Cabinet Storage: If you want to maximize every inch of space in the kitchen then you will need these.

10. Lazy Susans:  Most home owners have already benefited from the lazy susans in their kitchens.

11. Drawer Organizers: Do you want more drawers? But drawer organizers and your needs will be satisfied.

Once you finalize your plans to buy kitchen cabinets and their accompanying accessories, you need to think deeply about the budgetary requirements. This is quite vital to maximize the returns from your investment in the kitchen. If you observe closely, you will find one of these which will not only fit squarely with your requirements but also keep your expenses from spinning out of control. Go ahead and take advantages of these powerful tools to expand your storage capacity.