Country Cabinets for That Homely, Picturesque Mien

Taking a look at our hectic life, we see that most of us so starved of time that we do not have all the time in the world which we seemed to have not long ago. As such the kitchen has become the only single place where we interact with out family and get something to eat. At most, we have quite and peaceful dinner with our loved ones once in a while. The need to make our kitchens the perfect place to cook has been overshadowed by an even more urgent need to making it a place to get together and recreate. 


One of such ways is to fuse  together the amenities of the modern world and the basics of the bucolic origin that we all share. Designers have created the perfect fusion of these two in what is popularly known as the country kitchen cabinets. For those of strapped of time and a good place to meet with the family, the country kitchen cabinets is the perfect design to adopt.


Designing a country themed kitchen is not the easiest of things to do. It requires a meticulous portrayal of the American country side and the pastures in a vivid manner. One things that needs to be adhered to is the basic difference between an American country life and the European version, if not vastly different, both have their dissimilarities and oddities regarding architecture, clothing and habits which needs to be reflected without fail.


Differences in Style


Apart from the fact that American Countryside styled cabinets are more on the airy side, these are centered around the livestock of the nomad Americans and their traditional patchworks used in attires. Whereas, sophistication is the main feature of European country cabinets. Among all of these the French country cabinets are immensely popular. Intricate ornamentation on wood and metal is characteristic to European cabinets. Colors are also equally important and the lush lavender fields are imitated with light hues which add to the ambiance of the cabinets and make them look spacious too.


Voluminous chunks of furniture are added with singular sideboards for added space and taller looks. Victorian themed kitchen cabinets are also  an intrinsic  part of country themed cabinetry. These are known to elude imperialistic looks with their dark woods and suave colors manifested in the artistic patterns.



Other patterns and themes that come under the ambit of country kitchen cabinets are the Italian, Casual and the Formal versions. Although these are not as popular they have a characteristic design and style defined by the colors, hardware and fittings which make them unique. You should do your homework well before planning to buy any of these. Most importantly, these are usually unavailable in stock version, you might have to go for full customization to bring the old world charm to your kitchen.

A Guide to Elegant Kitchen Using Antique Cabinets

Antique cabinets are unique in the fact that these are unlike and disparate in terms of design and looks. The craftsmen who design these portray a theme which is not modern or contemporary and thus these have an outdated charm. This is what attracts the customers to antique cabinetry.


There is no dearth to the choices that are available with antique cabinets. Most of these are made of natural woods such as pine, oak, mahogany and cherry. You may find metals and polymers used extensively for this purpose. The hardware parts and colors are well thought out and complement the archaic looks. Here is a lost of a few gorgeous options in the antique kitchen cabinet category.


White Antique Cabinets


Kitchen cabinets in the pristine white color look elegant and lustrous. The main advantage is that these are agreeable to any kitchen theme. There is no constraint as to the colors of the walls, back splash or the tiles. White kitchens are the perfect companion to all colors and hues. However the colors which are considered most complementary are blue and red.


Black Antique Cabinets


Black antiques impart a histrionic demeanor to the kitchen and brings out the beauty of the  themes no matter whether they are traditional or modern. The elude a sense of power and sophistication and can be arranged to suit several patterns and designs. If the walls are cream, yellow or white the looks are accentuated to a higher level. A combination of the right ingredients can transform your drab kitchen to futuristic crib. We think one of such combination is black antique kitchen cabinets with granite counter tops on a white backdrop of the wall. The accessories and hardware are best made of steel to bring out the sleekness of the ensemble.


Green Antique Cabinets


Green signifies life, nature, growth and renewal. There is no better way to imbibe these in your life than your kitchen. Green cabinets impart a sense of equilibrium and calm in their vicinity. If you love green then you bring out the beauty of these cabinets with yellow walls and black or white tiles. Purple is also a good complimentary color.


Red Antique Cabinets


The color red adds vibrancy and an animation to the kitchen. Cabinets of this color augers well with green, blue and pink background. Red is also the color of love and will make you feel joyful. These cabinets are compatible with gray and blue walls. However the color purple is best avoided because of the garish combination that these two make.


Before buying any of these antique kitchen cabinets you should look at all the colors and visit shops and read the details before shelling out the money. You should expect descriptions of how to put up the shelves and what specialties each of these come with. Juxtapose each to find the one which makes sense to your needs.




The only care that is required in the name maintenance is an occasional rub and swipe with a soap and water solution. Try to avoid excess water and wipe clean the surfaces to ensure a long lasting antique cabinetry. One thing  that is undoubtedly detrimental to the looks is abrasive chemicals.

Green Kitchen Cabinets – Environment-friendly Living at Its Best

Existing in an extremely environmentally conscious age, one should be aware of the possible hazards of the whole lot around us. There is an invasion of a whole variety of eco-friendly products (or, “green” products) in the marketplace and you can obtain everything from green kitchen frills to eco-friendly paint. Kitchen cabinets are vital things for the home and are not as toxin-free as they are made out to be.



Nice big kitchen with reclaimed pine cabinets and Energy Star stainless steel appliances. Photo courtesy of Hanley Wood, LLC


When you plan to modernize the kitchen, look for eco-friendly goods such as eco-friendly kitchen cabinets. Below are some significant things you must keep in mind prior to buying green kitchen cabinets:


Urea formaldehyde – This is an extremely admired adhesive for wood as well as wood-based products, and defined as an apparent “human carcinogen” by World Health Organization (WHO). However, when used in tiny quantities, this does not create health hazard; the Environmental Protection Agency powerfully recommends very negligible use of the same. The difficulty mostly occurs when urea formaldehyde comes in contact with warmth – the emissions are then intensified and made more concentrated. The kitchen is a space where the temperatures are in general high; so strive not to make use of products that have urea formaldehyde as their main adhesive.


Low VOC – While searching for green kitchen cabinets, make sure that there is no or extremely little Volatile Organic Compound – also known as VOC. This is a fraction of paints and bulk of the finishes that are employed for sealing the cabinets’ exterior. Emissions of VOCs generate elevated levels of injurious gas in the air. Despite the fact that these are obtainable on request, the benefit of the low VOC intensity is that it is odorless as well.


Durability – While deciding on green kitchen cabinets, it incredibly important to ensure their durability. A high-quality green cabinet ought to be able to uphold 20 yrs of superior use. Since most of us will not decide to remodel their kitchen each year, it makes better sense to employ worthy products even if expensive. In spite of green cabinets being more expensive, search for deals in neighborhood papers as well as the Internet. While purchasing through the Internet, ensure you verify the shipping costs also.



Trading green kitchen cabinets


Here are some options on green kitchen cabinets:


1. Bamboo – This is an option for a number of environmentalists since it takes even less than half the time required for bamboo to attain its size in contrast to other kinds of wood. Bamboo gives calming effect to the eye and also can lend a totally diverse look to the kitchen. Green kitchen cupboards constructed of bamboo are very well-built and have a desirable durability.



2. Recycled wood – If you are interested on dropping deforestation, recycled wood turns out to be the best choice. An astonishing feature of recycled wood is the fact that it is really stronger than other commercial woods employed for manufacturing cabinets in the contemporary market. Also, the sturdiness of recycled kitchen cabinets is very high. Such recycled wood cabinets are generally made from aged solid wood and a nice low-VOC finish gives them the perfect look. Besides being sturdy, recycled wood fall easy on your pocket.


3. Reclaimed kitchen cabinets – This is an additional choice while setting up plans to go green with the kitchen. Reclaimed wood have been employed by a number of manufacturers who have innovativeness in using them. Besides being an affordable choice, the worth might be quite great since the person doing away with the preceding cabinet may just wish to alter the way the kitchen appears. If you come across a cabinet that go well with your home and your necessities, just select it and modify it a bit if required. Reclaimed wood may even originate from heritage buildings. So you by no means will know what type of treasure you are laying your hands on.


Fortunately, the consumers’ wants are reverberated by the manufacturers and they offer high quality, sturdy and reasonably priced eco-friendly kitchen cabinetry. With the arrival of countless green products, you can be assured of finding an impressive choice that should fit your requirements and budget flawlessly.


Birch Kitchen Cabinets Provide Correct Blend to Dark Colored Tiles and Walls

Birch kitchen cabinets are adaptable and present a warm and comfortable sense to a kitchen area. They merge satisfactorily with all kinds of kitchen décor. Kitchen cabinets finished in birch wood also are hard-wearing and opposed to to damage. If you are on the lookout for birch cabinets, you undoubtedly have taken a right decision.


But prior to buying a cabinet of birch wood, you must be familiar with the markets dealing in kitchen cabinets and what brands of birch kitchen cabinets exist together with their designs and the price. The subsequent review will be helpful in purchasing appropriate cabinets for your home.


Finished or unfinished birch kitchen cabinets


There are complete and unfinished birch kitchen cabinets existing in the market. It will be slightly economical to go for partially finished birch kitchen cabinets. You can do the finishing of cabinets on your own. If you fail to do that at home, we recommend well-finished kitchen cabinets.


For the finishing job of the birch kitchen cabinets, you will require a few tools – one screwdriver, brush, stain, polyurethane and sandpaper. In the first step, you need to de-assemble all the respective hardware, even the hinges and handles from the entire birch kitchen cabinetry. Then make use of sandpaper to sand the whole surface of your cabinet and then make even the surface. Then use stain for the cabinets using a dirt free cloth and wipe up surplus stain on the surface of the cabinet. Then use polyurethane with the help of a brush. Polyurethane is akin to seal and is first-rate for the job of birch cabinet finishing.



Choosing red birch kitchen cabinets


Kitchen cabinets of red color birch are obtainable in the market. There will be additional choices in colors like white. Read on websites to find out the way to make red birch kitchen cabinets look similar and if these appear precise with the kitchen or not. USHomeProducts is one such website that offers birch kitchen cabinets online.


Red birch kitchen cabinets offer a gorgeous combo with dark grey and rust tiles or walls. Red birch cabinets also present eye-catching glaze with refined granite or marble flooring. Red kitchen cabinets having dark countertops present a more conventional look. They also give outstanding appeal with stainless steel as well as black kitchen appliances.



How to purchase birch kitchen cabinets?


1. Recognize your budget: You must have a scheme about the budget — how much you wish to expend on a birch kitchen cabinet. Birch kitchen cabinets come cheaper compared to cabinets constructed of maple or oak woods. Birch cabinets may be around 50 to 80 per cent fewer than the cabinets of oak and maple. But then, maple and oak kitchen cabinets have a lot of popularity. Before trading, do a little research on the Internet and learn about the charges of the kitchen cabinets so that you can compare the diverse cabinet prices.



2. Hardware: Handles, hinges, knobs and pulls – are very important to birch kitchen cabinets. Make sure the hardware quality is good. They must be handy. Cabinet hardware may be constructed of polymer, metal and wood. They must also go with the birch kitchen cabinets you are purchasing. Good quality is for all time better than less costly material even as typical quality charges are a bit more.


3. Interior choices: You will have diverse interior alternatives for birch kitchen cabinets. There will be dinner service trays, towel frames, cookie sheet holders, wastebasket holders as well as drawer dividers. Check the kitchen appliances like refrigerators, ovens and dishwashers and how you wish to house them in the kitchen cabinets.


4. Capacity of kitchen space: Before shopping for birch kitchen cupboards, take appropriate measurement of the kitchen space – width, depth and height. Measurement is very crucial; do not take an estimate notion of that. Make a note in millimeters of available space in the measurement.


After you get a notion about birch kitchen cabinets, you may consult with the stores or even with the sales persons assertively and communicate them what kind of cabinets you wish to acquire and you will acquire the exact value in your expenses at the end.

Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets – Sturdy, Resilient and biodegradable

Bamboo cabinets are identified with green and are biodegradable. They are exclusive in their appearance and designs. They cannot be compared with ordinary kitchen cabinets that are made of metal, polymer or woods. Bamboo kitchen cabinets give the kitchen an amazing look, a trendy unconventional stylish feel that is even hard to find in costly kitchen cabinets. They are now a day’s used increasingly in people’s homes as any other furniture made from it because of their advantages.


Usefulness of having bamboo kitchen cabinets


■ Sturdy and resilient – Bamboo cabinets are sturdy and resilient as it is harder than many of the woods that are available like walnut and oak. Bamboo kitchen cabinets offer stability and they don’t contract and go out of shape with weather changes like any other traditional woods. They are very much weather resistant and so their fitting will not at all degrade after a while. So, the doors and drawers will also not go out of shape. They are even resistant to water, sun and day to day use.


■ Exceptional artistic appeal – Trendy natural appeal comes very easy with bamboo kitchen cabinets. They look attractive with unconventional and state-of-the-art kitchen appliances like refrigerators and microwave. They also compliment the typical kitchen appliances very well. All type of bamboo made fixture make a perfect match with bamboo kitchen cabinets. Not only that even other type of furniture goes very well with it.


■ Biodegradable – Bamboo kitchen cabinets does not unearth any harmful chemical or any toxic material that is very harmful for our health. It does not contain any synthetic or glass particles. They are very natural and ecological. They don’t harm us in any way.


■ They provide a better option than particle board or other sturdy woods – they are a better alternative than other cabinets made from particle woods or other sturdy woods. They flatter every shade and fixture. You don’t have to worry about the shade of your walls and tiles. Any kitchen background goes well with it.


■ Versatile use – Bamboo cabinets can be put to versatile use. They can be used inside as well as outside the home. They are a perfect choice for log cabin kitchen or beach side kitchen. They are so light that they are easily transferrable.


■ Easy for preservation – Bamboo woods are very easy to clean compared to others. They can be cleaned on a regular basis. They don’t require any chemicals for cleaning. You can just use water or some solution to wash them.





Guidelines for choosing bamboo kitchen cabinets:


1. It should be of superior quality – check the quality of the bamboo carefully. It should be sturdy and proper so that it could be used in cabinetry. Sometimes the bamboos used are very inferior. You should be very careful because different qualities of bamboos are available. Enquire properly from the bamboo dealer about the quality and from where it has come. Sometimes people take home laminated bamboo plywood which is not of good quality.


2. Check the bonding agent and finishes used – enquire from the dealer or the manufacturer what type of finishes are used. Formaldehyde should not be present and if it then it should be low. The shades of the bamboo are different depending on the types of dying. It can also be different depending on the location and the selection of bamboo grown.


3. Take care of the budget – Your budget should be taken care of. Though bamboo kitchen cabinets are cheaper compared with wooden cabinets then also choose the one that is most suitable.


Research on the Internet and surf the websites to know about bamboo kitchen cabinets and then choose the one that is most suitable for your home.