The exquisiteness of Hickory Kitchen Cabinets

Hickory is one of the finer, strong and unyielding woods even without being bent and fashioned into fixtures. It has granule patterns which no other woods could compare to. Hickory is in all probability durable than oak or maple and in addition to is brawny enough to survive an eternity.  Have you ever given a thought about the amount of high temperature, smoke and water that frequently run over the surfaces of kitchen fixtures? Kitchen cabinet is possibly used more extensively than any other cabinet in the house. And when hickory kitchen cabinet is preserved appropriately it will endure without warping or deteriorating your entire kitchen has to hand out in the least. This can also be called an investment because you don’t have to worry about modifying your kitchen for quite a long time.

The most striking thing that places it above all is that it looks great even when kept simple. It possesses great variety of shades like the near-white, the deep brown etc. Hickory in fact gives a very extraordinary stroke to your kitchen. Hickory kitchens look really exceptional because of its unique fusion of shade. Hickory woods would always have inscriptions in them which give them the exclusive country look and this is just the ideal look for some who wants to experience country living.

What to expect from hickory kitchen cabinets

  1. You can boost up the appearance of your kitchen cabinets by integrating the different shades and patterns of hickory woods. And it will be the heart of your complete modernized abode
  2. Hickory woods when painted will only conceal the distinguishing feature of it. They are most excellent with just a plain shielding sealer.
  3. Great looks coupled with endurance to last an eternity gives it increased property value of your home. Kitchen products that are made from MDF goods i.e. made from hickory coating could not last the kitchen atmosphere for long.
  4. The specially made kitchen cabinets will be very pricey but to get something we have to forgo a little because readymade stock kitchen cabinets may not suit your taste and preferences and it is not necessary that it will fit perfectly. So, it’s better to have custom made cabinet.
  5. Your design for your kitchen cabinet will influence your price for it. Like the roll out shelves, basins, drawers, lazy Susan, recycle bins, tilt-out sink front, appliance garage, stacked mouldings. Porcelain knobs with satin nickel back plates could be very expensive
  6.  To reduce your cost what you can do is order RTA (ready-to-assemble) kitchen cabinets which are much cheaper than a massive cabinet which is very difficult for transportation. RTA can easily be installed by you without much trouble and if don’t find it simple than it can easily be installed by professionals.
  7. Before buying cabinets everyone wants to witness some model so that they could get an idea about what they are buying but it doesn’t have a standard look. So, before buying anything make sure that you like it.
  8.  Before buying anything make sure you know everything about it. Take the help of internet or ask someone who have knowledge about the companies that manufactures kitchen cabinet or talk to any of the representative from Merillat, Aristokraft, Kraftmaid and Thomasville who are leading in this business. And after complete evaluation make sure you buy the one that suits you most.


Ways to take good care of your Hickory kitchen cabinets.

It can be cleaned using gentle soap and hot water using a spongy fabric to clean the cabinets but make sure to dry it later so that water doesn’t deteriorate the woods and gives it a fresh look.

Harmful chemicals or liquids can spoil the quality of the woods which contain acetone. It can also cause the colour to fade. You can also use fixture polish between cleanings to give it a new appearance.

Economical Kitchen Cabinets – Every Now And Then You Really Do Get What You Pay For

You should be very careful while going for cheap kitchen cabinets because it may look fine on the exterior but it’s not necessary that they are always good. One should be very cautious and scrutinize them closely before taking the big step of installing them. They are often made of delicate material under the coating which comes of easily because they are made from artificial wood. Even if they are made of genuine wood it’s not as sturdy as the real one.

This is just the starting of the problems many more to come before long. The drawers are often difficult to open because they are ill-fitting and it’s very tricky to close them. All this is because they are built from inferior artificial track, rather than the expensive metals. Cheap kitchen cabinets are often very noisy and rusty. So, if you get all that you should know beyond doubt that it’s made up of cheap material.

It’s in human nature to look for a good deal. Grabbing a good deal that completely falls within your budget is what everyone looks for. But your quest for saving money will be more expensive in the end. Because cheap kitchen cabinets will deteriorate far sooner then what you expect. And you will end up spending more money than what you spent in the beginning.

Following are some of the guidelines that you should follow while going for cheap kitchen cabinets.

  1. Finished cabinets should be avoided. All you have to do a little remodeling of the unfinished cabinets like staining and painting to transform them into beautiful cabinets at a very cheap price. Installing them yourself could also save a lot from your expenses. Not only that you could even paint them to suit your home decorum. All they need is some color to make them look good.
  2. Go for the second hand cabinets instead of buying the inexpensive one. Because they are especially custom made and include special feature like baskets, lazy Susan’s etc. and they are of a much superior quality to last an eternity.  You could always use the internet or ask someone to see if someone wants to resell their kitchen cabinets. People want to sell their kitchen cabinet so that they could remodel or shift and they are always relieved because of the extra money they could get from it. By this process you could get good quality at a very cheap price.
  3. A very simple way cut your expenses is to keep the kitchen cabinets plain and without any accessories which add to its price. Avoid decorations of any type like Lazy Susans, glass doors, etc which are really expensive.

Second-hand Kitchen Cabinets Review

Kitchen cabinets tend to be a real trouble when they require replacement and your budget fails to include the cost of doing so. Gorgeous handmade cabinets may charge a small price, and the fact remains that even stock models are rated high. Also, it can be a situation where you want to substitute the kitchen cabinets in a rental property or a cottage and show hesitation to expend too much money on trendy cabinets. In such a scenario, finding used kitchen cabinets turn out to be the best bet.


If you are fortunate enough, you may locate second-hand kitchen cabinets routine made of solid wood. This implies that they will positively last for a longer time. Furthermore, used cabinets may be blessed with a variety of features like storage on top of your stove, good-looking knobs and handles, pull-out drawers, Lazy Susans, boxes, bins and much more. The crucial thing is to undertake some research. It is possible to come across well-cared cabinets at a portion of the price of brand new cabinets. Who knows, its owner may be looking for change and remodeling, just like you!


It also is probable that if anyone has split up their aged kitchen cabinets, they might still be in possession of an appliance or two.


Guidelines for retailing used kitchen cabinets


1. There are several places to look for used kitchen cabinets. The initial way to start is by doing a local hunt. There are thrift stores holding appliances and furniture at the back. Yard sales and want ads are also not uncommon. You can actually make grand deals at yard sales since they anticipate bargaining, and you have this knowledge at the back of your mind that they don’t intend to drag those artifacts back into their garage. By all probability, they will pay you to take them. Again there are saviors like Craigslist and eBay, although you may as well have to remain near to your home since an eBay seller will not be very inclined to ship cabinets.


2. You will be required to calculate the place where the second-hand kitchen cabinets will be arranged. This needs to be precise and particular. There’s little point in receiving a grand deal on second-hand kitchen cabinets. Bring them home and while fixing them, you only find out that they do not fit because of their big or small size. This is a mere waste of time, sweat and cash.


3. Prior to purchasing used kitchen cabinets, ensure that the cabinets are in shape with your general kitchen design. While you may wish to refinish the cabinets for that rejuvenated look after you purchase them, on the whole what you get to see is what you actually get!


4. The handpicked second-hand wooden kitchen cabinets are made of rock-solid hardwood like maple or oak. Such cabinets are brawny and durable, contributing to both style and comfort for a long time. Broadly speaking, you must be conscious that MDF products, also known as engineered wood, fiber board or particle board are unable to live on standard kitchen environments effortlessly, particularly if they the already used ones.


5. Most excellent second-hand metal kitchen cabinets have the base made of plywood or wood. These cabinets are of better-quality compared to those finished with a fiberboard-base, which cannot tackle the soaring activity of a kitchen, in particular on a second turn.



6. Appropriate inspection and investigation are important before buying. Second-hand kitchen cabinets do not come with a warranty, so we repeat that your examination must be thorough. The wood could have been deformed, the holdup mechanisms might have been broken and there are regular marks as well as gashes. Some can be patched up though with a little work. It’s just fine to have a sensible picture of what requires to be done to convert the second-hand cabinetry an element of your home.


7. If you observe numerous scratches, irregularities or dents in the second-hand kitchen cabinets, you should be in a position to bargain a discount or a suitable price. However, you should keep in mind that the duty to fix the same falls upon you. You will have a number of refinishing to do and based on the intensity of refinishing that is required, all your savings may as well be lost.


8. To be in safe hands, try to have the estimation of a contractor prior to purchasing and installing the second-hand kitchen cabinets.


9. The shipping cost could possibly rise high, if you locate used kitchen cabinets at faraway locations and you could end up devastating your budget.


10. If you can locate the manufacturer, you should be capable of checking with them to find out the presence of any noxious chemicals applied in their kitchen cupboards.



RTA Kitchen Cabinets Review

RTA or ready to assemble kitchen cabinets are almost every time made of wood. They may represent the answer to a person who loves custom cabinetry yet fail to pay for it. These RTA’s set aside extra expenses as the assembly and hanging part is done by you. The sting of paying for the shipping part is significantly less since the pieces easily fit in smaller boxes and these don’t get knocked around as much during transit.


RTA kitchen cabinets are pretty trouble-free to assemble. Everything is at the right place, and you will only require a screwdriver.



Ready to assemble or RTA kitchen cabinet:


Photo: courtesy – Kitchen Resource Direct


Advantages of purchasing RTA kitchen cabinets


■RTA kitchen cabinets display a wide hodgepodge of typical industry sizes.

■RTA kitchen cabinets almost every time come with each particular thing in them. These comprise the knobs, clips, frames, drawers, cabinet doors for base cabinets as well as cabinet boxes. Also, the holes are drilled to provisions.

■RTA kitchen cabinets are available in a wide variety of colors and finishes. The colors may be Honey Maple, Windsor Maple, Richmond, Autumn Shaker, Cherryville, Natural Oak and Marquise Cinnamon. This hardwood finishe looks classic, and you don’t need to pay much.

■Since you can do the above work, you can feel pride about the work after you’re done. It’s very pleasing in upgrading your home.


Price tags of RTA kitchen cabinets


The prices of RTA kitchen cabinets differ. This is based on numerous factors such as intricacy and degree of finishing point, finish as well as materials. Each petite thing will rate a bit more and you will need to prioritize if you do not wish to pay the whole price. Moreover, RTA kitchen cabinets having features like classy hardware, bins, Lazy Susan etc will cost more. Maple and oak are reasonably priced. Walnut and cherry may cost you more.




Purchasing guidelines for RTA kitchen cabinets


1. When you buy RTA kitchen cabinets, keep a view of the décor as well as the appearance of your kitchen. More importantly ensure that you are aware of the precise dimensions. There are countless choices when it comes to purchasing RTA cabinets. Therefore, whether you are hunting for lighter shaded ready to assemble cabinets to lighten your kitchen or a darker color for a conventional look, remain rest assured that they are obtainable.


2. You choose from RTA kitchen cabinets in large stores like Home Depot, IKEA, Lowe’s. It’s perfectly fine to have plywood on either side since plywood is stronger. Dovetailing is at all times a plus, but not done always. And you may wish to have an easy-to-assemble lock set-up. These are almost the identical things you’ll discover in the high end cabinetry suitable for handling the heat and moisture produced from cooking. Try to avoid MDF products having particle board as they are not likely to last long.



3. Rock-solid wood RTA cabinets are grand since these are brawny and last longer, besides raising the property worth of your home.


4. While purchasing RTA cabinets, another point you need to judge is whether you will be choosing hardwood or softwood. It is wise for kitchen cabinets to opt for hardwood. Maple, oak and other hardwoods present longevity and robustness.


5. The easiest to assemble cabinets are those that are blessed with simple assembly tutoring with all pieces in a single box.


6. If you are not at ease or certain of installing RTA kitchen cabinets yourself, you may think about having a contractor install the same for you.



Maintenance ways for RTA kitchen cabinets


Like in the case of everything, pursue the manufacturer’s conditions on the care of new cupboards.


Wash with gentle soap, a spongy cloth using warm water. Be convinced that no water is left behind on the surface or else this could damage the finish.


It is advisable to clean the modular cabinets frequently with the help of a trusted furniture polish.


Rasping chemicals or other liquids that contain acetone must be steered clear of at all costs since these can cause unwarranted damage and even lead to discoloration of your precious cabinets.


Wooden Kitchen Cabinets Review

Wood kitchen cabinets may be rated as the ideal mix of form and function. They showcase durability and rock-hard structure of wood besides the beauty, warmth and grace.


There are several kinds of woods to select from counting hard woods like oak, maple and ash as also softer woods in the category of walnut and cherry. Each type of wood has its merits and demerits together with the cost you have to bear for it. Besides the woods listed here, there are additional choices comprising the less common woods like hickory, pine, birch, beech and the exotics varieties like mahogany and ebony.



Wood kitchen cabinets constructed of oak. Photo: courtesy “Sovereign Quality Custom Remodelers”



Wood kitchen cabinet costs


While supplementary features like drawers, baskets, bins, a Lazy Susan or specifically ordered hardware kinds can prop up the cost of wood kitchen cabinets, there are certain woods that cost always more than others. One among the least expensive wood is pine while maple and oak are moderately priced. Walnut and cherry, in particular high grade cherry, can be a lot expensive and the exotics like mahogany and ebony are the dearest of all.


The fewer imperfections a wood has, the more likely is its chance of being expensive. This holds true even in the case of lower end woods like pine. A pine cabinet with zero stains and even color will be charged more than the one that has color variations or knot holes.



Guidelines for purchasing wood kitchen cabinets:


1. Genuine wood kitchen cabinets are fabulous as they are physically powerful and are everlasting, but they also tend to hoist the property worth of your home. If your kitchen has MDF products like engineered wood, fiber board and particle board, they are not likely to survive the customary wear and tear.


2. You should also make a decision between softwood and hardwood. Characteristically, hardwoods are preferable and it is sensible to opt for that. Hardwoods like walnut, oak, ash; mahogany and maple tender longevity as well as durability.


3. Custom built wood cabinets are higher priced, but they are built to accommodate according to your kitchen. These are inimitable. On the other hand, wood kitchen cabinets that are readymade may not fit the distinctive design of your kitchen, especially if you are in possession of an odd shaped kitchen.


4. Another alternative to deem with wood kitchen cabinets is RTA or ready to assemble cabinets. They most certainly save you money and you can also save on the shipping as well as the handling fees. Wooden cabinets that are available in pieces rather than the assembled ones may uphold less damage at the time of transit as well. Also, if you are handy, then you will take pleasure in the installation work. If you are not a do-it-yourself sort of person, you still have the RTA cabinets installed with professionals’ help.



5. Select a wood that goes well with your style and taste and one that will permit you to get pleasure from your kitchen for years. For a radiant look, choose woods like beech, oak, birch, ash, chestnut or maple. For a discrete grain pattern prefer woods like walnut, hickory, ash or oak. Prefer woods like maple or cherry if you want an even structure.


6. It is sensible to look at samples prior to deciding what kind of wood to go for. Among the chief manufacturers of kitchen cabinets in wood are: Kraftmaid, Merillat, Artistokraft and Thomasville.


7. Woods of dissimilar types can blend together superbly and are over and over again used in amalgamation for ornamentation effect. You could opt for a cheaper wood with respect to the main cabinet and then highlight its look with accents and other finishes of high-end woods.


8. If your purpose is to paint your wooden kitchen cabinets as post- installation, then it is completely sane to choose lower cost wood range rather than the higher end. If, on the other hand, you make use of a classy wood, utilize a stain as it will surface out the innate beauty of the wood while giving your kitchen a typical feel and look.


9. Order wooden kitchen cabinets online:

The Internet is a great place for online stores as well as key warehouses and retailer. Their websites contain details of all available models and values. USHomeProducts is one such website contributing wood kitchen cabinets online.



Showing compassion for wood kitchen cabinets


Use a soft cloth with hot water and gentle soap to make your wood kitchen cabinetry dirt-free. Ensure not to leave behind any water on the wooden surface. Over time, too much water accumulation and exposure can cause harm to your finish.


At habitual intervals and also in between washes, clean the wood kitchen cabinets using reliable furniture polish. Avoid any harsh chemical or liquids having acetone on the wood kitchen cabinets. The chemicals can lead to discoloration and damage to your cabinets.


It is suggested that you pursue the manufacturer’s instructions for preservation and clean-up of your precious kitchen wood cabinets to make them everlasting.

Oak Kitchen Cabinets Review

Oak is rated to be among the most beautiful and solid materials for wood cabinet pickings, as well as a very durable customer. This is especially essential with respect to the kitchen, since the kitchen cabinets are inclined to intense conditions like hard water or steam besides continuous exploitation. Oak kitchen cabinets are made to endure every potential condition while maintaining their reliability on being sealed properly.


These are usually available in two kinds of colors – an extremely light, close to white color and the other a reddish-brown. You will not miss the typical distinguishing grain pattern in the oak. Kitchens that require to give out a cozy feel need to be installed with red oak cabinets while white oak kitchen cabinets come suitable for a room that needs to be shown brighter and larger than the actual.


You may opt for wide ranging customization in the case of white oak cabinets. These can be tarnished to contest the kitchen interior, right from the traditional to the more contemporary kitchen designs. Also, with change in fashion trends, you may decide to sand or stain these oak cabinets with a different color thus bringing in a completely new feel.


Because of its accessibility, oak comes cheap compared to other wood employed for making kitchen cabinets. As a matter of fact, you may set up a complete 10 by 10 kitchen for as less as $3000. This is rather reasonably priced if you are to consider the price you would have had to pay for other kinds of wood. Oak kitchen cabinets enjoy extreme popularity in the market, mostly due to its manifold benefits: durability, adaptability, stability and low cost.


Oak kitchen cabinets are practically everlasting, so pronounce themselves as very good investments for your home. On the flipside though remains the fact that oak is not known to be a sustainable matter and is consequently not regarded as green choice. Oak cabinets may be constructed from retrieved wood; however these are frequently produced from cut down trees. Oak trees require an awfully extensive time to grow back and this leads to delay in replenishment of supplies.






Guidelines for purchasing oak kitchen cabinets:


1. Solid oak kitchen cupboards are suggested since they display durability and style. They will also lift the property worth of your home. Note that most of the MDF products that include engineered wood, fiber board and particle board having an oak veneer are unable to survive the typical kitchen environment without difficulty.




2. Read made oak kitchen cabinets come cheaper, but for an addly designed kitchen. In that case, you will have to bear supplementary expenses for a custom made cabinet to fit into the room properly, look suitable and provide utility.



3. Among others, you must also ensure that you obtain the correct features and accompaniments so that the kitchen looks different from the other rooms. Some of the unique finish that you can think of adding to the oak cabinets includes bins or baskets for extra storage and organization, revolving cabinets that permit quick admittance to items and drawers that can double the original space without taking up any extra floor space. But, these added features will raise the cost of your kitchen cabinets.


4. Another alternative to think about your oak kitchen cabinets is RTA (ready to assemble). This way you will save money and also save on the shipping charges as well as handling fees. Oak cabinets that are available in pieces rather than readymade may prolong life throughout transit as well. You can save extra money by constructing and setting up the RTA oak cabinets on your own. If you do not want to do that, you can have them installed by professionals.


5. Kraftmaid, Merillat, Thomasville and Aristokraft are some of the chief manufacturers of wood kitchen cabinetry.


6. Ensure that you opt for oak color that will balance the general look of your kitchen. Before confirming a color, look at samples and make sure you opt for a color that augurs well with your kitchen. Remember that oak darkens with time.



Restoring your oak kitchen cabinets


Since these are very durable, oak kitchen cabinets are everlasting possessions. You may choose to paint or stain them as per your wishes to keep up with the changing trends.


Show care and clean your oak kitchen cabinets appropriately, including infrequent washing with warm water mixed with mild soap. You may wipe them off with a moist cloth rubbed in furniture polish.


There is no need to use much water and use the cloth in a dry state. Do not use harsh chemicals as these can lead to discoloration. Keep in mind the instructions of the manufacturer to enhance the longevity of your oak kitchen cabinets.



Maple Kitchen Cabinets Review

Among the variety of woods meant for kitchen cabinets, maple has been the foremost choice. It contributes to gorgeous looks besides being solid, hard-wearing and great resistance to abrasion. Maple can resist everything that it faces whatever kind of mistreatment that kitchen cabinets have to undergo – grease, moisture, steamy or cold conditions.



Salient Features of maple kitchen cabinets


These cabinets are undisputedly the finest investments worth making in your prized kitchen not just because maple cabinets are everlasting but also since these are extremely adaptable and resourceful. These never wear out and once you get sick the kitchen design, you may opt to sand them and refurbish to bring them in sync with the novel look you are seeking. This way the finish of these cabinets is also restored.


Since maple is comparatively of a lighter shade than oak, it makes for the perfect look. It induces a sense of vividness and additional space. In natural state, maple can be made to appear almost white. There are a few varieties that tend to be darker in looks while the wood is relatively easier to stain or paint to make it compatible with certain decorating formats.


Maple wood is characterized by more delicate grains and patterns thus eliminating the need to spend on introducing the similar look you are looking for in the kitchen cabinet.


Again, maple is cheaper in comparison to oak in terms of genuine wood cabinets. This is primarily because of its easy availability. Hence, if you consider the versatility, muscle and restorability of maple kitchen cabinets, you won’t hesitate to invest on the same. This stands out to be the foremost reason why maple cabinets are well-liked.


An archetypal 10 x 10 kitchen system along with maple cabinets should come at around $3,000 or even less in case you have decided to do away with the up gradation or addition of other features.



Purchasing maple kitchen cabinets – some guidelines to bear in mind:


1. Firm maple kitchen cabinets translate into an asset to your home and add to the value of belongings. Maple veneer kitchen cabinets are of less significant quality and usually do not thrive long to be worth investing.


2. Ready made vs. Custom built Cabinets – In the event of your kitchen being peculiarly fashioned or of an abnormal size, your preeminent and perhaps only gamble would be to opt for custom made maple kitchen cabinets. It is worthwhile to keep in mind that while such a step may elevate the cost, it will be superior to dealing with out of fit cabinets in the long run.


3. To save cash on your selection, choose ready to assemble maple cabinets (or, more popularly RTA) instead of ready made. This will drastically trim down the cost and lessen the possibility of dents suffered during shipping. Besides, if you are a self dependent individual, then you may take pleasure in doing the installation work on your own. In the opposite case, you may have your kitchen cabinets assembled with the assistance of professionals. It must be remembered that, RTA cabinets will cost you less in shipping besides their lesser price.


4. Additional Components vs. Basic Cabinets – The more accessories you add to your maple cabinets, the more the price will rise. However if it is really essential to have them, go for it. Some choices to mull over are bins as well as baskets that complement storage and grouping much easy and Lazy Susans can relax and find stuff without much ado.


5. Hardware Preference – The hardware you select for the maple kitchen cupboards are sure to add up to the hefty price. The rise will be more if you are opting for fancy knobs and pulls or hinges.


6. Few popular manufacturers of wood kitchen cabinets are, Aristokraft, Kraftmaid, Thomasville and Merillat.


7.  Select a color that will harmonize the general outward show of your kitchen. Investigate samples and showrooms prior to deciding on the final color of your kitchen. It must be made a note of the fact that maple is prone to turn yellow with time, a buttery after prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. So it is sensible to discuss it with an interior designer while you are on the lookout for maple kitchen cabinets.




Showing concern towards your maple kitchen cabinets


Think about the maple kitchen cabinets appropriately and they will be everlasting possessions of yours.


Polish the cabinets once a week using a soft cloth complemented by furniture polish.


Also, you must wash the maple kitchen cabinets using warm water with mild soap; but ensure that you do not exaggeratedly wet them in the process.


Avoid harsh chemicals for cleaning the cabinets like acetone as it will lead to discoloration and result in damage of your cabinets.


Always pursue the instructions of the manufacturer on how to take care and preserve your precious maple kitchen cabinets.