The Real Story Behind Kitchen Cabinet Drawer Construction

 Most home owners get starry eyed and forget to take a peep into the guts of the cabinets where the real story lies. This is important, in fact vital for a long life of your cabinets along with your cabinets. Cabinets are similar to human anatomy, just like a pretty face needs a strong body to support it, so does a pretty cabinet need a sturdy frame. A weak hinge or a joint will render the cabinet useless if not dead!


The three main important categories of drawer joint that we want to talk about in this article are: Dovetailed, rabbeted and butt joint. For a analogy of the drawer joints, we will ask you try and imagine one of the following three scenarios.


1st Scenario: Put your arms together, facing each other with your fingers pointing to the sky.


2nd Scenario: Palms facing opposite directions, fingers clutching each other.


3rd Scenario: Palms together and fingers intertwined.


Now of the three scenarios, you will find that the last one is the best in terms of strength. Let us now see the three types of joints that we were talking about.


Butt Joints: The characteristic of cheap cabinets and drawers is cheap particle board products or plywood joined together with nails or staples in a butt joint. Underneath the box bottom the plywood ends are given the same nail or staple treatment. Those with better construction quality slide into the grooves.


Rabbeted Joints: Two boards are connected together by cutting a notch along the edge of one. The dadoed style is a bit different in that the notch is cut in such a way that the other piece of board can be placed perpendicularly. These are more rigid than the previous style with the only downside of a vulnerable lip which can break sometimes. More than one side can be glued together in this style of joining which makes these design inherently stronger.


Dove-tailed Joints: The name is derived from the looks of this joint, these are made with machines which gives it the appearance of a dove’s tail. These fan shaped edges are placed close to one another and the notches intertwined. The outer edge is narrower than the inside edge which makes it impossible for the boards to pull apart. These are seen more often in high quality products and usually entail a dearer price tag because of the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into the manufacturing of these drawers.


The cabinet cases do not matter as much as the drawers themselves because these are the real hard workers, carrying all the load of the pans and pots all their life! Ensure that these are of the best quality that your budget can afford. Take a look at the cabinet collection at which have a magnificent collection of dove tailed cabinets. You can also choose to ask for a convenient demo at your premises.

Lighting Solutions for Your Kitchen Cabinets

Lighting is an important aspect which most of us cannot do without, the need of ambient lighting is felt immensely while preparing meals. However, not many of us want to pay a high energy bill. The best way to conserve on electricity bills is to dim out the lights when not in use and use low power consuming under cabinet lights during nighttime.


LED lights which are available as linear strips are efficient on the lighting front and thrifty on bills. The Home Decoration Collection blogs says that puck lights are good  for illuminating objects on a wide floor or inside sunken drawers where pots and large pans are placed. Power saving fluorescent bulbs should be installed at places which do not need radiance on a constant basis.


For those of you who do not have experience with planning for lighting in your kitchen, here is a simple  and efficacious plan which will suit most kitchen cabinet layouts.


Installing cabinet lights within an hour


There are several plans and these vary from one designer to another as well as from one kitchen layout to another. If you have a conventional recessed cabinet with 7/8 inch deep surface, then there are different under-cabinet lights which you can choose from. The advantage of under-cabinet lighting is that these do not protrude out of the surface.


If you have plans to install 12-volt lights then you will have to ensure that you have a 120 volt AC converter system in place to power these beauties. This will depend on the number of under-cabinet lights you plan to have.


There is no fear that you will not find one of these to suit you needs or to create a breathtaking effect.

DIY Cabinet Painting — Things to Avoid

Painting requires diligent adherence to few guidelines which most home owners DIY proponents fail to follow thereby creating a messy situation which can be irreversible at times or cost a fortune to make correct. These mistakes may happen because of lack of knowledge, hence here are a few points to remember while taking up the paint brush.


Doors and cabinets need to be properly polished and sand papered to make it smooth and agreeable to paint. You must always take the hardware apart and carry the cabinetry outside in open space to give yourself more room to work. Doing the job inside the kitchen may result in paint drips, spills and dust particles flowing all over the place.


Knowing the guts inside out


Use a high density foam paint roller instead of a low grade microfiber product which can cause blotchy surfaces. Use high quality brushes for a perfect finish. You might have to spend twice the price of a costly brush if you neglect the importance of one.


If your  cabinets have drawers mounted on side ways tracks, then it is wise to pull them out altogether and paint them separately instead of clogging the sliding mechanism.   Always use a good grade sand paper to smoothen the surface before painting. This will ensure that the paint stays long enough.

Getting More Out of Kitchen Storage

No matter how much you beautify the kitchen cabinets they may still be small for all your storage needs. If you have been looking high and low for your favorite gravy server, it is the right time for you to start looking for an effective solution for your storage needs.


Recently we took a trip to Lowe’s and we found that there were in fact storage options were as abundant as the consumers willing to buy them. You can get your hand on a brand new epoxy steel dish storage for as low as 100 USD.


We were pleased to see the Lazy Susan set which had adjustable shelves on a telescopic shaft and these were made of good quality polymer. The cost of this 28 inches plastic beauty was 96 USD and these came along with mounted hardware. The smaller 24 inch version was priced at 77.19 USD. The lower shelves had places to hold cleaners and paper towels. These chrome shelves could be rolled out to make it easier for users to close the doors.



Pantry Space


These are necessary to segregate products to make it easier for everybody to find their required products with ease, whether they are children or grown ups. The adjustable shelves are great to keep dry foods separate from wet utensils and these do not obstruct the passage of light which makes it easier to find stuff easily.


Swingable pantry, such as those featured at come with high quality piano grade hinges which reinforce the strength of the cabinets and make them more durable. This is priced at USD 70. We suggest our readers to procure a few of these organizers and pantries to avoid a messy cabinet.

Home Owner’s Opinion of Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Colors are a manifestation of your personality, this is a fact which has been confirmed by several color experts, decorators and designers. The presence of colors on your backsplash, floors and walls are all part of your inner self which dictates your choice of colors. A discolored cabinet or a chipped one indicates that you are either strapped of money or you do not care much about your possessions. 


Every year, the experts list out the favorite colors which they think will rule the trends of the following year. As far as I am concerned, I do not always agree to the list, nonetheless I take a look to see what I like and what I don’t. This year, the prediction was that gray would rule as one of the favorite color for its ability to provide relief from the garish bright hues.


Natural tones of green, brown and earth colors are believed to be in vogue this year. In the opinion of experts, more and more kitchens will be seen in green colors with bamboo counter tops and floors made of cork. A subtle presence of flashy reds, greens and blues will also be significant.


Colors for the right feel


Yellow is a color which can add ambiance to a dim looking room. Better Homes and Gardens suggest that buttery yellow color along with distressed effects are a characteristic of Tuscan themed kitchens. Blue is another color which can bring out the contrast of your cabinets and its surroundings.


The colors in the kitchen should be in congruity with your home which will ensure a sooth transition from one part of the house to another.  As an instance, if your entire house is built with an country style in mind, then your kitchen cabinets should also be stained to bring out the wood grains and make it look bucolic. One easy to get an idea of color options is to look at the pictures found in magazines and on the Internet.

Kitchen Cabinet Care

You may have exchanged your old cabinets for something new or repainted the entire surface with a new coat of paint. But that is not always the best of things to do for the obvious reason that exchanged hardware and repainted surfaces look drab at best.


Another hindrance that you might have to face while buying replacements is that you might never find the correct alternative to what you are looking for. However, if you are lucky a quick wash and a good rub with a soft cloth is all that your kitchen cabinets need to keep looking new.


As a part of your cleaning schedule, the first thing that you need to do is make a comprehensive list of all the hardware and accessories that you have. Do not ignore the knobs and hinges and clean them with some water  along with all the metal parts. Take special care for the wooden frames, special wood oil and waxes are available to take care of these.


One easy and time effective way of cleaning all the hardware at once is by soaking them in a copious tub of soap and warm water solution. Let these soak for 10 to 15 minutes and then use a simple toothbrush to get rid of the grime. You can always take the help of trusty vinegar.