Swanky Accessories for Your Kitchen Storage

No matter how much our kitchen cabinets are optimized for storage we always seem to run out of space subsequently, this is not totally unheard of and we have been receiving requests from our readers to list out a few accessories which can essentially transfor the look so your kitchen as well as add some order to your kitchen


Space Organizer


Kitchen mate manufactured by Omega National is one of the top of the line products to organize and add storage space to your kitchen. The base pull out unit is 3 inches. These can easily be accommodated between existing cabinetry. Sliding, adjustable shelves along with durable ball-bearing fittings make these perfect for daily use. You may want to add a lacquer finish to the maple or plywood structure.


Spice Organizer


If you love spices and have a dozen of jars or bottles containing your favorite condiments then we advise you to get on of these. There is enough space for even 60 containers of spice and can be placed anywhere within the three tiered drawers on hinges which makes them easy to flip in and out. Available in 11X11X8 inches, these plastic organizers are color coded so you do not lose track of your spices.


Wall Organizer


To add more storage near your work space, buy a wall organizer preferably from Ballard Designs.  These slender beauties are crafted from handcrafted iron and coated with protective layer of powder to resist moisture. These go along perfectly with your Italian or Tuscan themed kitchen. As far as the dimensions are concerned, these are 9 inches deep, 25 inches wide and 29 ¼ inches tall.


Cabinet Organizer


Closet Maid is famed for designing efficient cabinet organizers to store your snacks, sauces and spices. You can even store your utensils and hide them conveniently with these. The popular size of cabinet organizers is 20 inches deep, 4.62 inches tall and 11.06 inches wide.



Kitchen Cabinet Trends of the Future

Kitchen cabinets are meant to be your friend in need, there is practically no need to constraint your wishes while buying these. As the year 2011 proceeds, we have noticed that being green or environment conscious has remained popular as a matter of choice since last year. Apart from that, home owners are concerned about keeping their cabinetry well organized and compact. Gone are the days when kitchens had big, wide dislocated jumbles of cutlery and crockery spread all over the place making you look hard for each plate and spoon!



The rising demand for stack-able and expandable pedestal cabinets with  ground clearance of more than 42 inches is palpable and underlines the fact that home owners want more for less, which is not surprising at all if we consider the skyrocketing price of things. These stack-able pedestal cabinets are ideal for segregating and storing items according to their daily use. As an illustration, you may choose to keep your casseroles and tureens in the top shelf and vegetable chopper along with these. Lower below the china and cutlery can be safely accommodated.


Significance of furniture-grade wood in the future


As you might have already guessed, furniture grade cabinetry are not for the weak of the exchequer. Pull down shelves and roll away waste cans have to meet high expectations of customers regarding durability and usability. These are viable and  make sense in terms of return on investment.


These materials are highly effective for refacing purposes. Green materials such as wheat-boards and bamboo are taking over the cabinet refacing market and getting rave reviews about its potential to change the entire décor of your kitchen.


Exotic woods such as Canadian birch, chestnut wood with knotted appearance. To set your kitchen stand apart from the rest you can choose classic white oak, the grains and patterns are conducive a lighter ambiance which has become the latest fad replacing the heavily distressed look that was in vogue until a few years ago.

The Future of Kitchen Cabinets

As we inch closer towards the end of the year, retrospection into the trends of the bygone time is imminent. This is not an attempt to adumbrate what home owners will eventually adopt, rather a chronicle of the developments and improvements which we have seen in the recent past. Having said that, choices regarding home décor are vastly unpredictable and vary from one home to another.



Colors in monotones and accumulation of several colors are going to rule the roost in the future. This is what the experts in kitchen and home decoration have envisioned. A somber and unique bravura of earthy and cardinal colors are expected to overshadow everything else. A boldness in the accents is about to change the looks of kitchen cabinets. Popular columnist Melissa Bullard says that earth toned wooden cabinets are going to be in demand which will enrich the counter tops and floors. She suggests cabinetry which is trendy, cool and are straightforward to assemble.


The dominion of primary and soft hues


The Orlando Sentinel published an article by leading home decoration expert Jean Patteson in which the use of bright accents have been advocated on a uniform and calm base color. However, the article warns against the overuse of this style.


If the trends of the past make a lasting impact then the earthy tones can also be expected to find acceptance in houses which require a calm and soothing environment of an open landscape. Do not be surprised if you find the continuity of these colors into the kitchen walls.


Furniture-grade cabinets made of quality wood will not lose its market share, with cherry and maple being the top sellers.  As far as drawers are concerned, nothing has a better chance of being in vogue than under-mounted and pull out shelves. Semi-costly materials as well as top dollar cabinet fittings will continue to be in demand.



Getting Rid of a Muddled Kitchen

Home owners have been looking for a solution which can take care of all their storage needs, lock stock and barrel. It is only natural to hanker for a compendious panacea for the chaos in our kitchens and bathrooms.  Dumping everything into a single container will make things worse. The same can be said of the bathroom. Smart home owners make use of hold all cabinets to arrange all the needful objects in their kitchens and let a special catch all holder accommodate all the kitchen oddities.


Our recommendation is ambulatory cabinets which can also help you with your preparations and add an extra work station to the kitchen. Wheel-aways are also a good substitute to hold those heavy appliances which are needed once in a blue moon. If you look around a little, you will find versatile islands which can have at least 5 sliding drawers at a price range of 129 USD to 327 USD. Metal, hardwood, polymer and laminates are some common material used for the purpose of construction.


Moving on to the bathroom issue, a doored cabinet underneath the sink can solve a lot of problems. A three shelved bathroom cabinet reviewed recently by Old House Web is our idea of an ideal washroom clutter solution. These will effortlessly accommodate all your towels and toiletries. Framed and unframed versions of these shelves along with vanity counters have been used by many people to unclutter their bathrooms. If you want a more segregated antiphon, try buying one of those under-counter cabinets. Each of the shelves can be designated to individuals of the family or to guests even!


Rummaging for a comb or a towel can now be a thing of the past, all you need to do is follow the simple tips we have mentioned.

Sanitizing Kitchen Cabinets

A little ignorance regarding the cleanliness of kitchen cabinets can be detrimental to their long term health. Accumulation of oil, soap and kitchen residue will deteriorate the looks and hygiene of cabinets to such an extent that it may become impossible to salvage them. Never let this happen to your beloved cabinetry. Take advantage of the easily available non-alkaline, non-abrasive cleaner available in the market, the safest bet is to use hand wash which are gentle and effective on cabinet surfaces. End up the cleaning routine with a little dab of elbow grease.


Chamois soaked in a little soap water can do wonders to the interiors of the cabinet, use a soft cloth but avoid used cloths which may have chemical parings attached to them! Be extra careful with the exteriors, more so with the glass surfaces and cabinet doors. Use a non-caustic cleaner on the glasses.


Caring for Wooden Cabinets


Olive oil is very apt at restoring the warm shine to wooden surfaces of cabinets, if you do not have olive oil, use commercially available wood oils. While polishing ensures that the cloth is lint free and does not have residual chemicals which are undoubtedly pernicious.  Put in some effort while cleaning and polishing and try to repeat the routine at least twice every month.


It goes without saying that you will have to put the glassware out of harm’s way. While the interiors and exteriors are being taken care of, let the ceramics and hardware such as knobs, handles and hinges dip in a soap solution. Wipe these dry and apply some polish which can be easily found at a home development store.


Replace hardware which is past their glory. We are sure these simple maintenance steps will take care of your kitchen cabinets for a very long time to come.

How good is Rigid Thermofoil Laminate?

Stopping just short of endorsing, we will say that we can vouch for the qualities of Thermofoil Laminate. However we have always wanted you all to take your time and delve deeper into the guts of everything we say. We do recommend you to consider thermofoil laminate for the purpose of cabinet refacing.


The best way to appraise the advantages is to make an unbiased comparison of the cost, maintenance issues and durability of vinyl, wood and Thermofoil Laminate. Consider how these products can make your cabinets adroit and unyielding to the denouement of everyday activities and effects of heat and moisture. 


Cost Factor


Understandably, we all are concerned about the ramifications of cost on the selection of a particular material. Hence, let us put in plain words that plastic laminates and RTF (rigid Thermofoil Laminates) are much more cost effective and can be made to look like expensive granite, wood or marble. Wood veneer can pinch your pocket, but is worth the looks.


RTF vis-a-vis Wood


Wood is at least 25 % costlier than other popular alternatives, having said that the aesthetics of wooden veneer can redefine the looks of the entire kitchen. Prices vary according to the variety of wood and you should take your time to select one that suits your estimates.


Strikingly crafted veneer products is the forte of some manufacturers, they specialize in burled, knotted and textured patterns which will definitely add to the expenses, but these are worth the investment. The basic versions are sandwiched particle boards with a black or white facade. These are available in hard as well as soft wood, the surfaces of which can be slip-matched, arbitrary or symmetrical.



On the other hand, RTFs are molded under pressure which is perfect for classical as well as modern kitchen designs. You will never run out of style options with RTF. The advantages of RTF can be enumerated as follows:


  1. Cleaning is hassle free and simple
  2. Does not rot, shrink or warp due to moisture


However, RTF is vulnerable to heat.


At the end of the day, we all want to have the perfect amalgamation of style, usability as well as the ease of maintenance, the most determining factor of all these is the cost.

The Role of Putty in Kitchen Cabinets

If you have ever painted your kitchen cabinet in the past you will appreciate the significance of fillers in making the paint job look perfect. Prior to painting, you must clean off the oil deposits and scrape off the old paint using coarse sand paper and finally polish it with medium grained sand paper. Do not ignore any of the surfaces and be painstaking in ensuring that all the parts of the cabinet such as drawers, doors and exposed parts are taken care of.


It is only natural to find structural defects in woods. A costly way of taking care of dents and bents is using a hot iron and a moist cloth to raise the surface. The cheaper alternative is to find a good grade filler at your nearest home development store. We recommend the use of good quality wood putty before applying oil based primer.


The choice of patching materials


There are two popular options regarding putty. A latex based version of the filler is available in the market, but the downside to using this is maintaining it. On the other hand, water based products are much better. Before trying to patch the wood surface ensures that it is moist, otherwise the quality of the finish will be subpar. If you despise wastage, try applying one layer on top of the other. You will have to make the patch a little bit higher than the surface so that you can sand paper the surface properly.


If you want a model to help you with the work, try to borrow a drawer from a store. Fretting over the details might seem tiresome at the outset but these pay off at the end.

Distressed Wood Cabinets for the Kitchen

The word ‘distressed’ is obviously too disheartening, but do not let the name misguide you regarding the timeless beauty only these can provide. This special look of distressed wood is what many home owners hanker for. The antique looks of these cabinets can complement the classical Italian or Western décor the kitchen. The beauty of these can be easily imitated without paying even a fraction of the fortune that you might presume it to cost.


There is a subtle borderline which separates beautiful and timeless beauty from being cheap or substandard. Judiciously select paints, varnishes and pastes which can transform your kitchen into a masterpiece, scraping, brushing and sand finishing are vital in imparting the perfect distressed look to your cabinets.


The process of distressing kitchen cabinets


According to eh basics of creating distressed look in furniture, you will have to proceed in steps. The first step is to apply the surface color and after that comes the base tint. You may want to add additional layers to the base tint, however make sure that you let each layer dry before applying the surface color, this way the distressed look will shine through.


Once all these are done, you can proceed to add the marks and stains that add to the beauty of the cabinetry and make it truly classical. If you want to embark on the mission without any professional help, you will need sand papers, wire brush, a mallet or a wood file. While filing the area make sure that you do not scrape off the base paint. The essence of distressed painting is doing it sparingly in small and selected areas.


Use a padlock or small chains to put in the chipped look in some surfaces to give the Tuscan cabinet effect. Before starting the painting process ensure that you have cleaned off the surface well. Distressed cabinets are not about plain surfaces, what matters the most are the stains and dents.