The Beauty of Dove Tailed Drawers

People are buying kitchen cabinets fitted with dovetailed drawers in large numbers because these drawers make cabinets sturdier and immune to wear and tear to quite an  extent, not to mention the added space for storage that dovetailed drawers provide.

Drawers and cabinets doors are some of the most overburdened parts of a kitchen cabinet, every single day drawers are dragged and shoved relentlessly. There is no end to this until the drawer one day refuses to budge or slide all the way to the floor! Dovetailed drawers with interlocking joints are well made to withstand all these and more while providing more storage than drawers with offsetting joints.


We suggest dovetailed drawers because these are worthy of your hard earned money and  will serve you for several decades effortlessly.

The Oriental Science of Interior Designing in Your Kitchen

Most of us have heard about Feng Shui and know what it is, Feng Shui is a way of organizing things inside a kitchen or a house for that matter in a way that harmonizes with its surrounding. People believe in its power to bring peace and prosperity and hence this is the perfect science to apply to the heart of the house, the kitchen.


None of us want to rummage through a lot of stuff to find our way to what we need. Kitchen cabinets need to be kept organized and uncluttered, Feng Shui ensures that. The manner in which cabinets are organized determine how we function in our kitchens.


Cutting equipments need to be placed in order and kept clean to avoid health hazards. Unused utensils should be dried and placed deeper into cabinets where they will be safe until you need them again. Take out some time every once in a while and clean all the cabinets thoroughly.


Feng Shui should start at the kitchen because this is the single best place where you can start the good things in your life, it is after all the heart of the kitchen and we need to do all to keep it healthy and beautiful, even if that means following ancient oriental sciences!

Options in Glassed Kitchen Cabinets

If you are planning to get glass front kitchen cabinets for your kitchen there are several varieties that are available, here we will list some of the most common and popular forms.


  1. Plain Glass: These are best if you want to show off all the pretty crockery and cutlery at your possession. There will be no designs or patterns on these type of glass doors and thus they will provide an unobstructed view of any thing you want to put on display.


  1. Bevelled Glass: These look like little prisms have been carved onto them. These are usually polished and are not as transparent as the previous one.


  1. Camed Glass: Have you seen glass panes with copper or brass inserts in them, these are camed glass. The unique look of these glass panes make them very popular in kitchens.


  1. Bubbled Glass: You must have seen these in old kitchens, they look like tiny air bubbles are blown into the structure of the panes. As you can imagine these look fabulous and are sturdier than regular plain glass.


  1. Frosted Glass: Glass makers use fine grained sand particles to make these panes which are hardly transparent yet let light pass through them to some extent.


  1. Etched Glass: Chemicals such as hydrofluoric acid is used to design intricate patterns on glass. These are available in different themes and you can choose one to your liking.


  1. Mullion Glass: The only difference between these and camed glass is the material embedded in the glass, camed glass have metals, mullion glass has wood.


  1. Textured Glass: As their names suggest, these are available in myriads of options to pick from.


  1. Stained Glass: The last but not the least, stained glass are also very beautiful and can be a perfect match for your kitchen cabinets. You can have these in any colour of your choice.

Investing in kitchens is a long term issue and needs to be handled after a lot of planning and research, it is advisable to take necessary measure to ensure that every single component is the best that money can buy.

A Slice of France in Your Kitchen

A typical French kitchen has long wooden tables, ladder backed kitchen chairs and floral patters on the mats and other kitchen drapery. More often than not a french kitchen serves as a gathering place for all the family and friends to enjoy their food together over a nice conversation. Depending upon the number of members in the family, a kitchen can be large or small, it is impractical to build a huge kitchen for a family of five or six people, hence the size has to accommodate every body without being wasteful.

The French are particular about the looks of their kitchen and prefer earthy colours such as brown, gold, green, bright yellow and cerulean blue. These colours induce a rustic warmth and give the impression of spaciousness to the interiors. The walls are ususlayy yellow to reflect off light and create ambience while terra cotta tiles adron the floors. Slates and other natural materials are also used to accentuate the laid back aesthetics of the kitchen. Tiles can either be plain or painted in beautiful murals and scenes of the Souther French rustic life.



Commonly used wood for French kitchen cabinets are pine, cherry and walnut. These are usually very simple and emphasize on the overall feeling of hospitality and warmth. All this along with the importance of lighting makes a French kitchen cabinet a visual delight.


However, speaking of the storage space of a French kitchen, you won’t get much. Traditionally the French keep their kitchen ware hanging by the walls, however to make these more practical you can choose those with adequate storage room or order custom made ones.

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets — Never Out of Fashion

Like all things in life, everything has a good and a bad aspect to it. We will talk only about the positive aspects of things here because we are very optimistic people! Nonsense apart, contemporary kitchen cabinets are not popular just because they are very durable. They harmonize with any home and look very elegant and trendy. They are neither vintage looking nor science-fiction-futuristic and have the potential to blend in with every single personality. There is a contemporary kitchen cabinet for every one of us.

The biggest and best advantage of these cabinets lies in their eternal beauty. These will never go out of style and you will never be placed in the ugly predicament of having to replace cabinets because of outdated designs.


Last but not the least these are inherently more durable because they are made to last longer and stay beautiful for ages. What this means for you is that you will save tons on maintenance and repairing costs. Also these are easy to buy and install.

Adding Spark to The Kitchen With Kitchen Cabinets

It goes without saying that the kitchens in our houses see a lot of activity and as time passes by more and more work will be carried out in out kitchens apart from the obvious cooking. We have used our kitchens for get togethers, birthday parties and several social events, this makes it imperative for kitchens to look elegant and serve their purpose simultaneously with aplomb.


You can fret all you want over the paints, lightings, carpets and back splashes in the kitchen but the truth is there is nothing more important than the cabinets when it comes to the looks of the kitchen. Yes, cabinets or shelves organize the kitchen and compliment the other components we just mentioned. There is nothing more unsightly than a haphazard kitchen with appliances and tools lying in uncanny places or stuffed in small cabinets threatening to break open at the slightest provocation. A nice and spacious kitchen cabinet will take care of all your storage needs and keep the beauty of the kitchen intact.



There are quite a few things to pick from. You can buy expensive but gorgeous custom-made cabinets and personalize it according to your idiosyncrasy. Make it all transparent for displaying your antique wares or design it in uncommonly, its up to how much you want to spend. Then there are the cheaper and efficient stock cabinets for those of us who want practicality out of our cabinets at an affordable price.


No matter what you choose or how much you are willing to spend, kitchen cabinet designs need consideration because they indeed dictate the over all aesthetics of your house, so take your time and do your home work well.

The Miser’s Guide to Kitchen Cabinets

Lets face it, nobody wants to spend extra when the same quality and looks can be achieved with cheaper options. Kitchen cabinets are no exception. Cabinets are the only item in the kitchen which occupies the largest space and costs much more than everything else combined. As such you will have to weigh all your options and find the best that you can buy with your money. After all, this is a long term investment we are talking about, you will be surprised to know that there are so many things that you did not even know about their existence.


Buying new kitchen cabinets is not always a necessity, you can find economical ways to augment the beauty and longevity of kitchen cabinets. Remodelling is one of such options. Look for good quality and cheap cabinets with which you can replace broken or defunct parts. You will be pleased that you did not take the place apart, rather invested in remodelling.


We will provide more tips and techniques on kitchen remodelling in our forthcoming articles, keep looking.

Choosing Designs of Kitchen Cabinets

The only purpose of kitchen cabinets is not to cook and store food, kitchen cabinets can look elegant and be an integral part of the house décor. These cabinets can add a lot of value and charisma to the totality of the house but it is dependant on your choice of material and design of construction. Most of us fail to select the right kitchen cabinet, it is not that hard actually provided you know what to look for. Kitchen cabinets are available in


  1. Stock
  2. Custom
  3. Semi – Custom


The cheapest and most hassle free of all these is the Stock version. These come ready to assemble and any one with a little knowledge of hammers and screwdrivers can set these to place. One small downside to these cabinets is that they are not available in varities of colours, sizes or looks to choose from. Custom cabinets are at the other end of the spectrum, they are pricey, they look fabulous and they can be tailored to suit individual demands of size, theme and colour. Attaching bells and whistles to these  will augment the looks as well as the price of custom cabinetry.  Apart from the price factor, the time of delivery time of these cabinets may be a dampener. Semi custom cabinets are good if you want the custom-ability of fully custom cabinets and low prices too.


Coming to the material of construction, cabinets are made of solid wood, particle boards and plywood. Cherry, Maple and Birch are used for high grade kitchen cabinets and as you must have already assumed they will be a bit costly too. Poplar and alder are better options if you want to save money on the material, a nice finish of glaze will impart a royal look. Hickory and Oak are perfect if you anticipate much wear and tear in your kitchen, these wood are tenacious and will not take scratches as easily as pine. Having said that, pine is best for carving, these make good rustic kitchen cabinets.