Country Themed Cabinets for the Extraordinary Look



Solid natural wood is to country styled cabinets as is the queen to the palace! May be that was a bit theatrical but we could not invent a better analogy to signify the role of natural, unfinished wood in country kitchen cabinets, these impart the sweet and cosy feel of a home.

Hickory, pine, oak are used for constructing such cabinets for their receptivity to stains, finishes and polishes. If the material is anything other than wood then they are not worthy of being called country cabinets. Always avoid synthetic material because they cannot imitate the beauty of natural wood.

Country kitchen cabinets are loved because they evoke a bucolic charm in the house, these can be complimented with vintage furniture and accessories. The deliberate chipping or scratching found on such cabinets give a real look to the ensemble.

Cabinet hardware such as knobs, hinges and handles also enhances the beauty and makes the kitchen cabinets long lasting and durable. Country cabinets are so versatile and yet so simple.

Kitchen Accessories — How to Choose the Best?

Are you planning for a kitchen remodelling, or thinking of buying a new kitchen cabinet? If the answer to that was yes, you should do everything to choose the right kitchen accessory because at the end of the day these will help you get the perfect look. When we say accessories we mean counter tops, sinks, fauctes, cabinets, floorings and appliances too. These are usually meant to light our burden as well as look stylish.


We will not tire to point out the importance of buying the right accessory to getting the utmost from your kitchen, cabinets are no exception. This are significant to usher in the right mood while stepping into the kitchen. Choose whatever makes your day. There are plenty of themes to choose from:


  1. Rustic
  2. Modern
  3. Traditional
  4. English Country
  5. Custom Made



Kitchen cabinets should compliment the structure of the kitchen and solve the fundamental problems of cooking and storing food, these must also be pleasing to the eye, say have your say while buying these.


The Reason Why Raised Panel Cabinets are Popular Than Everything Else

You might be amazed to know that raised pane cabinet doors have been the best seller since several years now. These panels are raised at the middle which gives it the moniker raised panels.


Raised panel cabinet doors are available in varieties of designs such as cathedral, square or arch to mention a few. Their ability to harmonize with any design or style makes raised panel doors so popular, which is why these have long been preferred for exquisite cabinetry.


No matter whether you are looking for contemporary, rustic or modern designs do not forget to take a look at raised panel doors for kitchen cabinets. These will give your kitchen the finishing touch.

Nothing Sturdier and Simpler Than Slab Panel Cabinets

Now if somebody mentions ‘slab’ to you, the first image that strikes our imagination is of a large chunk of concrete forming the base of our houses! You not to blame for this, however, as you might already be aware of, slab is also fits squarely for the description of a cabinet door panel. These doors are flat and are available for every type of kitchen cabinet.


Do not jumble the designs of flat panels with slab panels, slab ones are simple unlike flat panels which are veneered at the centre and have a thickness of ¼ of inch. Look for slab panels which have applied edges, these are more durable, never forget to check the edges when you are buying a slab cabinet panel.


Do not expect to see any patterns or designs on slab panels, these are meant to be simple and sturdy so when you buy some, make sure you get what you pay for.

Which is better — Stock Cabinets or Custom Cabinets?

Sometimes due to continued neglect kitchen cabinets go past the stage when they are repairable. If your kitchen cabinet is past its prime then there is no other way but to replace them entirely for a new one. Now that brings you to an interesting dilemma, which type of cabinet is right for you –- stock ones or custom made ones. Well, before you start choosing, you might want to read this.



As their names suggest, custom kitchen cabinets are made to order, following strict instructions on design and size, which may differ from one customer to another. With these you get whatever you feel like having for your kitchen. Any specification about material, design, accessory and finish, you get everything to choose for yourself. However, you must understand that these are going to cost you a dear penny, but every one is worth its value.



Stock cabinets, on the other hand can be bought off the pegs, ready made to some regular standards and a few options of colour, finish, design and size to choose from. These are also available in high quality solid wood. Durable hardware and accessories have alos started becoming standard fittings. But as we already warned, be prepared to spend some more than you would have with stock kitchen cabinets.


At any time you can choose to get rid of your old kitchen cabinet, but what decides the fate of the kitchen is your budgetary limits.

Everything About Kitchen Cabinets in a Nutshell

Care and Repair Secrets


Several years of wear and tear as well as frequent closing and opening of cabinet drawers and doors will take a toll on your kitchen hardware. Kitchen is in fact the most used part of the house apart from the bathrooms. Due to the nature of the work carried out in kitchens the probability of damage in kitchens is very large. The looks as well as the utility of kitchen deteriorate with time due to several factors.



In a three part series we will be tell you how to resurrect your dilapidated kitchen and make it look like new.  Watch out for Parts I, II and III of our ideas to beautify kitchens. But before that you have to know a few things.



Causes of Damage


It might seem rather surprising that kitchen cabinets are actually used more than any other thing in the house. This can cause structural damage to the edges and corners of the kitchen cabinets, there are chippings and scratches that start showing up after a few year of use. 


Moisture, heat and food ingredients such as salt are lethal to the material of the cabinet. This will cause the cabinets to warp and bend as time passes by. Performance of the cabinets fall and shines starts fading which need to be maintained. Also, handles, knobs and other replaceable hardware has to be altered once in a while too.


Remedies and Care


If not daily then at least take out some time once a week to wipe clean your kitchen hardware and aluminum or steel parts with soft cotton clothes using a home made concoction of lime, water and vinegar. Try to avoid strong industrial cleaners as they may harm the sheen, also keep moisture out of wooden parts.


Reach all the top of your cabinets and wipe off all the dust, of it is way to high for you, use a ladder or a tall stool. Do not neglect anything. Glass doors can be taken care of using a moist soft cloth, you can also use a glass cleaner of good quality.


Keeping Harmful Elements at Bay


You can never imagine how much harm termites and other insects can inflict on your wooden cabinets, these will also make stored food unsuitable for consumption, hence keep these away from your kitchen cabinets.


Take care of all moving parts and ensure smooth movement. Keeping the hardware in good shape can help in increasing the longevity of cabinets. Check for all the hinges, drawers and slides and replace them if need be.





Over time, the colour and polish will fade, what you need to do is apply a fresh coat of paint whenever required and polish them with lacquer to put the shine back. While painting kitchen cabinets choose oil based ones if you want a more durable solution and a smooth feel, otherwise latex paints are good for ease in maintenance.


Alternatively, you can choose to laminate the cabinet surfaces with a wide range of laminate patterns that are available for every kitchen cabinet. This method of refacing the cabinets is not only cost effective but also easy on the pocket.


Kitchen cabinets take a lot of rough use every single day, therefore maintaining them once in a while is ideal for a good looking and long lasting kitchen.