How to Make a Unique Kitchen With Mix & Match Cabinets

People usually think of the versatility of mix and matching limited to the overall looks of the kitchen, very few know that it can be narrowed down to the very kitchen cabinets to create a splendid look. Of course you can choose varieties of countertops, cabinets, floor and designs for a wider mix and match style, but you can also do the same with every  component of the cabinets. If you need a few ideas here are some.


  1. Replace old knobs: Install stainless steel knobs on wooden cabinets and glass or ceramic ones on stainless steel cabinets, this will open up a whole new dimension to mixing and matching and give an entirely unique look to your existing cabinetry.
  2. Make use of extra open areas: Get a stainless steel cabinet and place it alongside your wooden cabinets. The combination will complement each other as well as make proper use of the empty areas. Choose some different from your present collection.
  3. Add glass to the cabinet: adding glass panes to the doors of the wooden or steel cabinets can give your kitchen an entirely new look.


Cabinets are the place to start of you want to give a new look to your kitchen, although it is not the first thing that people notice when the walk into a room, but when they do they will be pleasantly surprised at the beauty of your kitchen.

The Ten Gallon Kitchen Cabinet

Whenever we think about the country side, pictures of rustic men with ten gallon hats, dirt roads and sweet faced children come rushing to our minds. But most of us are too busy to enjoy the pleasures of that simple life unless we are on a long vacation. If you want an easier way to  feel the bliss of a country house right in the middle of a busy city, here is what you can do – install country themed kitchen cabinets.

 The warmth and affable appearance of country houses are the most appealing thing about them. There is nothing complicated or adulterated about the looks and emotions associated with the country people and that reflects in their houses too, most strikingly in the kitchens. But many may advise you to decide against a country kitchen unless the entire house has been themed in a matching design.

However if you like the charms of a country kitchen more than anything, just listen to your heart. Designing a totally differently styled kitchen will not be a bed of roses, you will definitely need advices and guidance, that is why we are here. As a part of our series on designing country kitchen cabinets we will be discussing a lot more about it in our forthcoming articles.


Very shortly we will examine the qualities of the country theme and also how to put the design to use, so keep watching this space for more.

How To Choose ‘A’ Grade Kitchen Hardware

If asked, most house owners will confirm that their kitchens are the most busy place in their house. Beside family members, it is not uncommon for guests to venture into the kitchens to spend some time with the house owner, so care must be taken to keep the kitchen in a presentable state.


While preparing the budget it is advisable to ear mark a portion for good quality hardware, these hardware are often neglected but they have the potential to increase the elegance of kitchens. There are a lot to choose from, these are easily available in a wide assortment of styles and materials, however what matters is how well you know the basics and where to look for these.


Before you start bear in mind that no matter what style or theme you have in mind for the kitchen, there are compatible hardware available in the market. Finding matching hardware should be your first priority. It is not hard at all, its like colour a picture book, all you need to do is match the correct hardware with the design.



Apart from designs, hardware have started to be manufactured from a myriad of materials such as steel, granite, wood, glass, porcelain, zinc, plastic…the list goes on and on. Same can be said about the finish of materials, some common finishing of hardware are matte, satin, gloss and rubbed .One thing that has to be understood is the cost. Prices vary according to build material. All these along with the design of the cabinets will determine the looks and value of your kitchen.


Just as paints, hinges, knobs and handles beautify the outer surface of the cabinet, there are shelves, glides drawers and racks that spice up the inner parts. Perfectly matching hardware for all styles and designs is not hard at all. Metallic hardware is the most durable and beautiful. Honestly there are much tougher things in this world than finding matching kitchen hardware, so just get on with it!

Installing Kitchen Cabinets? Skip The Professional!

Yes, you read it right. If you want to save tons of money and have the pleasure of doing something with your own hands, buy RTA cabinets and give the designers a miss.

If you are not renovating the entire kitchen you can easily do the required job yourself, all it needs is some time, planning and a few garage tools. This is one of the best ways around to save on redesigning expenses.

Kitchens usually have a lot of activity in it, as such the cabinets may get worn out or you might just feel like giving it a facelift. Doing so does not need much time since kitchen cabinets are nowadays readily available at stores or online. It is always helpful to have an extra hand around, not that you will not manage without one, but its always better to have someone hand out tools while you set the cabinets in place.

Since these have to last a lifetime, make sure that you buy durable products made of wood or metal preferably.

While installing these it is convenient to have incumbents and children busy somewhere else so that you can concentrate on the job. See that the floors and valuables are safely tucked under carpets or old rugs. keep some place behind the cabinets for electrical wires. It is always safe to do  this after the plumbing and electrical work is completed.

As already said, a few tools such as screwdrivers, spanners, clamps and saws will do. If you don’t have something, borrow it from somebody you know. Keep pencils handy to mark things and a level to keep things parallel to the ground.  Use of safety glasses for protecting the eyes is strongly advised. And finally, try to install the upper cabinets before the lower ones to make your work easy.

Do It Yourself Tips for Kitchen Cabinets

Custom kitchen cabinets are usually more expensive than DIY versions, which, can be installed without any professional help. You can either go the costlier way by ordering custom made ones or select the more budget friendly DIY version. You can buy these in a variety of designs and hues. So if you have bought one of these or planning to buy one, here a few tips that will save your time and lots of headache!

Take measurements and mark up all detachable parts to make assembly easier later. When you remove doors or shelves take a piece of chalk or a pencil and mark them discreetly so that they can be erased later. This way you will know what goes where later. Use ledger boards and toggle bolts to fasten cabinets securely.

Although you do not need be a rocket scientist to figure out the best RTA kitchen cabinets available, you must take some time and go through all the available options. Think out of the box and you will come up with some uncommon and yet so practical that will make you proud of your skills! Have an eye for style and precision because at the end of the day both matters when it comes to a beautiful as well as a useful kitchen cabinet.

Let your imagination take wings, you will definitely find something worthwhile and well within your budget, not to mention if you find the best that there is, the cabinets will last until you grow old peacefully.

The Evergreen Choice — Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

Since time immemorial, wood has been used to carve furniture for our houses, kitchen cabinets are no exception. Some characteristics which decide the quality of wood are colour, texture, grain, water content, density and durability.

If  you look around, you will find that oak, walnut, cherry and maple are the most common varieties used for the construction of wooden kitchen cabinets. These come in a wide range of colours, sizes and designs. On top of that, most of these are available at affordable prices. Let us see what are the specialities of each of these varieties.

We will start with oak. For its hardness and unparalleled quality, oak is considered the classic material for kitchen cabinet construction. The grains in oak are straight which makes these harder than most other species used for manufacturing furniture. The natural knotty anatomy of oak and its intrinsic colour, which may vary from pink to white, makes furniture build of oak look impressive.

Cherry wood when polished shines beautifully. This is used for constructing luxurious country kitchen cabinets and are available in a wide range of natural colour, yellow, red, brown and even green. Red and brown varieties are hard, while white sapwood is known for its creamy appearance. Cherry wood has a silky texture because of the fine grains in it.

Another very popular wood used for the fabrication of kitchen cabinets is maple. These are hard and have natural soft flowing grains. The density of maple is not consistent through out which creates beautiful patterns on the surface. Maple is a densely grained wood and hence it is perfect for cabinets, usually these are found in chocolate brown finish or veneered.

And last but not the least, walnut. Cabinets made of walnut are popular because of the inherent beautiful composition of the wood. Although walnut is strong, it can be easily carved into exotic and intricate designs.

Any one of these beautiful wood can be give your kitchen a jazzy look and also last a lifetime because of its tenacity and robustness. Invest in wooden kitchen cabinets for a lifetime of happiness.

Kitchen Cabinets For a Gorgeous Rustic Charm

Several options are available if you want to create a charming kitchen with bucolic looks. For those of you who have been wanting a country kitchen for long, this is the right time. There are many ways of achieving the same results, here are a few of them.


But before that let us tell you that the kitchen has to be beautiful and useful, so make sure  that the country kitchen cabinet has a lot of stowage for all your foods, cups and plates.


Here are three styles that most people prefer for a country look in their kitchen.


  1. Casual English Country Look: The old world appeal of this style is marked by open glass doors, open shelves for your china and unique finishes.
  2. Country Casual Look: The old fashioned look is characterised by open racks and distressed look. The look is affordable and imparts a warm ambience to the room.
  3. Formal Country Look: The bona fide country look is a perfect balance of glazed doors and open shelves.


These country looks are ancient just in looks, their utility is nothing less than the latest kitchen cabinets available online.

Cabinet Door Catches — How to Choose Them

Cabinet doors are found in a wide variety of options, some are hinged so they close on their own while some are not, it is beneficial to know all the available options before embarking to remodel the kitchen.




Try to gather information on all things that will make the  selection process easier and more effective both in terms of quality and money. Knowing the differences between cabinet door catches will go a long way in making you happy with your kitchen, not to mention it will also last a life time.


Some commonly available door catch options are listed below to help you choose wisely.



  1. Spring Roller Catch: Whether used on framed or unframed doors, these discreet catches are silent and remain hidden inside the guts of the cabinet.
  2. Magnetic Catch: As the name suggests these have magnets attached on them for an effective but cheap self closing mechanism, but the downside is a clicking sound that these hinges make every time they close.
  3. Friction Catch: These are a bit expensive as compared to magnetic catches but are much quiet, effective and discreet, worthy of every extra penny spent.


Knowing all the choices will empower you to make the right decision and it will ensure that your time in the kitchen is productive and satisfying. The prices of these catches are affordable so choose all you want and make your kitchen the best in town

How to Beautify Kitchen Cabinets in a Cost Effective Way


How can you change the looks of your kitchen cabinets without spending a lot and yet get exactly what you want? If you need some ideas here are a few, these are cost effective and refreshing too.

1. Refinish: A simple sand paper will do the primary job of removing grease and the old paint. After the old layer has been wiped, apply a fresh coat of paint, simple and effective.


2. Reface: This involves removing old cabinet doors and moldings and replacing them with latest models.


3. Update: Get rid of old knobs and replace them with high quality hardware, there are hundreds of latest designs and materials to choose from.


These ideas will help you refurbish your kitchen without costing you much.