Ace Choice For Your Kitchen Remodelling — Stock Cabinets

Stock cabinets or RTA cabinets are becoming more and more popular among kitchen designer and home owners alike. Almost always cabinets are the costliest items required during remodelling, but these do not have to cost you an arm or a leg. The mantra for a  successful remodelling is planning and sticking to a budget. 



If you have been planning a lot on paper doing nothing else in reality, now is the time to start, here is what you need to know before you proceed. Before anything else bear in mind that cabinets are mainly of three types:


  1. Ready-to-assemble (RTA) or Stock Cabinets
  2. Semi Custom
  3. Custom


Lets start with RTA cabinets or stock cabinets as they are also known. We will mention the advantages first. First these are cheaper than custom made ones because of bulk production. Second, you do not have to wait weeks for these to arrive, they are usually stocked by most retailers and cabinet stores, so once you order them, it should take a few days at most to reach you. Third, these are easy to assemble, thus the name ‘Ready-to-assemble’. Manufacturers are aware of the evolving need of customers hence they are producing stock cabinets in varieties. Dove tailed drawers, practical drawer glides and shaker styled doors add to the functionality of the product. We would also like to point out the space issue, previously, you could have lots of space only if you ordered custom made ones, but now stock versions also come with more than enough space to satiate all your storage needs.


You can order these unassembled and nail them up yourself or ask the retailer to assemble it for you, which of course will entail 15% extra charges. A few garage tool and a little of your time will save you the extra money.



Moving on to Custom Cabinets, these are made according to specific orders and hence may take even months to complete and reach you. The long wait and extra money is worth the personalization and style that only custom cabinets can offer, so if you don’t mind spending a little and waiting a few months, this is perfect for you.



Semi-custom cabinets are somewhere between fully customized versions and stock versions. Manufacturers tweak stock cabinets a little to add features or alter the sizes that customers ask for, but mostly these are standard cabinets. Time frame for completion and delivery is usually lesser than custom cabinets but will be longer than buying ready-to-assemble ones.


In a nutshell, if time and money are your prime concerns, stock cabinets should satisfy you like none other. You can always choose to add a few things to give it a more custom look but the overall look will be gorgeous and cheap.

A Novel Approach to Economical Kitchen Remodelling — Ready to Assemble Kitchen Cabinets

The latest fashion in cabinetry is ready to assemble kitchen cabinets. The thing about RTA kitchen cabinets is cheapness which might be great if you are planning on a remodelling mission without breaking the bank. But the job demands a little bit of research before the actual work, the easiest way to do this is browsing the internet.


If you go about without getting your basics clear, you will squander money, get bamboozled by the vast range of products available and exhausted by your fruitless endeavour! You will do good to follow this guide and buy something sensible and deluxe grade without incurring huge expenses.



Dove Tailed Drawers


These are known for their aesthetics and durability. These are much sturdier than other forms of drawers, ask for solid wood dovetailed drawers while purchasing kitchen cabinets.



Boxes Made of Plywood


Plywood is inherently more durable than particle board products which are usually attached with glue or stapled. ½ or ¾ inches thick plywood boxes are good options which you must order. 



Drawer Glides


Good quality Ready to assemble cabinets come with features like under mounted, soft closing or full extension drawer glides, these were not part of previous cabinets unless these were custom or semi-custom products, so if they are not already present you can ask for an upgrade.





Shelves that are ¾ inches thick and made of plywood are robust and reliable, these are what you should ask from your cabinet manufacturer.





In the rare event of your Ready to Assemble causing problem, you may feel like replacing the entire set or ask for a refund. To get a fair deal and save yourself from any trouble you must insist on warranties.



Since cost is always a concern you will have to make a conscious decision regarding bells and whistles such as brackets, moldings and glass panels. Same can be also be said of construction materials, some wood are costlier than others hence adding to the totality of the price. Order RTA kitchen cabinets if you are up to the demands of the work, otherwise it would be wise to hire somebody well versed.

How To Buy The Best Ready To Assemble Kitchen Cabinets

Before you go shopping for ready to assemble kitchen cabinets, here are a few things that you need to know. First, ready to assemble or RTA cabinets are also called stock cabinets. Since most kitchens are of similar size more or less, RTA cabinets are also available in standard sizes, one size fits most. These are capable of being stylish and useful simultaneously.


Buying these is a wise decision, the quality factor of RTA cabinets is equivalent to that of other cabinet types or even better most of the times. If you are wondering why prices are lesser than those compared to cabinets in home stores, then the reason for that is bulk production. These are produced in huge numbers which makes the overall costs much lesser than others which have to conform to different form factors and designs. Moreover RTA cabinets are assembled in factory hence the assembly costs are also lesser and these can be shipped at very less expense.


The material used for construction is either dense particle boards or deluxe natural wood such as oak, cherry, cedar or maple. They are polished to a fine finish or have a fine grained look, gorgeously stained RTA cabinets are also popular and have adored many a beautiful home.


The precision of constructing Ready To Assemble cabinets have been raised significantly with the use of modern gadgets and machineries. Modern technology has handed over quite a few useful techniques to cabinet manufacturers and they have made use of it to create flawless products keeping even the puniest of details in mind. Easy availability of such sophisticated machinery has prompted every cabinet maker to use them to augment the already high quality of their products and lower the manufacturing costs by avoiding manual labour.


One of the greatest selling points of these products is that a customer does not have to hire a professional to install these in their kitchen, access to few simple tools is all that is required to get the job done, you can find the required tools such as hammers, chisels and screw drivers in your garage.. These products are low on maintenance, if you put in a little hard work, things will last a life time and stick loyally to where you stuck it. You will have enough storage room for all your vegetables, packaged food and cooked foods.


In most cases, the worry that ails most customers is the fact that RTA cabinets may not always fit squarely, this however, can be easily solved by just tweaking the dimensions a little bit. Cabinet constructors provide germ-free kitchen cabinets which are great if you have kids and pets in your house.