RTA Cabinets — The Perfect Tool for Kitchen Remodelling

Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in the recent years and the effects of this have percolated to the designs of kitchen cabinets. A multitude of kitchen remodelling products have evolved over the years which have incorporated style and productivity in equal measures. RTA or ready to assemble cabinets are a result of this development. The main advantage of RTAs is that you can assemble your kitchen without hiring professional kitchen designers, moreover these are cheap which makes them doubly economical, first you save money on designers and then on the costs.



Upgrading your kitchen will definitely punch holes in your bank accounts, but RTA kitchen cabinets can help you minimize the expenditure.  If not done properly, the job can cause more harm than good, so what we suggest is you take some time and plan your course of action. You need to asses what you want to change and how much you are willing to pay. Once the road map and budget is finalized, you need to understand what your skill sets are, are you experienced enough to handle it, have you got access to the tools and gizmos to make the job easier? If the answer to all these is yes then only take it upon yourself to complete the job, otherwise be safe – hire a professional.



RTA cabinets and its role in kitchen remodelling


RTA kitchen cabinets were made for people just like you and me who want easy techniques to facelift our kitchens. RTA cabinets are less demanding of technical know-how and do not require as many tools to get them up and running. So if you want make it a summer project, RTA cabinets are the perfect for you. Speaking of the benefits, you will cherish the feeling of having done something with your own hands and as far as saving money is concerned the following three points will reinforce the fact.


  1. Labour costs – you do not need to employ third parties hence the over labour expense will be close to zero.
  2. RTA kitchen cabinets are cheaper than stock cabinets, thus you will save money while purchasing them.
  3. You will get a good value for your money’s worth. Despite the popular misconception of cheaper things being substandard, RTA cabinets made of plywood can give pricier stuff a run for their money.
  4. Time is money. With RTAs you do not have to wait weeks after weeks as in the case of custom made or stock cabinets. Within a couple of weeks these should reach your doorsteps and you can set to work immediately.


So, what are you waiting for, order RTA cabinets now and save on everything.

Kitchen Remodelling — Why You Should Not Postpone it Any more

Kitchens usually see a lot of activities other than cooking. Kids like to hang out here and do their homework, elder like to sit and chat with their neighbours while cutting a few greens, parents discuss about their children and manage their finances sitting on a kitchen chair. All in all, most kitchens are used as a work station by the average family. The kitchen deserves better care and hence if you have been ignoring it for a long, this is the time for you to start. There may quite a few reasons to start renovating your kitchen here are a few.



Kitchen is too small


Over years members of the family may increase or you may have more guests than ever before, you private kitchen space may no longer be what it used to. Kids and guests will also require some space in the kitchen during family festivities and get-together occasions. In such cases, you will benefit from a kitchen expansion and get back your favourite corner in the kitchen with enough space for your children to run around.



Kitchen is not serving its purpose


As a result of gross miscalculation on the part of the designer or due to some eccentric choice of the previous home owner your kitchen may not serve its purpose to the fullest. Such problems will surely hinder your culinary skills and hamper your daily work within the kitchen. As a counter measure you can choose to remodel the kitchen and redesign it according to your needs and tastes. Options are galore to choose from, lazy Susans, staggered cabinets, add ons and counter tops. With a little imagination and some help from your neighbourhood kitchen designer you will be able to bring back the practicality back to you kitchen and change the focus of your house.



Kitchen is a moth-eaten piece of antique


If you have a kitchen that your forefathers may have been proud of then its fine unless you consider the design is passé and you cannot work around it any more. The demands of the new lifestyle requires a modern kitchen in our houses, and to be honest kitchens are one of the most important things that people check before buying a new house, most home dealers will conform this fact. Whether you are selling your house or not, your kitchen needs to be salvaged. If you do not see any reason to change your old kitchen then you must have been living under the rock since you last bought your house or designed the kitchen! Take a look at the modern options available nowadays, the mixture of style and substance will blow your brains off. And if you like the old look too much, you are in luck. Victorian and Edwardian designs are also available at amazing prices, so there is no reason why you should not remodel your kitchen immediately.



Kitchen has got you rooted in place


What we mean to say is you do not want to change your house or do not have the financial capacity to move over to a new house. So what do you do in such cases, definitely you do not have to tolerate a dilapidated kitchen. With  little help from the internet and a professional at your side you can have a lovely kitchen.

Doing Your Bit for Environment Conservation

“We what save, save us”, said the dean of culinary at Stratford University, now what did he mean by that? Almost everybody wants some space in the nature-consciousness bandwagon, some are really concerned, some think this is the latest fad, whatever be the reason, nature is the greatest beneficiary of this. People are learning new ways of reducing their carbon foot print in any way possible. Some are buying low emission vehicles, while some are installing low power consuming lightings in their houses, you can choose to make the green statement with your kitchen.



This does not require a flip over from your normal habits and customs, all you need to do is make some conscious decisions and you are done. If you have not come across any new ideas to contribute to nature conservation, here are a few things you can try out.



ñ  Use biodegradable packaging for all groceries and food items. Try to buy vegetables that are locally produced this way you will be helping the local farmers as well prevent fuel burning in transportation.

ñ  Avoid synthetic towels and such things which cannot be reused, instead opt for utensils and china or plastic crockery which can be washed and reused. Use old rugs to clean up things rather than using paper towels. Old rugs and curtains can be used as spreads during picnics.

ñ  Water filtration appliances are better than buying packaged water. This way you will reduce the plastic bottle problem facing the nation as well as save money.

ñ  Store all recyclables and take these to sorting plants so that these can be reused. A lot of garbage and plastic waste is being used for land refilling but that makes the land unusable for vegetation. You can set up a small composting unit at your home and use food leftovers as manure for your kitchen garden. 

ñ  Investing in environment friendly cleaners is also a great thing to do. A home made concoction of lime, water and vinegar is as good as commercial cleaners that you can buy off the shelves at stores.

ñ  When buying home electronics and kitchen gadgets choose those with higher ENERGY STAR ratings. With these you will know that you are saving electricity and promoting a good cause.


These changes are not going to happen all of a sudden, dean Magnant says that a few changes every year will make the final transition to a more greener kitchen.

Kitchen Under Construction? Never say Die!

Compromises and adjustments are part of everybody’s life, sometimes its a broken car, a broken lift or a broken kitchen well not broken in the conventional sense but unusable. So what is to be done? Easy, improvise. Eating at restaurants every single day during the renovation period will pinch your pocket hard so here is a list of crazy but practical ideas that will see you through.


ü  Have you ever eaten in your garage, well may be not. Most of use our garages to park our cars, but these can double up as make shift kitchens too provided it is spacious enough to do so. Even if it is not, ask your neighbour’s help, may be they have a wider garage to accommodate your car until you have your kitchen back. You can ask your contractor to make the necessary arrangements in the garage. Old cabinets can help you here. If you do not have a working surface use wooden planks. The basement is also an alternative.


ü  Use food-grade storage containers made of plastic or stainless steel to hold your spices and condiments and mark them legibly so that you can find them easily next time you want to put them back in place in your new kitchen. Other unused food needs to be dry stored to avoid damage.


ü  Store extra cooked food in deep freezers and heat them up in a microwave whenever you need. Try to schedule your remodelling during the warm season and take advantage of barbecues outdoor. This way you will make the best out of the situation rather than pulling your hair at the absence of a proper kitchen.


ü  Eating outside can also be an option without disrupting your budget, plan picnics, it does not cost much and you will enjoy the weather outdoors but you should obviously have the time for arranging a picnic so choose weekends or Sundays for these. Collect take-out coupons and restaurant clippings.


ü  Try out new ideas of making sandwiches, you can visit www.foodnetwork.com for unusual ideas. Portable and cheap sandwich makers like Panini are a real time saver and can be useful in situations as such. You can also invest in camp stoves or buy used second hand stoves to save money since these are for temporary use only.


ü  Love thy neighbour and they will let you use their kitchen! Well, at least you can try. If your neighbours are too busy to cook their own food at home, offer to cook for them and use their kitchen in return.


ü  Keep a tab on the development of your kitchen remodelling. Snap photographs and create a check-list of items so that you can keep your impatience in check as well as track your expenses.


ü  Keep your valuables out of harms way, map a route for your construction workers to take without knocking off things in adjacent rooms or hurting your pets. Use old carpets and rugs to cover expensive floors.


We hope this list will help you sail safely across the renovation period.

Kitchen Cabinets — Making the Right Choice

While remodelling kitchens, kitchen cabinets will occupy the lion’s share of the budget. So, we suggest you to prioritize kitchen cabinets and ear mark about 70 percent of the total expenditure for these. Now, when you have to spend that much on one single item, it becomes imperative that you put your thinking cap on and choose smartly. We are going to help you do just that, read on.


The Right Place to Start


There are quite a few style options, finishes and build materials that you can choose from, sometimes even making you swoon! But do not worry, here are a few steps that will make the process easier.

Understand your needs – This requires you to understand what your lifestyle is and which product will fit square and fare. This step should help you decide upon the final product’s beauty, utility and the right location in the kitchen.

Hiring a Professional – Once you have made the basic assessments, you need to proceed and hire a professional who can fine tune everything and make necessary adjustments if required. For those of us who do not have the time or knack  for such things, professionals are the best bet, they can get the job up and running from scratch.


The ‘Money Saving’ Tip


Stock cabinets are much economical as compared to custom products. These will save you some money which you can invest in a different part of the kitchen or upgrade something old. Mass production cabinets will not provide you with as many choices as custom ones but they are every bit worth the money spent. The finish and polishes may be not as fine they are as durable and stylish like their  custom counterparts.



6 Useful Tips to Get What You Want

  • Fitting Things in Unusual Areas – You might think that every cabinet will fit every single kitchen, but that is not always the case. You might have to spend a few more for your odd dimensions. Although this may cost you a little, but it is worthwhile than having to stick with peeling cabinets.
  • Finding The Finish – Oaken, cheery wood or maple wood all have characteristics patterns and stains, these are easily identifiable so you should find it easy to spot.
  • After Sales Support and Product Quality – laminated kitchen cabinets and those made of thermofoil are easy to maintain and keep clean but they do not last long. Even if your budget forces you to  buy these, make sure you have a robust warranty and after sales service.
  • Looks and Efficiency – Your cabinets will see quite a few rough days. Utensils banging on counter tops, heat and moisture doing their bit, they need to be tenacious enough to withstand these without giving way. Durability does not mean cabinets have to be hideous, you can find the perfect combination of both even in the cheapest of options.
  • Cabinet Dimension – Solid wood has a tendency to deform with time, you should choose veneer coated plywood products for peace of mind. Also consider the thickness of doors, sides and shelves, normally these should be within ½ to ¾ inches.
  • Construction Material -  Prefer fitted, mortise cornered doors over disunited butt joints. If you have to place heavier things in your drawers, which most of us would, choose dovetailed drawers for their strength, these should be fitted with self closing smooth glides approved to hold 75 pounds.


For Those of You Who Have a Small Budget


If newer cabinets seem like a dearer thing to do, opt for refacing the existing cabinets. This will include changing the doors and drawers too. You can also buy cheaper wood for the doors and drawers and faux stain them to look expensive.

Break Some to Make Some

Have you ever heard of the saying ‘Old makes way for the new’? There was never a better analogy to breaking half walls to make space for a new airy kitchen. On a less dramatic note, old walls in the kitchen built as a result of some unfortunate miscalculation or left as a parting gift from the earlier owner of the house can make your life uncomfortable. There may be several other things that you may want altered or expunged, such as old gas lines, leaking water pipes or defunct electrical appliances. These things raise their ugly heads in the course of remodelling your kitchen. You will have to get around them without losing your sight and keeping the floor space intact.


This requires a bit of thought and consideration. Take into account which wall will give you a better view of your loved ones or more space without sacrificing the storage area. Proceed with your plans only after you are convinced of their benefits, this will give you a great kitchen without piling up on your expenses.

Shaker Styled Cabinets for a Rocking Kitchen

You must have never heard of this one, but fashion and home designing are two faces of the same coin, they mix like zombies and chainsaws! They are made for each other. Why we say so? Well, have you ever seen a kitchen cabinet that does not conform to the latest fashion or does not makes a retro style statement with classical Victorian or Edwardian Designs?


Shaker designed doors and cabinets keep the style quotient low, but they are versatile to fit almost any kitchen and flexible enough to let you tinker with its style until you are satisfied. You can stretch  your imagination to make these look Edwardian or modern. Shaker kitchen cabinets and shaker styled doors are like the joker in the pack, they fit any where without ado. There is no paucity of colours, patterns and stains in which Shaker styled cabinet part are available.


Order one of these online today for a truly rocking kitchen.

Life Style Magazines — A Good Source of Inspiration

Have you found yourself staring at a house model in a magazine and dreaming about the many possibilities of how you would have changed and modified those designs and added things to the decor to make it perfectly yours? It is not uncommon to see something beautiful and have a burning desire to own it, in fact most of us have that tendency. Home Decor magazines such as Homes & Gardens or other such online versions are a great source of inspiration. You may possibly see something alluring and set your heart to get one for yourself, but be careful, the prices may be way above your budget.



Here is a simpler and, for the lack of a better word, cheaper option that you can try out. Online cabinetry shops. Buying stuff online has the potential of saving you a lot of money, not to mention the wide range of options that you will have literally at your fingertips. If you have been through the process of remodelling kitchens, you will know that deciding the leitmotif is the biggest hurdle. Once you are through this you can go shopping. Speaking of shopping, online stores are the best bet for people like you and me who have to think twice before spending money. Online cabinets and furniture come at a good price and the quality is none the worse.



Once the cabinets are in place you can again flip over the pages of a magazine and try out colours and patterns in mind’s eye before finalizing something. There are tons of things to pick from. If your magazine runs out of ideas, start browsing online for more of them. There should be no fear that cabinets bought online are substandard or online traders will compromise on the longevity of products. Online stores are as good as any showroom products with the added advantage of good customer service.