Managing Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

Its easy to get flummoxed with all the several things that require attention while remodelling your kitchen. Sometimes it becomes a challenge to stay composed and steer the project systematically. Juggling work and choosing cabinets at stores do not gel well, honestly, most of us do not even have the time to do that. The best way around is going online. You can now choose what you want from the comforts of your home and begin remodelling.


The first step is to take measurements, unless you know the dimensions of your kitchen properly, you will no be able to proceed to the next step. Once you have estimated the size of appliances and cabinets, you have to email your specifications to designers. They will set to work and make necessary adjustments to their existing cabinetry or create  a new one just for you.



Now, compared to the show room experience, the online experience is a cruise. You are free to attend to your business and take out a few minutes to select counter tops, patterns and stains that you would like to see on your kitchen cabinets.  All these from the comfort of your home and at very low prices.

Customize To Your Heart’s Will Without Paying a Fortune

Need a flash of inspiration for the designing needs of your home? Help is always at hand. Just browse the Internet for fantastic ideas that won’t cost you an arm and a leg yet will not fail to amaze you. You can also peruse home decoration magazines or take cues from TV shows. All these classical or contemporary designs can be molded or altered to suit your house designing needs, but that is where the help ends! Price tags of those drop dead cabinets and furniture are well beyond the reach of most of us. So does that mean that the pleasures of owing nice cabinets will always elude us?



Luckily, the answer is no. Custom cabinetry is available at low prices, these bespoke cabinets can be ordered for any size, colour or design pattern that you have chosen over the Internet or from magazines. State of the art stock cabinets are also very good options, but these will not give you the creative leash that bespoke cabinets provide.



So, you can either order stock cabinets at low prices or order custom made ones for a slightly higher price and create the magic you have seen in art decor magazines!

IKEA Cabinets — Is The Name More Important or Quality?

Choosing something just for the sake of its brand name is the worst decision that we as consumers can ever make. Despite the popular brand name and flashy promotional rubbish, there is something wrong about IKEA’s basics, the quality. No doubt that the products are great crowd pullers and people fall for the cheapness of these cabinets, but what they fail to observe is the quality of materials with which these are constructed. We have mentioned the detrimental effects of using particle board or engineered wood elsewhere. IKEA uses these materials. The worst part is that IKEA products come disassembled. Why would you want to buy cabinets disassemble when you have the option of getting a sweeter deal than that?



Looking around a little on the Internet will not only open up a wide market for you but also give you alternatives which are far better than those found at IKEA malls. Online products are much more dynamic, you will find products tailor made to your specifications plus the heartening treatment that only online stores can provide. Oh, did we mention the money you will save by shopping online? There are very good reasons to ditch big brands and start shopping online for better quality and satisfaction.

Using Kitchen Dead Space To Your Advantage

Unused, dead spaces is not something uncommon, in fact we have seen many people who have tried to get rid of such areas with the use of faux doors and curtains. Such unused spaces may be the result of kitchen designs made by the previous owner or because of some fault of your own, nevertheless, here we will try to provide a solution to the issue of dead spaces.



The best way to mitigate such problems is by not getting into them at the first place. Designing the kitchen with sizes of appliances in mind will help you put things to order without wasting an inch. For those of us who has to make the best out of second hand deals, things have to handled in a different manner. In fact we do not get into such problems until we have new appliances which need more storage space. New kitchen cabinets, refrigerators, dish washers an garbage disposal units require some space which raises the issue of utilizing unused areas.


There was not a better way of dealing with this until cabinet manufacturers invented kitchen addons. These can be placed in unused areas without violating the aesthetics of the kitchen. For places where addons do not fit, try fillers and store cutting boards and trays. Is there an unused corner cabinet in your kitchen? Get a Lazy Susan installed and use it to place cutlery and knives or spices.



Making use of dead spaces isn’t that hard after all, but it is best to avoid with careful planning.

Economic Bathroom Vanity for a Priceless Look

Its only natural to get tempted by things that look adorable, not to mention swanky bathroom vanities advertised in pages of home décor magazines which makes us salivate just at the prospect of owning them. Some of us just get inspired by what we see and try to imitate those in our own homes, while some just take the easy route by ordering them online. But, unfortunately, buying those gorgeous contrivances may be a luxury for a few of us, more so when the entire country is recuperating from an economic lean patch. So what are we to do?


Custom bathroom vanity is something worth trying. These are good at giving that picture perfect look at a much lesser price. As their names suggests, custom bathroom vanities are available at custom sizes and will fit almost any dimension because these are made according to the sizes ordered by you, which cannot be expected from modular vanities. Stock bathroom vanity are normally produced in sizes which increase by 3 inches from one size to another. These are constructed with plywood and are sturdy enough to last a lifetime.



Compiling the bathroom vanity in bits and patches is one way how you can get the showroom look or order custom made ones with ample storage space as well as the alluring countenance. You can stock pile your vanity arsenal by storing your blow dryers and brushes on a beautiful cabinet or get a pretty vanity cabinet for your wash room ensemble. Wall cabinets over counter tops will complete the outfit.



You can achieve all this either by ordering custom made bathroom cabinets at a premium or compiling your own custom kitchen with stock cabinets.

Keeping a Tab on Kitchen Cabinets Expenditure

With the advent of internet kitchen cabinet stores our endeavour to finding good and cheap cabinetry has become a walk in the park. These bathroom and kitchen cabinets are abundant all over the internet at mouth watering concessions, there is no reason why you should not try these out over traditional showrooms and home stores.



If you are in two minds regarding the style and quality of a fairly similar couple of items, what would you possibly decide? More often than not, customers side with the cheaper option. Anything that is cheap is not necessarily low par on quality, which is why, cheaper options are the right options.


Durable plywood products, finished and decorated like the pricier ones in showrooms and home centres are available at much lesser costs online. What makes these even more enticing is the fact that you have it all with a few simple mouse clicks.

Why You Should Buy Stock Cabinets?

Days of the old are gone when buying stock cabinets meant just getting the basics, it almost meant that you had to get add-ons and extra accessories to make the best out of your stock cabinets. The newer generation of stock cabinets are a perfect blend of style and productivity, all tweaked to suit your needs.


Here are a few things that will help you grasp the fundamentals of stock cabinets.


How stock cabinets are constructed


Most stock cabinets are made conforming to a standard size, these can be made Ready-To-Assemble, meaning once you have these delivered at your doorstep, you can start putting them to place, no cutting or adjusting is required. Standard stock cabinets are 9 inches wide and can be as wide as 48 inches. Base cabinets are 24 inches deep, while wall cabinets are shallower at 12 inches. If you are concerned about the height of stock cabinets, it increases by a factor of 3 inches starting from a standard of 12 inches to a maximum of 42 inches, however, do not expect to find 21 or 27 inches tall cabinets. Fillers are used for maximum utilization of unused space. These are either 3 or 6 inches wide.



What is used in constructing stock cabinets


Mostly wood is used. Cherry, Maple, Birch and Oak are common materials, however, those of you concerned with felling of trees can choose bamboo products. Chrome, stainless steel and glass are also used for construction. Some manufactures do use engineered wood but customers should avoid these for their obvious disadvantages. Plywood products are more durable and should be chosen as an alternative to wooden cabinets if required.



What styles and accessories are available


Stock cabinets are available in contemporary as well as classical designs. You can get uncluttered, clear looking cabinets lined in chrome and with glassed fronts. Shaker styled cabinets are more pliable to customization, along with right accessories these will help you create a sleek cabinet for your kitchen. Talking about accessories, these can be anything from wine racks, spice counters or plate holders, modern stock products come with accessories.



What are my upgrade options

  • Adjustable Shelves: As their names suggest, adjustable shelves are great space optimizers, these can be used to create more storage space when required and removed when not in use.
  • Soft Close Drawers/Doors: Annoyed of cabinet doors closing with a wham? Not anymore, these upgradeable doors will make your life lot easier.
  • Dovetailed Drawers: Dovetailed drawers are unyielding to weight, with these around you do not have to worry about placing heavy things anymore.
  • Full Extension Drawers: Want more space to store appliances you have bought recently? Get a few of these and you will have more than enough space for all.


Why Should I buy stock cabinets

Well, for starters you will get a warranty of 1 to 5 years on most products, which means you do not have to worry in case anything breaks down, such incidents of course are very few and far between. You can save a lot of time and money because ordering these products online is a breeze and they are shipped fast to your home. Stock cabinets are cheap as well as are of first rate quality, so you get the best of both worlds without paying a premium. If you ask me, this exactly what I want for myself.

Rediscovering The Charm of Your Kitchen

Have you been missing the charm of your kitchen lately? To bring back that old shine on all you need to do is go through a little redesigning. However, bear in mind the fact that trying to put newer items in place of the old alone is not going to give an entirely new look, rather you will have the same monotonous look despite spending money and effort on it.



Most of us are not experienced in handling renovations, so even if we toil relentlessly on the designs and looks, the output may not be satisfying. One way to mitigate this is by hiring a kitchen designer. They are well versed with remodelling and redesigning kitchens of all shapes and sizes. Extra space is not always a necessity while altering the looks of the kitchen, unless an open area is deliberately desired. Kitchen designers can work out the details of a simple face lift to designing a new one from scratch.


Finding good kitchen designers need a little bit of consideration and some homework. Get referrals from your friends and evaluate quotes from as many designers as possible. However, this traditional method may not work for most of us. We may need a more time-efficient method, like hiring online! Yes, that is possible, you can now hire a kitchen designer with a few mouse clicks.

Purchase Oak Kitchen Cabinets to Last an Era

What is that makes kitchen cabinets made of Oak wood so popular? They have been time tested and have made quite a few patrons proud of owing oaken cabinets be it for the kitchen or the bathroom. Our kitchens have to endure a lot of  moist and heat not mention tensile forces which are at play daily, no wonder something as durable as oak is required to put up with the atrocities of our kitchens!




Oak is malleable enough to satisfy every kitchen design with aplomb. The natural reddish-brown hue of oak is well known to us, there is a whitish alternative too, the characteristic grained structure of oak makes it a perfect material for kitchen cabinets which can be infused into any design, modern, contemporary or Victorian. Here is a tip, use whitish oak to give your kitchen a wider look and reddish oak will impart a bucolic ambience.



For their gorgeous looks, tenacity, malleability and inexpensiveness oak kitchen cabinets are a formidable opponent to all other cabinetry out there. You should definitely consider oak as a primary option for your kitchen and bathroom needs.

Altering The Demeanour of Your Home with Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchens are often considered the heart of our houses and rightly so, they are the focus of the entire house. Most first time house owners take a special interest in the kitchen before buying it. Kitchen cabinets on their part exercise a huge impact on the overall aesthetics of the kitchen, these should be selected with care and all options weighed because at the end of the day kitchen cabinets will spell out the aura of your kitchen in bold.



If you are planning on getting kitchen cabinets for yourself, start with the basics right. It is advisable to envision your kitchen before the actual planning and shopping begins. This  will help while picking products from stores or online, the image in your mind can be tallied with the actual product so that you know what you want. This process is more productive than going through a lot of products and getting confused with your actual requirements.



Imagine yourself on a winter evening sipping hot chocolate with your family in a picture perfect kitchen and you will start getting the idea of what things you want to incorporate into your fancy kitchen. White cabinets are good at boosting the brilliance of your kitchen and give a more airy feel. Your kitchen may be a colourful ensemble of cherry wood cabinets, raised, carved and ingrained with beautiful patterns.



The cabinets are important for the overall looks, counter tops, back splashes and paints just complement the cabinets. So when you have decided on the major chunk, the rest will fall in place without much ado. You can transform your imagination to reality with a little foresight and save a lot in the process.