Experimenting With an Open Kitchen

My beautiful kitchen has all in it, I am happy the way it has been serving me, but, of late things have gotten a bit dreary. I do not want to make a complete overhaul to create a new look, but I would definitely love to open up things a bit, make things more airy inside my kitchen. So I started using open kitchen cabinets, it was the best I could get without spending a fortune.



Open Cabinets is the latest fad in kitchen designing. These are as good as glass door cabinets or wooden cabinets and provides a welcome break to the humdrum kitchen décor.  Open cabinets create the sense of spaciousness and will bring in more light into the kitchen. Being more spacious these will provide an unobstructed view to your collection of vintage kitchenware for your guests to appreciate.



For me, opening up the cabinet doors did the trick, it created the openness I was looking for. However,I will confess, this is not the best way to go about creating an open kitchen since organizing things inside becomes a chore! You should order open cabinets online to get good options at amazing prices. In case you have not found them yet, these are categorized under ‘speciality’ cabinets.

Potpourri of Styles for The Unified Design

Wouldn’t we like to make a  nice collection of different styles from different eras and create something unique, a perfect fusion of classic and contemporary where style and productivity blends seamlessly. This requires far-sightedness, you have to foresee the future and estimate what things in your kitchen will help increase your productivity yet look uniquely striking. Such cabinets cannot be bought off the peg, you may have to scour showrooms, get yourself dizzy with browsing the internet yet not get anything close to what we are going to suggest you.

Striking harmony with conflicting genres is an art. Most interior designers and cabinet sellers will ask you to avoid this like the plague, but where is the fun if you have to buy something that everybody else is buying. Here is how to set course to a personalized amalgamated kitchen design.



Start with the unavoidable, such as the cabinet or the counter top. Take your pick from any style that suits your taste and build the rest of the kitchen around it. It may be an ornate oaken cabinet or the flooring or the counter top. All these complement each other and complete the overall look of your kitchen. Begin with the larger items and keep this as the pivot. Pick samples without worrying about the design and start building the kitchen one piece at a time like a large jigsaw.



There is not a single method of doing this. As you might have already guessed, it will test the limits of your imagination and get you thinking out of the box for every single stage of the process, it is a challenge in itself, albeit a rewarding one. You can tweak the mouldings, patterns, hues and carvings on the cabinets and other accessories, add tiny  oddities and get a coalescent look that no other can boast but you.


New Kitchen With an Archaic Aura

The kitchen is a versatile place for most of us, here we talk, chat, laugh and get together with our dear ones on odd Sundays. This is where we often hatch plans for our futures with our spouses and see to the well being of our children. Of course you do all these in the living room too, but most of us are so short on time that we have to do these while working in our kitchens. This is why you need to maintain the charm and aura of your kitchen so as to enjoy your time together or listen to the agonies of your children without getting deranged by the disorganization of your kitchen. You can get things to peaceful order with the use of rustic, time honoured cabinets.




No doubt modern cabinets are efficient at creating a swanky, sometimes bohemian look with their austere designs. On the other hand, old world kitchen designs may look a bit complicated at the outset, but there is nothing better than these for a serene and warm environment. Old styled cabinets have evolved over the years and have incorporated design traits from Europe and the Atlantic countries. Some are marginally stained, some have raised panels with ornamental patterns, while others are simple but abound with natural, unrefined allure.




Country kitchens have become a rarity nowadays, but  you can recreate the magic of a French château or a European log cabin within the confines of your house with the use of these kitchen cabinets.

Stepping Up Kitchen Cabinets With Staggered Cabinets

There are quite a few things that can be calibrated to your unique requirements, speaking of uniqueness, you can borrow ideas from home decoration magazines and use them without any being the wiser and keep the uniqueness intact despite the fact they have been copied from! These ideas may seem like a tall task to complete at a low price but a little imagination will see you through.



Here is one of such ideas – using staggered kitchen cabinets. Changing the monotony of a common kitchen design requires a little shrewdness, alter the heights of your cabinets using staggered wall cabinets. These are available in several heights but 30 and 36 inches are common ones. If you want to shift the focus of your kitchen onto something new, then staggered cabinets can be helpful. It will give your guests something new to appreciate and you to boast.



The best place to position staggered cabinets is kitchen corners and dead ends within the kitchen. It will spice up the looks of you kitchen and provide adequate storage space too.

Kitchen Renovation Requires Smart Choices

It cannot be long without us changing a thing or two about our daily lives. It is almost second nature to most of us. People have even gotten into trouble for changing their spouses by breaking the sacred agreement, if there is anything like that! Well, of course there are sacred things regarding marriages, but can that be said of kitchen cabinets? No, the answer is a big no. You can change all you want about your kitchen and have no pesky neighbour gossiping away about your cabinet-infidelity!



Getting rid of old of your existing cabinetry and replacing them with squeaky  new ones will cost you money and not to mention, time. This is a great investment if you are planning to dump your beautiful house sometimes later, after all you cannot be blamed for that. But, hearken, put your money where you have the chance of good returns. Take our counsel and you will be reaping benefits whether you plan to live in the house or sell it.



Start with what you want changed. It may be the cooking area or a meeting place right in the midst of your kitchen, there are kitchen islands for that, but you may have to knock a few things off to place an island. Stay true to your essence, listen to what your heart says, but stay away from garish designs and extra modern cabinets that may add piles to your heap of expenses. Take your search to the internet. You can find matching back splashes, counter tops, lightings, tiles, paints, curtains and cabinets that has the potential to change everything you knew about your kitchen.



Buying new stuff, selecting colours, tiles and back splashes can get you dizzy not to mention that your expenses might tailspin out of control, so even if you have a proclivity for changing things, it is not ideal in case of your kitchen. Choose something wise and future-proof that lasts a couple of years at least! For those of us who are more loyal to things, we need to R and D our options before setting out. Online stores are good, smart options rather than costly showrooms and home centres. Happy changing!

Breathtaking Maple Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Wooden kitchen cabinets have been a popular choice since these were introduced in the kitchen cabinets market, maple has been more popular than most other varieties. Apart from being used in kitchens, maple is also used in several home furniture and decoration. What makes them so popular is the fact that maple is not only gorgeous to look, but also tenacious to last a lifetime. If you have not  found the perfect material for your cabinetry requirements, consider cabinets made of maple.



Maple is densely grained and so it takes colors, glosses and stains perfectly. This gives you the option of reinventing the looks of your cabinets without investing in a new set of cabinetry. You can have your old maple kitchen cabinets look different by just applying a new color and stain it to give the perfect look, a fine coat of gloss will make the old cabinet look newer than ever. Natural beauty of maple wood makes glossing an optional affair which you can choose or discard at your will.



No matter what design plans you have for your kitchen, maple products will suit every thing. To get a wide variety of options and great prices shop online.

How to Make Smart Remodelling Choices

Most of us are more conscious about what brand we own, but what we fail to see is that even cheaper or lesser known names in the kitchen cabinets market can give the big names a run for their money with great products and attractive prices. These unknown brands can have the quality and looks which even some bigger brands fail to deliver. We suggest, make the smart choice instead of running after brands. If you have been observant, you might have noticed technologically advanced, great products being advertised on TV and art décor magazines. These products are indeed top notch and can give you the best value for your hard earned money.



A cheap product does not necessarily have to be bad, what makes a product cheap is its price, not the quality. It may sound cheap, but believe us, these products can provide a richer experience which you might have never yet felt. Custom cabinet manufacturers use plywood which makes things pricier, adding bells and whistles to the cabinet will definitely come at a premium, but you might not need any of those at the first place. Choose wisely and avoid things you have no need for. This way you will save on money and get what you need, not just a brand name but a novel experience.



Shop around online and take a look at all cheap options available, it can help you create your dream kitchen at very low costs.

Replacing Bathroom Vanities at The Drop of a Hat

Most things in life occur unplanned, remodelling kitchens and bathrooms is one of such things. Being prepared financially and monetarily for such occasions is not uncommon, but in most cases, impossible. We do not necessarily foresee what is going to happen to our bathrooms or  kitchens unless we are too meticulous about it. Our daily lives are too hectic for that, which is why things start crumbling at the most unexpected moment, causing headaches if not anything else. The constant use of bathrooms is likely to wear it down eventually, sometimes making it completely unusable unless a replacement is made.



It would have not been possible a couple of decades ago, but no with the power of internet at our fingertips, we can make the change without leaving the comfort of our homes. There is no dearth of alternatives out there on the internet, it is most likely that you will come across something that you will like well within your budgets. The ease of finding the best quality bathroom vanities is incomparable to any other option available. Just typing in the relevant words such as ‘maple kitchen cabinets’ will display a lot of options to choose from or reject.



Bathroom vanities on display in stores have an equal match in those found online. The secret to the low prices of bathroom vanities found online is the fact that they do not have overhead expenses and thus they can offer their products at lower prices, this does not mean that the quality of the products is substandard. Time is another factor which makes  buying bathroom vanities online the winner. You can get your order shipped to you within a week or less, at a convenient time of your choice.



Buying bathroom vanities online will give you the best of products at incomparable prices, delivered at  your doorstep at a time convenient to you. Now can you get anything better  than this anywhere else?

Creating the Picture Perfect Home with Contemporary Cabinets

A seamlessly perfect, coherent home décor can sometimes prove a challenge in itself. We often times plan our homes to look pretty but unfortunately it turns out to be a patch work of several inconsistent furniture and accessories. To avoid that from happening, try to stick to your plans and use contemporary cabinets for best results.



The advantage that these contemporary designs give you is that of tidiness. Your home will look more organized and the furniture will look more in harmony with its surroundings. What we have been seeing in our conventional designs is sophistication and amalgamation of a lot of styles, contemporary is just contrary to that. It has a minimalistic approach to home decoration accentuated by bold patterns and simple lines. If you want a contemporary look for your home, avoid classical designs like the plague!



Start your contemporary cabinets journey from your kitchen. Modern styled slab doors known as the Tribecca offered at KitchenCabinetsKings.com are the best thing to start with. These doors are austere and do not have any extravagance about them, you may also like to take a look at the WaveHill, Shakertown or Mocha Shaker collection of doors which are at offered at KitchenCabinetsKings.com as well. These contemporary cabinets have a modern look yet it will not outrage your sense of simplicity. Once a cabinet has been chosen, the next step is to decide the colour, most people prefer white with their contemporary cabinets, but you can experiment a bit to find the one that suits your tastes.