From Unassembled Kitchen Cabinets to 2013 Kitchen Trends

With Kitchen Pro cabinets, it’s easy to keep your kitchen stylish and welcoming with up-to-date, beautiful cabinets.  Our Unassembled Kitchen Cabinets are easy to install, which makes keeping up with modern kitchen style an easy task.  If you are thinking about updating your kitchen, here are a few trends to keep in mind for 2013.

High Contrast: Light and Dark

2013 is all about high contrast and the play between light and dark.  Dark cabinets are accented with white kitchen walls or white tile backsplashes.  Or conversely, white cabinets can bring a fresh touch to a kitchen accented with a black countertop.  Don’t be afraid to make a bold statement in high contrast – 2013 is about playing with lights and darks.

Mellow Palette: Gray and Yellow

If high contrast isn’t your style, don’t worry.  Mellow palettes are also a beautiful option.  For 2013, gray has been a popular choice for its warm, mild tones and its ability to complement almost any color.  Try pairing gray with yellow for a lovely, mellow play between light and dark accents.

Timeless Neutrals

Neutral color schemes are another popular option for 2013 kitchens.  Neutrals such as brown and cream are timeless options that will work with almost any style.  If you want a classic look that’s at the same time modern and natural, neutrals are a great option.

Keep it Clean and Spacious

No matter which color scheme you choose, 2013 style is all about clean lines and open spaces.  When possible, choose an open plan and reduce clutter in the kitchen.  Big light fixtures are popular this year, and will lend brightness and a sense of openness to the kitchen.

Please visit our website to see all of our beautiful kitchen and cabinetry options.  If you are redesigning your kitchen, consider making use of our free kitchen design service to design the kitchen of your dreams at an affordable price.  Have a question or want to set up an appointment?  Please contact us.  We would love to hear from you!

Increase Your Home’s Value with Inexpensive Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are of one of the most important esthetic features of a home’s appeal and value. New cabinets increase the home’s value greatly as well as increases the homes appeal when going to sell.  Homeowners looking to get as much bang for their buck should look to inexpensive cabinets from Kitchen Pro Cabinetry to fulfill their needs.

Inexpensive Cabinets don’t have to be plain and boring prebuilt cabinets found at most big box home improvement retailers.  Online retailers like Kitchen Pro Cabinetry offer lines of ready-to-assemble cabinets in many colors, styles and sizes that are just as impressive as custom cabinets that cost thousands more. By using inexpensive cabinets and lowering your overall renovation costs you will enjoy greater equity in your home and a larger dollar-for-dollar return on your investment.

Ready-to-assemble cabinets are a value to customers due and are sold inexpensively because the producer does not have to pay labor costs for assembly and shipping costs are much lower from the condensed packaging. Consumers with little or no construction experience will easily be able to follow the detailed instructions and assemble the cabinets themselves.  This not only saves them the enormous cost of hiring a contractor but they can assure the cabinets were assembled with care.

Homeowners who purchase inexpensive cabinets from Kitchen Pro Cabinetry, assemble the cabinets as well as install the cabinets themselves with reap a greater home value increase per investment then anyone.  The online kitchen design tool allows customers to create a detailed kitchen and cabinet sizes easily.  Most owners looking to simply replace their current cabinets can purchase the same size cabinets in new styles simply taking down and install the new in its place. The increase equity and value will be worth the little effort it takes to take on your own kitchen cabinet replacement with the help of Kitchen Pro Cabinetry.

For more info please contact us.

Looking for Inexpensive, Quality Cabinets for your Kitchen?

Inexpensive, quality cabinets are a dream come true thanks to the professionals at Kitchen Pro Cabinetry. If you’re in the process of renovating your kitchen than check out our complete inventory; our prices and wide selection will make you glad you did!

We specialize in high-quality, all wood cabinets that we offer at wholesale prices which means you can get them for up to 40% off the normal, retail price. Our selection includes cabinet doors in beech, oak, maple and cherry (to name just a few of the wood types available). Cabinets can also be purchased in a variety of glazes and finishes including; antique, country, French glaze, white, macchiato, cream and black that are designed to match any kitchen theme and decor from classic to contemporary.

Our cabinets are elegantly constructed of solid wood and made with the highest-quality materials available. In addition they’re easy to assemble thanks to clear instructions and tutorials available on our website.

if you’re still in the design process for your kitchen than please check out our free kitchen design service! We want to help you decide the best remodeling tools for your kitchen and assist you in customizing the space to meet all your preferences and needs. Our experts will help you maximize the space available to you and assist you in choosing your layout – visit our website for more information about this service.

Contact us for a free, no obligation cabinet sample for your new kitchen. We look forward to helping you find the perfect finishing touch!

In Stock Kitchen Cabinets Make Sense

Using In Stock Kitchen Cabinets to update and refresh your kitchen is a great way to save time and money. High quality cabinets from leading manufacturers can be shipped and installed in a fraction of the time required for custom cabinets. If you can install them yourself, you’ll save even more. You will also save on shipping costs by having the cabinets shipped in flat boxes rather than large squares with lots of air space. Flat boxes can be packed more efficiently and there will be less shipping damage.

Cabinets are basically a type of furniture used in your kitchen, bath or other room in your home. Many people prefer the look of solid woods such as oak, maple or cherry. The benefits of using solid wood fronts and plywood wood-veneered sides include the ease of assembly with simple tools and average DIY skills. Hiring a contractor to assemble the cabinets for you will add to the cost, but might be the best way for many people. You will still save money over the cost of custom cabinets.

While saving money is important, quality is essential. Kitchen cabinets get a lot of everyday use and need to be sturdy and well-built in order to hold up over the years they will grace your home. Choose the best material you can afford to add years of durability and good looks to your kitchen. Oak is a hard cabinet wood, with cherry and maple being softer, but still hard enough to stand up to everyday use for years.

The quality of the finish of the cabinets should be just as much a conscious decision as the type of wood used. Using stock cabinets you assemble in your home means the finish can be the same quality as a custom cabinet. The finish can be done in a controlled environment in the factory which eliminates dust and other contaminants from marring the finish. Along with multi-step sanding and finishing, this will produce furniture grade cabinets which will look far more expensive than their stock origins would suggest.

When you’re ready to get down to the details of new cabinets, contact us at Kitchen Pro Cabinetry and speak to one of our designers who will help you plan the new cabinets for your kitchen. This free consultation will allow us to answer all your questions and make your new kitchen a reality in less time and with less money than you could imagine.

Online Kitchen Cabinets That Will Fit Your Design Style and Your Budget

Today there are many very good reasons to think about updating your kitchen. We all know that it can be one of the best ways to increase the value of your home.  It can also be an expensive undertaking.  When trying to find ways to create your dream kitchen, while staying within budget, inexpensive, unassembled kitchen cabinets can give you great “bang for your buck”.

With so many styles and colors of kitchen cabinets to choose from, you are sure to find that perfect match for the design plan you are creating.

An Asian Influence

This style promises to bring balance, harmony and peace to your kitchen and home. Using elements found in nature like stone and water, the asian-inspired kitchen can be a sanctuary of calm.  With a simple, clean design our Shaker Espresso or the Shaker White cabinet would lend themselves particularly well to this design style.

The Rustic Cabin Feel

This style reminds us of the rustic mountain ski lodge with it’s warm and cozy feel.  The use of natural wood and stone features remind us of a time when people often built their own homes by hand.  In keeping with that homemade feeling, our Shaker Maple or Shaker Cinnamon cabinets can be an excellent choice.

Classic French Country Kitchen

This design reminds us of flowers in a vase, warm, fresh-baked bread and delicious soups bubbling on the stove.  A distressed or worn look is common in this style.  Think about antique touches throughout and the colors of nature as your palette.  This is a kitchen where you can find a comfy easy chair and a relaxed family space.  Imagine a big bowl of French Onion Soup and look at our French Antique cabinets and you are instantly transported to Paris!

Kitchen Pro’s design services are available to you from the comfort of your own kitchen.  Online Kitchen Cabinets are a great choice for the homeowner who wants to add value and ambience to their kitchen living space and also save money.  When you are ready to move your vision into reality, contact us!

Incorporate Online Kitchen Cabinets Into The Latest Kitchen Design trends

News of kitchen design trends comes from LivingKitchen 2013, an international kitchen show held in January in Cologne, Germany. Key trends involve open-plan designs, energy efficiency, and intelligent appliances.

Open-plan Kitchens

The further unification of cooking and living is evident in many of the latest kitchen designs. Ever more seamless transitions between the kitchen and the living area are popular. This is evident in cabinetry that blends with overall interior home design. Lighting, especially LED lighting, is being utilized to carry the mood across cooking and living spaces.

Ease Of Use

A consideration of work flow is essential in many business environments; why not be attentive to work flow in the kitchen? Easy-to-read displays facilitate the multi-tasking that is often essential in busy lives. Appliances that work with ease and those that are easy to clean continue to gain favor.

Energy Efficiency

Sustainable, energy efficient kitchen elements are demanded by many. Energy efficient refrigerators help reduce the significant percentage of household energy often consumed by this one appliance.
LED lamps not only use 50-90 percent less electricity than comparable incandescents and fluorescents, they are amazingly versatile in creating accent, mood, and spot lighting.
The right ‘white light’ LEDs also render truer colors, a valuable feature in cooking. Such lights that better approximate sunlight make it easier and more enjoyable to accomplish kitchen tasks.

Is Your Appliance Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?

Appliance manufacturers will continue to exploit the potential of wi-fi and cloud-based communication. Appliances that can be controlled by smartphones and tablets will become ever more ubiquitous.

Furthermore, cooking and shopping functions will be more fully integrated into this evolving partnership between kitchen appliances, the Internet, and mobile devices. This is an exciting trend indeed.

Ease Of Use

A consideration of work flow is essential in many business environments; why not be attentive to work flow in the kitchen? Easy-to-read displays facilitate the multi-tasking that is often essential in busy lives. Appliances that work with ease and those that are easy to clean continue to gain favor.


Bold, snappy colors reign, but so do earth tones. The key is to be decisive – carry out a consistent theme for truly harmonious results. The more that your kitchen design elements are integrated, the clearer your design statement will be.

We welcome the opportunity to learn of your kitchen remodel needs. Our fine selection of online kitchen cabinets can both enhance the final look of your project while keeping it within budget. For assistance, please contact us!

Free Kitchen Design Service Brings Your Beautiful French Kitchen To Life

An authentic time tested and gently worn country French kitchen can be an interesting and compelling component of a home that speaks to the owners individual tastes and welcomes friends and family with its warmth and patina. The soft chalky colors that develop naturally over time in the kind of kitchen you’d find in a French chateaux or farmhouse can be easily duplicated in a new home to offer instant gratification.

Hanging from a high ceiling, a chandelier with an open design and oversized scale gives an authentic vintage feel to the space. A soft patina of greys and hints of silver shines through the finish, suggesting that the object has provided light and warmth for generations of families. Understated hardware should echo the muted mood, and almost blend in with the white washed and gently worn cabinetry.

Small elements of texture and dark colors are a necessary finishing touch. Oversized open baskets finished in black and lined with linen hold potatoes, apples, and onions under an expansive marble topped island with an open bottomed design.

Rustic stools made of a lighter shade of natural wood line up like proper French soldiers along one side of the kitchen island, allowing friends and family to make themselves comfortable with a glass of wine and share small plates of cheese and fruit while the hostess prepares dinner.

Appliances should echo the intimate time worn feel of a French country kitchen while offering the ultimate in convenience for the cook. A 48-inch dual fuel stove paired with a high end wall hood and warming lights are ideal for the budding chef and professional cook alike.

Open shelves made of salvaged wood should hold seldom used but useful and beautiful things. A collection of white ironstone gives beautiful warmth to the space.

The rustic elements found in a traditional French country home’s kitchen combined with restful colors, like Benjamin Moore’s Cromwell Gray and White Dove combine to offer the ultimate kitchen retreat custom designed to serve a homeowner’s needs and wants.

To experience our free kitchen design service and see your ideas come to life, please contact us.

Inexpensive Cabinets for Your Kitchen Remodel

The jury is out: Kitchen renovations are among the best.  In terms of the best return on your investment, minor and major kitchen remodel were first and fourth, respectively, according to Carl Vogel.

Of course, you don’t have to spend the average in each category to obtain that kind of return.  With an average cost of $14,743 and $38,769, respectively, you can certainly take baby steps to your minor or major kitchen remodeling project.  But the news is unbeatable – as too many projects can shrink the bottom line, when it is time to sell your home.

According to Sara Clemence, kitchens and bathrooms are the cream-of-the-crop, while “odd” projects can be a bit more elusive.  For instance, a wine cellar or tennis court may not return as much as some would imagine.  Attic bedrooms and other items can be less-than-optimal as well.

Inexpensive cabinets for your kitchen are a great way to start the upgrade.  They provide great bang-for-the-buck, presenting a noticeable change without a great deal of money.  It is often a noticeable difference when buyers shop for homes – just take a look at any television show depicting potential buyers’ journey through a home!

At Kitchen Pro Cabinetry, you can design your kitchen at no charge.  Design services come at no charge, easily allowing you to communicate with the experts to talk about what you have in mind.  And with the best products, you can feel confident that your dream will play out the way you want.

Interested in new kitchen cabinets for your home?  Contact us to obtain the perfect return for the small investment.

Keeping a Tab on Kitchen Cabinets Expenditure

With the advent of internet kitchen cabinet stores our endeavour to finding good and cheap cabinetry has become a walk in the park. These bathroom and kitchen cabinets are abundant all over the internet at mouth watering concessions, there is no reason why you should not try these out over traditional showrooms and home stores.



If you are in two minds regarding the style and quality of a fairly similar couple of items, what would you possibly decide? More often than not, customers side with the cheaper option. Anything that is cheap is not necessarily low par on quality, which is why, cheaper options are the right options.


Durable plywood products, finished and decorated like the pricier ones in showrooms and home centres are available at much lesser costs online. What makes these even more enticing is the fact that you have it all with a few simple mouse clicks.

Why You Should Buy Stock Cabinets?

Days of the old are gone when buying stock cabinets meant just getting the basics, it almost meant that you had to get add-ons and extra accessories to make the best out of your stock cabinets. The newer generation of stock cabinets are a perfect blend of style and productivity, all tweaked to suit your needs.


Here are a few things that will help you grasp the fundamentals of stock cabinets.


How stock cabinets are constructed


Most stock cabinets are made conforming to a standard size, these can be made Ready-To-Assemble, meaning once you have these delivered at your doorstep, you can start putting them to place, no cutting or adjusting is required. Standard stock cabinets are 9 inches wide and can be as wide as 48 inches. Base cabinets are 24 inches deep, while wall cabinets are shallower at 12 inches. If you are concerned about the height of stock cabinets, it increases by a factor of 3 inches starting from a standard of 12 inches to a maximum of 42 inches, however, do not expect to find 21 or 27 inches tall cabinets. Fillers are used for maximum utilization of unused space. These are either 3 or 6 inches wide.



What is used in constructing stock cabinets


Mostly wood is used. Cherry, Maple, Birch and Oak are common materials, however, those of you concerned with felling of trees can choose bamboo products. Chrome, stainless steel and glass are also used for construction. Some manufactures do use engineered wood but customers should avoid these for their obvious disadvantages. Plywood products are more durable and should be chosen as an alternative to wooden cabinets if required.



What styles and accessories are available


Stock cabinets are available in contemporary as well as classical designs. You can get uncluttered, clear looking cabinets lined in chrome and with glassed fronts. Shaker styled cabinets are more pliable to customization, along with right accessories these will help you create a sleek cabinet for your kitchen. Talking about accessories, these can be anything from wine racks, spice counters or plate holders, modern stock products come with accessories.



What are my upgrade options

  • Adjustable Shelves: As their names suggest, adjustable shelves are great space optimizers, these can be used to create more storage space when required and removed when not in use.
  • Soft Close Drawers/Doors: Annoyed of cabinet doors closing with a wham? Not anymore, these upgradeable doors will make your life lot easier.
  • Dovetailed Drawers: Dovetailed drawers are unyielding to weight, with these around you do not have to worry about placing heavy things anymore.
  • Full Extension Drawers: Want more space to store appliances you have bought recently? Get a few of these and you will have more than enough space for all.


Why Should I buy stock cabinets

Well, for starters you will get a warranty of 1 to 5 years on most products, which means you do not have to worry in case anything breaks down, such incidents of course are very few and far between. You can save a lot of time and money because ordering these products online is a breeze and they are shipped fast to your home. Stock cabinets are cheap as well as are of first rate quality, so you get the best of both worlds without paying a premium. If you ask me, this exactly what I want for myself.