Kitchen Cabinets –- Storage vs Usage, Which is Important?

First let us see if the basic difference between a kitchen cabinet which has been optimized for storage and one which is armed for frequent usage.


Some cabinets are made to withstand the physical strain of being opened and closed a number of times every day. While others are specialized to contain more items then a normal cabinet. Choosing the cabinet for your kitchen will depend on the following factors.


Cabinet Doors


Pantry cabinets are the perfect example of storage cabinets. These are placed towards the sides of the cabinetry and do not come in the way of your daily usage. Since these are made to store things, storage cabinets are exposed to the physical strains of being opened and closed several times during the day. These cabinets do not require glass fronts and can be fitted with solid and strong wooden doors. Other frequently used cabinets which contain plates and glasswares can be fitted with transparent or semi-transparent glass. However, the insides  of the cabinets have to be maintain in prime order to have glass door fronts.


Hardware Issues


Cabinets which require to be open and closed often need sturdy knobs rather than stylish ones. They should have the capacity to withstand the regular tugs and pulls of everyday usage. For storage cabinets the best type of knobs are the metal ones which come in variety of styles and designs. If you can manage to pull the knobs softly then stylish ones can also be useful. Another alternative to these is the magnetic doors which closes the doors softly and also does away with the problem of replacing broken knobs. All of these are found in different styles and themes to match your requirements.


Layout of Cabinets


It is important to consider the contents of the cabinets while planning their layout. You will never benefit from storing your dinner plates where you cannot easily access them. Keeping such cabinets within reach, especially near the stove or the sink can make your work much easier. Store your rarely used items in cabinets which are by the wall or where they do not hinder your movement. Plan properly and examine all options before investing in storage cabinets. This will not only save you money but also preserve your time in the long run.






Getting More Out of Kitchen Storage

No matter how much you beautify the kitchen cabinets they may still be small for all your storage needs. If you have been looking high and low for your favorite gravy server, it is the right time for you to start looking for an effective solution for your storage needs.


Recently we took a trip to Lowe’s and we found that there were in fact storage options were as abundant as the consumers willing to buy them. You can get your hand on a brand new epoxy steel dish storage for as low as 100 USD.


We were pleased to see the Lazy Susan set which had adjustable shelves on a telescopic shaft and these were made of good quality polymer. The cost of this 28 inches plastic beauty was 96 USD and these came along with mounted hardware. The smaller 24 inch version was priced at 77.19 USD. The lower shelves had places to hold cleaners and paper towels. These chrome shelves could be rolled out to make it easier for users to close the doors.



Pantry Space


These are necessary to segregate products to make it easier for everybody to find their required products with ease, whether they are children or grown ups. The adjustable shelves are great to keep dry foods separate from wet utensils and these do not obstruct the passage of light which makes it easier to find stuff easily.


Swingable pantry, such as those featured at come with high quality piano grade hinges which reinforce the strength of the cabinets and make them more durable. This is priced at USD 70. We suggest our readers to procure a few of these organizers and pantries to avoid a messy cabinet.

Viable Kitchen Storage Options — A Quick Look

If you have been looking too hard at the green options for your kitchen, then your wait is about to end. The wonderful collection of Mauricio  Arruda, the Brazilian designer is one of those few masterpieces that we in the domain of cabinetry see once in every blue moon. At the first sight, these might seem like plastic crates that you come across everywhere, but with closer inspection you will find a different story all together.



One of such designer collection by Mauricio Arruda is the Jose Collection. It is placed on strong steel or wooden legs. These wooden parts are procured from forests which are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The remaining part is constructed using recycled plastic. Hence it can be named one of the most environment friendly products in the cabinetry market. The metal parts are coated with protective, anti-corrosion paints. The overall finish is done with carnauba wax.


One of the specialties of the designs created by the designer is that you can pull the drawers all the way out and go shopping with these by your side. These design of the drawers also makes it easier for you to place larger pans and pots inside them.  


Other Green Options


A simple search over the Internet will throw up several green alternatives to what we have just described. To give a feel of what we are talking about, here are a few things that you can look for. Bio-composite materials, coconut plants, bamboo and storm ravaged vegetation are some of the natural resources which can be harvested or  used for the  purpose of furniture and cabinetry making. Always look for some sort of certification which ensures  that you are buying environment friendly products, you can always look for the FSC certification that we have already mentioned.


You can find a host of such products which are certified. Adhesives, paints, flooring materials, wall coverings and parts of kitchen cabinetry are a few worth mentioning.

Using Kitchen Dead Space To Your Advantage

Unused, dead spaces is not something uncommon, in fact we have seen many people who have tried to get rid of such areas with the use of faux doors and curtains. Such unused spaces may be the result of kitchen designs made by the previous owner or because of some fault of your own, nevertheless, here we will try to provide a solution to the issue of dead spaces.



The best way to mitigate such problems is by not getting into them at the first place. Designing the kitchen with sizes of appliances in mind will help you put things to order without wasting an inch. For those of us who has to make the best out of second hand deals, things have to handled in a different manner. In fact we do not get into such problems until we have new appliances which need more storage space. New kitchen cabinets, refrigerators, dish washers an garbage disposal units require some space which raises the issue of utilizing unused areas.


There was not a better way of dealing with this until cabinet manufacturers invented kitchen addons. These can be placed in unused areas without violating the aesthetics of the kitchen. For places where addons do not fit, try fillers and store cutting boards and trays. Is there an unused corner cabinet in your kitchen? Get a Lazy Susan installed and use it to place cutlery and knives or spices.



Making use of dead spaces isn’t that hard after all, but it is best to avoid with careful planning.

Get Rid Of Your Kitchen Chaos

You might have the passion for getting every single kitchen accessory that you see, well, that is not a problem unless your habit has put you into what we love to call the Kitchen Chaos!  All those cutlery and crockery along with the latest technological contrivances that you have bought will make your kitchen look like a garage if not anything worse! Not to mention you have to constantly bump into these to find what you are looking for, until you begin wishing that all these mess were cleared fro good.



In our buying craze, we often fail to see that kitchens are primarily for cooking and storing food. For most of us, this is where we see our kids and husbands before they set out for their schools and offices, we  also have guests gossiping in the kitchen, as such none of us would prefer an unsightly kitchen.  All the clutter steals away the beauty of our kitchen cabinets.



The best thing to do is get rid of all these.  But wait, do we see you wiping tears off your cheek. We did not suggest putting them out of sight for ever, we suggest is creating a mini gallery of all your collections. Get a few glass doored kitchen cabinets to hold all your gizmos and surplus supplies in a pleasing manner. Once in a while you can polish them or use them. This way you get the best of both worlds, your prized collection stays and it does not interfere with your personal space.

Expanding Your Kitchen with Add-Ons

Having enough space for all those pans and pots seems like a never ending problem. You cannot possibly get entire kitchen cabinets just for a few odd things to keep. It does not take much to arrange and organize things a bit, but when that reorganizing job does not go well, your kitchen will be a bloody mess.

Kitchen add ons are unassuming do gooders, you do not understand their importance unless you have them. Think of trying to fish out a knife from a crammed, messy counter top or finding some more place in your already crowded kitchen to store your ketchup bottles. All this misery can end with the introduction of add ons to your kitchen. Let all your utensils sit pretty in their allocated places with cabinet add ons. You will observe the difference in your daily life with the use of these.

Add on options are galore, there is an add on for almost every occasion and need. You can get the perfect organizer for your condiments and your liquor or your crockery. Just get one today and put your messy kitchen to order.

Why Kitchen Storage Cabinets are so Important?

Whether it’s our wardrobe or washroom we always seem to have a little space to stuff one more thing until the situation gets out of hand and the container starts bursting at the seams. Storing space is never quite enough for all our needs. No wonder, our kitchens suffer from the same ailment. Canned food, soft drinks, groceries and what not keeps adding up to the pile of stuff in our kitchen giving it the look of a cheap motel if not anything else!

Putting things into order and tidying them once in a while is really commendable, but how many of us actually have the time or energy to go through the same schedule over and over again, not to mention there is no incentive in doing something which is sure to get out of array within a couple of days. The best way to circumvent this is by adding more storage, but having said that does your kitchen floor have space for add-on storage? May be not, which is really frustrating and seem like the end of the world, or is it?

No worries Ladies and Gentlemen. Help is at hand. Get in touch with your kitchen cabinet specialist and take a peep into their catalogues. You will be spoilt for choice with all the different styles and shapes. At the risk of spending a few bucks you will achieve Clutter-Nirvana! You will not have to rummage through your utensils and groceries to find the kitchen sink anymore. And yes, one more thing that can be really helpful is an appliance garage. Just like you stuff all unwanted things in your garage, you can get one of these kitchen garages and dispose of junky things that you do not want to let go just because you have gotten too emotionally attached with them. Isn’t that great?