Combine Inexpensive Cabinets with New Countertops for a Quick Kitchen Remodel

Watch any show on a home improvement channel and you’ll likely hear something about remodeling a kitchen.  The kitchen is the heart of the home where families gather, so it is common for homeowners to want to update this room frequently. The price of custom cabinets can scare many people away.  Choosing inexpensive cabinets and dressing them up with a great countertop is a budget-friendly way to get a great looking kitchen.

Granite countertops are the most popular material for kitchen counters these days and for good reason.  These natural stone counters come in huge slabs that usually don’t require any seams.  They come in a variety of colors, and once sealed they are stain resistant.

Many homeowners are trying out concrete countertops.  At one time these were messy and time consuming to install, but now they are made, cured, and sealed off-site.  They can be carried in and installed very quickly.  You can even add color to the concrete to customize the look.

Solid surface countertops have lessened in popularity, but this material has many advantages.  They are very resistant to scratches and stains, but after time if you find a few blemishes, they can be sanded and filled to look like new.

Wood counters are also a rarity these days, and require more maintenance than many options, but dedicated bakers or chefs sometimes prefer these types of countertops.  A hardwood counter can be an ideal place to roll out some pie dough or chop some vegetables for a pot of soup.

If looking for the least expensive option, laminate countertops are probably the way to go.  There are many colors and patterns to choose from, and laminates will hold up for many years.

Remodeling a kitchen doesn’t have to break the bank.  Contact us to start designing your new kitchen.

The usefulness of kitchen island cabinets

Kitchen island cabinets are really very unique. They are not only adjustable in whatever little space you have but they also make the extra space for other kitchen accessories thus reducing the extra effort while cooking. Not only that, they make maintenance a lot easier than before. It gives you enough space to store blenders, coffee makers and other accessories which leaves ample space to serve, prepare or exhibit food. They are gorgeous as well as are known to add practical value to your kitchen.


Kitchen islands with timber cabinets and marble countertop

What is your preference regarding kitchen island cabinets is entirely your choice. You can either go for custom made cabinets if you have some specification in mind regarding the storage space or form of the cabinets. If not then some readymade kitchen island have readymade cabinets built in them which provides ample space for your storage needs. You could choose from a variety of options like large or small drawers depending on your needs and the number of drawers also varies widely. You can even choose between open shelves or closed. Open shelves adds to the beauty of your kitchen if you have fine kitchen accessories. Closed shelves are mostly used to store larger items. It all depends on you how you want to decorate your kitchen.

Kitchen island cabinets have great organising features or provisions which you can include in your kitchen. Be it your cutlery or silverware all could be efficiently sorted using the organizers. As already mentioned kitchen cabinet comes with variety of features to store not only small but also large appliances. Whatever are your needs you will get everything according to it. Drawers can be deep enough according to your storage needs. Whatever the requirement is for your perfect kitchen cabinet you will get it effortlessly. Sink drawers can compliment and can be very useful to increase the storage capacity and store small items. It can be put up in the useless area near the sink and cabinet.


The perquisites for perfect kitchen island cabinets are:

1. Looks could be misleading so don’t go for looks alone. What we should look for is something that is both handy and beautiful that which gives us the maximum space.

2. We have to be sure what is our requirement in a kitchen, whether we want it chiefly for cooking or for sitting purposes as well. Because large  kitchen cabinets are very handy for cooking purposes and if we want it otherwise then we can go for differently sized cabinets to store diverse items.

3. Computers could be used now a day to design or plan the kitchen island cabinets. It can be done with the help of software’s that are available. You can also use the help of professionals who will know perfectly well the latest options and the most excellent choice to remodel your kitchen. They are very well informed about the most up-to-date designs available in the market from dealers and cabinet makers unlike the computer programmes.

4. You should always go for materials like the unyielding wood or ply board which is much superior to others for your kitchen island cabinets. It is much more endurable better than the wood coated particleboard or fibreboard. It comes really expensive but once an investment is always better that the price of remodelling it every now and then because your kitchen cabinets have to go through all that steam and heat and other conditions every day which a normal material cannot endure. Its coating will come off really soon. So, we should always go for the best.

5. Choices are always available between the hardwood and softwood. But we should prefer the hardwood because they are the best for fixtures and they lasts an eternity. You can choose between oak, walnut, cheery, maple etc which are excellent for fixtures and will last longer than the artificial materials or some less brawny wood.

6. Kitchen island cabinets can also be made from metals. But even then you have to go for wooden base because if we choose the base from particle board then we have to compromise on the quality of the entire cabinet which should not be the case after going the extra mile to make our kitchen island cabinet perfect.

A Little Extra About Green Cabinets and Counters

Did you know that VOC or Volatile Organic Compounds are in fact invisible gases which are regularly dispersed into the home environment in most American houses. The reason behind this  is the use of harmful chemical components in paints, lacquers and paint related products such as solvents. In severe cases, the amount of such harmful gases can be a hundred times higher than outside.


The presence and inhalation of VOC is the primary reason behind rashes, irritation, headaches, troubled breathing and even damage of vital organs such as the eyes or throat. This  disturbing fact has been confirmed by Environment Protection Agency (EPA). You would be surprised to know that the level of VOC rises to roughly 1000 times more inside the house.


Getting Rid of VOC using Green Counters


There are several green or rather environment friendly products which are bundled together as green products, among those here we have listed some of the easily abvalable ones which you can conveniently adopt in your houses.


Tiles are a great option, provided you use an adhesive which in low on VOC. Solid top counter tops are preferred by many because of their low VOC quotient. Be warned that top of the line products such as Terrazzo counter tops are not without the VOC hazard.


Many homeowners like using composite materials in their cabinetry. These are made by recycling products which are bonded together using resins which might be hazardous. You should insist on seeing a certificate of the manufacturer to ensure that they have adhered to health standards. 


Steps you can take to avoid VOC


The best you can do to avoid VOC is to know all about them, that way you can choose to buy products that are free of such harmful contents. Apart from adhesives, paints are also an important source of VOC. W advise you to purchase laminates which are made of recycled plastic and bound using non-formaldehyde based glues. Formaldehyde is a harmful material which should be avoided as far as possible even while purchasing butcher block counters.


Take a look around all the products within your budget and choose only those which will ensure a VOC free environment in your kitchen and the home.

New Counter tops in Your Kitchen

Most of the times we recommend our clients to prioritize counter tops and cabinets while restructuring kitchens or building a new one. However, if you had counter tops at the bottom of your priority list, then there is nothing to worry about. There are a few things that we would like to mention, which we think will make the process of adding a new counter top much easier.


Counter tops generally require an experienced contractor to be set in place. You will get the most out of a contractor’s service by cooperating and coordinating with his schemes and designs.  Provide your contractor a comprehensive bureau of the measurements and ask for an estimate. Before you seek professional advice make sure that you have correctly recorded all the dimensions from one corner to the other, inclusive of the attachments. Do not undermine the importance of meticulous measurements, but this guide should help you with the measurements.



How to accurately measure counter tops


The least error prone method of measuring kitchens is using graph papers or charting software. The basic equipments that you can keep handy while charting your kitchen are measuring tapes and pencils. Do not miss out sinks, appliances or any other segments which may have an impact on the overall dimensions of the work space, deduct the total of these obstructions from the end-to-end area of the kitchen.


Do not forget to take into account the backsplash and edges of the counter top. Be warned that failing to do so properly will incur extra cost. To accurately measure the right-angled edges, start from the meeting point of each surface until the walls and add them all together. To ensure that you have not miscalculated, measure everything twice. Once every thing has been accounted for, seek the help of a home improvement store representative to estimate the total costs inclusive of materials and labor charge.

Let’s Choose the Best Counter Top

Counter tops enhance the functionality, work space and overall looks of the kitchen, when all these are enhanced there will be a proportionate rise in the value of the kitchen as well. If you have not already made the necessary change, you should do so now with us beside you.


Counter tops come in quite a few colours and they can be bought in any size or shape you want to. You can install these during renovation or remodelling to lend a custom look to your kitchen and have some style flowing in your kitchen décor. We will now talk about the options that you will come across while choosing the right material, they are in fact chock and block and have price tags that will suit the king as well as the pauper.


Granite: Upscale kitchens strive on these; they are durable, stylish, colourful and expensive! There is no dearth of textures or natural patterns to granite counter tops. If you get one of these, you will have to reseal them. These are powerful stain magnets and will get dirty with a little ignorance.



Marble: Another one of those costly options that we like. It has all the qualities of granite except that it is a little weaker than it. However do not worry about it breaking or cracking unless you like banging your utensils like a Neanderthal! A little wiping and cleaning will keep it prime and healthy; you might also want to reseal it once in a while.


Tiles: If you want a colourful counter top get tiles. You can get these in your favourite colours and choose from literally hundreds of patterns and designs. Metallic, stone and ceramic tiles are some of the common and popular options, however there are glass tiles too. Maintenance is much lower with tiles but you will have to be gentle with heavy utensils. 


Laminate: The most inexpensive and prone to damage are laminate counter tops.  These withstand moisture quite well but heat makes them warp out of shape. Do not worry about colours or designs, they come a dime a dozen.


Wood: For those of you who like white elephants, this is the perfect choice. If you make sparing use of your counter top or have a dedicated care taker to baby-sit your counter top, buy these. These are premium counter tops and will make your neighbours go green with envy!


Concrete: These will cost you slightly more than you might imagine, having said that, concrete counter tops are easily maintained and are available in many colours and textures. Take a little care about heavy appliances and these will last a lifetime.

Are Counter Edges Making You Edgy?

Recently, I found myself in the predicament of choosing the best and budget friendly counter top edge for my newly upgraded counter top. I have white cabinets so I decided to go with dark granite counter top to bring out the beautiful contrast. You must have something equally pretty or even better, but are you stuck just like I was, trying to decide which counter top edge will be the best for the looks? Let me help you out.


Most of us are bound by strict budgetary limits and we have to make the best out of it that was true in my case as well. I found out that Bullnosed and straight edges were the two most financially viable options for me, which would also compliment the beauty of my counter top.


If you have classic or modern kitchen cabinets and a matching counter top to go with it, then you do not need to look further than bullnosed edges. These are round and smooth, good for granite counter tops, just like the one in my kitchen. However, be warned that the labour cost of crafting these will raise the price tag!


Straight edges are for those of you who want to save on the labour expenses and prefer clean lines to smooth curves. The harmony of these with granite counter tops of modern kitchens is worth appreciating and people are opting for these for their relatively lower costs.


For me, bullnosed edges did the trick. It might be different for you depending on which one suits your tastes. Take a look at both of these before you settle on any.