Ready-to-Assemble Kitchen Cabinets For The Country Look

Do not worry of you have not found the correct theme for your kitchen, it might be so that you are not looking at the right places or you do not yet know all the options that are available. Not all kitchen themes are familiar to most of us and its not surprising that home owners are unaware of the fact that RTA kitchen cabinets can also be used to create the old charm that only custom made country cabinets can provide.


The Floor Planning


The first step to take before ordering your kitchen cabinets online is taking accurate measurements. The original floor plan can be changed or an entirely new plan can be drawn to place the kitchen cabinets on the kitchen floor. Hence, before you step into a retail store or place an order online, get a good idea of where the cabinets will be placed and how much space you want to allocate to each item of the cabinetry. Once you have ensured how much space you have to work, you can make informed decisions regarding the right type of the cabinet and the other aspects. Ask for free advice from RTA resellers. Extra cabinets can be added to the plan, but before that you will have to know the floor spaces properly.


Cabinet Types


Country kitchen cabinets are rare, therefore make sure that the RTAs that you select are good embodiment of the country spirit. Your country kitchen RTA cabinets should make it easier for you to access the items inside. Imbibe Lazy Susans in your design and try to create some space above the main counter top. It is quite comm on to place the plates and the dishes above the counter or on a separate shelf. Some RTA cabinets come with inbuilt lazy susans and extra shelves to accommodate the plates and extras that we just mentioned.


The Colors And The Facade


Natural, earthly tones are more suitable for country cabinets rather than black and shiny tones. Country cabinets made of maple and raised at the edges make the look perfectly bucolic and exquisite. Giving a distressed look to the unfinished kitchen cabinets is rather a good option and you will get plenty of unpainted RTA cabinets in the market which will let  you do so. Avoid doing anything that hampers the country look, such as painting the cabinets black or choosing plain facades. Dark reds as well as green are good color options.


RTA kitchen cabinets are available in a lot of themes and finding one that looks classically country will not be that hard in our opinion. Search the Internet if the local stores do not satiate your thirst. Searching for the all the available options will undoubtedly take time which is why we suggest you to plan all ahead and start looking right now if a renovation is  in the offing.

Cabinet Doors — Making The Right Choice

Kitchen cabinets are costly and for any home owner,  buying these is a part of a major investment. Cabinets and the doors on these cabinets are found in several styles and themes. The best thing about cabinet doors is that you will find a door which is made with your needs in mind. The perfect style, material and color is not all hard to find if you look at the right places and you know what to look for.



Conventional Doors


These are the most popular forms of cabinet doors. You must own something that has a conventional door. While these provide unobstructed access to the guts of the cabinets, their biggest drawback is that these take up a lot of space. This is makes conventional doors unsuitable for kitchens which have a small area. The inconveniences are immense and from making it hard for you to move around the kitchen, conventional doors can  render your entire kitchen unusable. All said and done, if your kitchen is roomy then there is nothing better than these conventional doors for ease of access and maintenance.



Roll Top Doors


If you have seen shutters being pulled down in shops, you will understand how these cabinet doors work. These roll top doors retract all the way up inside the cabinet and do not need extra space when open. Often times, roll top doors are seen on upper cabinets rather on the lower. It makes it easier for you to access the lower or base cabinet without worrying about banging your head on anything. The only word of advice regarding roll top cabinet doors is that you will have to make sure they do not jump tracks or get stuck inside the cabinet when open.



Glass Doors


These are actually conventional doors with the only exception that most of the door is made of glass, which makes it suitable for displaying expensive china or cutlery. Commonly seen in  traditional and contemporary kitchen cabinets, glass doors beautify the kitchen. As you might have already guessed glass doors will need more maintenance for the obvious fact that these are finger print magnets. You will also want to keep the insides of the cabinets in perfect order for everything is laid in full sight of any one who steps into the kitchen.


Cabinet doors should not only match your budget but also your needs and lifestyle. Buying the cheapest style may not solve your particular problems, hence take a close look at all that your money can buy and choose wisely. Your neighborhood retail store may help you in deciding the correct door for your cabinet.

Choosing Glass for Mullion Doors

Glassed doors will let you show off your china and precious crockery. If you are fretting over the details of your kitchen cabinet then you can take a glance at this option too. Other than solid wooden doors and composite finishes on surfaces, kitchen cabinets with glass doors are not only attractive but also efficient when it comes to displaying kitchenware. There are so many things to consider for the finishes that you will never tire off, rather the joy of taking your pick will keep you motivated. We have seen people choose glass for their cabinet fronts for various reasons. Besides the obvious one of showing off, some deem passage of sunlight inside the cabinet to be a healthy thing! No matter what your reasons are here are a few things that we would like you to consider before anything.


Members in the family


It is vital for the safety of the young members of the family that the cabinets which contain glass should be placed at the safe corners rather than where children and teenagers run around a lot. Typically, glassed or mullioned cabinets are safe above the counter top. Glass may be one of the most beautiful thing but not necessarily safe. To ensure safety of everybody in the house it is imperative that you select the right position to keep glassed cabinets. Less maintenance is also another advantage of placing glass cabinets away from children.


Type of glass


As you might already know that glass is not of one type alone, there are quite a few varieties and all are different. Some are good at making things discernible while others  such as semi-transparent glass will conceal things to a great degree. In case you are  miserable at cabinet organization, etched glass is a great option. Think beyond traditional glass when it comes to furbishing your cabinet. There is simply no explaining how good glass panels can transform the looks of your kitchen entirely.


Placement of the cabinet


As we have already mentioned, glass cabinets will not only be safe but also look apposite depending where you decide to place it. Since the space above the counter top is away from the reach of children and it is readily visible to all your visitors, we think the space above the counter top is the best place. Glass banging against the wall or being knocked by a running child is a potentially hazardous situation. Keep an eye out for such things and anticipate all events while opening or closing the cabinet doors to avoid them as well as to prevent the glass from shattering.


There is a dark side to everything good and glass is one of them. While there is nothing better to show off the china inside your cabinet, you may also end up replacing the glass frequently due to a slight mistake in the placement of the cabinet. Make sure you get the three basics right which we have just discussed.



Cabinet Materials — Latest Trends in Construction

Knowing all about the cabinet construction material will help you in choosing the best for your kitchen. There are several choices and it is important that you know what material does what and what not as well as the costs. Below is a guide to the most used materials in RTA kitchen cabinets.


  1. Solid wood: Solid wood is not only structurally strong but also pleasing to the eye. These are more companionable with stains and colors. The natural look of solid wood is incomparable and veneer comes nowhere close to it. If you plan to change the colors later on then solid wood is your best bet. Try to buy cabinets that at least have a wooden door.
  2. Plywood: Plywood and solid wood are quite different and it would benefit from the knowledge of the two. Solid wood, as the name suggests is solid unlike plywood which is several layers of thin wooden sheets glued together. This makes plywood less vulnerable to warping over time, however as far as the aesthetic beauty of things are concerned, we suggest solid wood to our client. Solid wood should form the doors of the cabinet and it would not hurt if the other parts are made of plywood. Countertops, sides and base construction are better off being constructed with plywood.
  3. Particle Board: Unlike fortified plywood materials, particle board cabinets are also used in many households. These are made of pieces of broken and discarded wood pieces which are finally glued together. Their structural integrity is nothing to sing about and a little physical strain can take the cabinet apart piece by piece. There is absolutely no guarantee that cabinets made of particle boards will not bend or warp over time.


As far as our opinion goes, solid wooden doors and plywood based cabinets are not only durable but also beautiful. These may have a relatively higher price tag but every penny is worth the expense. While investing in kitchen cabinets, it is quite imperative that you choose wisely and make every penny count.

Top 10 Trends For Home Improvement in 2011

  1. People need a sense of serenity and tranquility. This can be achieved by an unperturbed and organic flow of items through out the house.
  2. Recycling artifacts is in. Young home owners are looking to repossess what their family passed down on to them. Antiques are in demand like never before because of their capacity to connect the home owners to their past.
  3. Ascetic living styles have been shunned in favor of a warmer lifestyle. People want to be surrounded by warm tones and pretty textures and forms.
  4. With rising unrest around the world, people are looking for peace and comfort in their homes and that has been reflected in their choice of articles in their kitchens.
  5. Green products which are free of VOC and other such harmful effervescence are going to become mainstream. Their present acceptance among the patrons of environment conservation will receive a shot in the arm and gradually more and more people will join.
  6. The popular alternative to paints, wallpaper is back again. Textured and creatively patterned wallpapers are selling like hot cakes. These are a better than paints because these can be removed and changed at will.
  7. Soft curves and pleasing lines are better than angular edges and hard shapes. Lively structures do impart an impression of animation in the kitchen rather than a cold demeanor which are characteristic of boring geometric shapes.
  8. Upgrading houses and kitchens have become more attractive than buying new ones. Spending less and gaining more has become the motto of modern homeowners due to the downturn of global economy. To save money DIY projects are being taken up as people seek newer ways to save money on labor charges.
  9. Custom cabinetry is no more the apple of the eye. The strain caused by the economy has made homeowners rethink their styling strategy and hence big box owners and online retailers are making their presence felt.

10. Mixing and matching costly items with affordable ones is suggested by most interior designers and home decorators.

The Importance of Budget in Kitchen Cabinets

No matter what we buy we are careful about the amount we spend and the quality of product we get in lieu of our hard earned money. Buying kitchen cabinets is no exception and you will have to consider the budgetary aspects of the purchase and match it to your needs and capacities. A home owner has to be careful about not exceeding his budgets while buying kitchen cabinets as well as get the most out of it. Everything depends on the money you are willing to spend and it decides the number of available options you will have in the market.


We advise you to plan in advance and earmark an amount before even you step into the home development store to buy cabinets. It is not practical for anyone to keep buying cabinets over and over  again or change the looks frequently, apart from the monetary angle, changing and relocating stuff from one cabinet to another is also a pain. Hence we think it is smart to decide the amount you are willing to spend.


What decides the price


The price is directly proportional to the quality of material used. Higher the quality, higher the price and lower the quality, lower the price.


The next factor is the dimensions of the cabinetry. A large sized cabinet with lots of bells and whistles will be costlier than a small sized ones or with lesser drawers and shelves.


No one wants a cabinet that looks unattractive or unfashionable. The style factor comes next on our list of factors. A simple cabinet without any extras will be economical than one which has the looks in full measure.


These factors are at the driving end of the price of cabinets and no matter how high or low your search, you will find no exception to these factors. Hence we advise you to take heed of these every time you go shopping. We have categorized the cabinets in three groups for your ease.



Basic Kitchen Cabinets


For those of you who cannot live without the perfect fitting and good styling, this is it. The parts of these basic things are cheap and easy to assemble on your own, thus it cuts down on your labor expenses too. Frame less and made of veneered particle boards basic kitchen cabinets are available in quite a few options in terms of style and size. Expect these to cost somewhere around 250 to 350 US Dollars.


Mid-Segment Kitchen Cabinets


These are priced higher than the above category and allows for more personalization and style options such as trims, accessories, finishes, paints, designs, themes as well as choice of construction material. Thicker veneered particle boards or thinner pieces of plywood is used for the construction of these  mid range cabinets. Do not expect it to be made of high quality stuff. The price can be expected to be somewhere in the range of USD 400 to USD 900.


Premium Kitchen Cabinets


The costliest and the best that the cabinet industry has to offer comes under this category. These include the high end, fully customized cabinets as well as the semi-customizable ones with a huge price tag. These are perfect style statements for those who want to match their kitchen décor to the rest of their house. There should be no doubt regarding the quality of materials used or the hardware fitted into these cabinets. These will make you poorer by USD 1600 to USD 2000.


We hope  this has made it easier for you to decide the type of cabinet you want for your kitchen.

Country Cabinets for That Homely, Picturesque Mien

Taking a look at our hectic life, we see that most of us so starved of time that we do not have all the time in the world which we seemed to have not long ago. As such the kitchen has become the only single place where we interact with out family and get something to eat. At most, we have quite and peaceful dinner with our loved ones once in a while. The need to make our kitchens the perfect place to cook has been overshadowed by an even more urgent need to making it a place to get together and recreate. 


One of such ways is to fuse  together the amenities of the modern world and the basics of the bucolic origin that we all share. Designers have created the perfect fusion of these two in what is popularly known as the country kitchen cabinets. For those of strapped of time and a good place to meet with the family, the country kitchen cabinets is the perfect design to adopt.


Designing a country themed kitchen is not the easiest of things to do. It requires a meticulous portrayal of the American country side and the pastures in a vivid manner. One things that needs to be adhered to is the basic difference between an American country life and the European version, if not vastly different, both have their dissimilarities and oddities regarding architecture, clothing and habits which needs to be reflected without fail.


Differences in Style


Apart from the fact that American Countryside styled cabinets are more on the airy side, these are centered around the livestock of the nomad Americans and their traditional patchworks used in attires. Whereas, sophistication is the main feature of European country cabinets. Among all of these the French country cabinets are immensely popular. Intricate ornamentation on wood and metal is characteristic to European cabinets. Colors are also equally important and the lush lavender fields are imitated with light hues which add to the ambiance of the cabinets and make them look spacious too.


Voluminous chunks of furniture are added with singular sideboards for added space and taller looks. Victorian themed kitchen cabinets are also  an intrinsic  part of country themed cabinetry. These are known to elude imperialistic looks with their dark woods and suave colors manifested in the artistic patterns.



Other patterns and themes that come under the ambit of country kitchen cabinets are the Italian, Casual and the Formal versions. Although these are not as popular they have a characteristic design and style defined by the colors, hardware and fittings which make them unique. You should do your homework well before planning to buy any of these. Most importantly, these are usually unavailable in stock version, you might have to go for full customization to bring the old world charm to your kitchen.

A Guide to Elegant Kitchen Using Antique Cabinets

Antique cabinets are unique in the fact that these are unlike and disparate in terms of design and looks. The craftsmen who design these portray a theme which is not modern or contemporary and thus these have an outdated charm. This is what attracts the customers to antique cabinetry.


There is no dearth to the choices that are available with antique cabinets. Most of these are made of natural woods such as pine, oak, mahogany and cherry. You may find metals and polymers used extensively for this purpose. The hardware parts and colors are well thought out and complement the archaic looks. Here is a lost of a few gorgeous options in the antique kitchen cabinet category.


White Antique Cabinets


Kitchen cabinets in the pristine white color look elegant and lustrous. The main advantage is that these are agreeable to any kitchen theme. There is no constraint as to the colors of the walls, back splash or the tiles. White kitchens are the perfect companion to all colors and hues. However the colors which are considered most complementary are blue and red.


Black Antique Cabinets


Black antiques impart a histrionic demeanor to the kitchen and brings out the beauty of the  themes no matter whether they are traditional or modern. The elude a sense of power and sophistication and can be arranged to suit several patterns and designs. If the walls are cream, yellow or white the looks are accentuated to a higher level. A combination of the right ingredients can transform your drab kitchen to futuristic crib. We think one of such combination is black antique kitchen cabinets with granite counter tops on a white backdrop of the wall. The accessories and hardware are best made of steel to bring out the sleekness of the ensemble.


Green Antique Cabinets


Green signifies life, nature, growth and renewal. There is no better way to imbibe these in your life than your kitchen. Green cabinets impart a sense of equilibrium and calm in their vicinity. If you love green then you bring out the beauty of these cabinets with yellow walls and black or white tiles. Purple is also a good complimentary color.


Red Antique Cabinets


The color red adds vibrancy and an animation to the kitchen. Cabinets of this color augers well with green, blue and pink background. Red is also the color of love and will make you feel joyful. These cabinets are compatible with gray and blue walls. However the color purple is best avoided because of the garish combination that these two make.


Before buying any of these antique kitchen cabinets you should look at all the colors and visit shops and read the details before shelling out the money. You should expect descriptions of how to put up the shelves and what specialties each of these come with. Juxtapose each to find the one which makes sense to your needs.




The only care that is required in the name maintenance is an occasional rub and swipe with a soap and water solution. Try to avoid excess water and wipe clean the surfaces to ensure a long lasting antique cabinetry. One thing  that is undoubtedly detrimental to the looks is abrasive chemicals.

Installing kitchen cabinets could be easy!

It has nowadays become comparatively easier to install kitchen cabinets with modular cabinets. It’s very easy to hang with the help of some simple tools. You would not need any professional help to hang them. But you can always take the help of some friend to aid you in holding the cabinets in place. Modular cabinets are autonomous in quintessence.



You would be able to set up your modular kitchen cabinets yourself with the help of a little bit of inventiveness and that would save some of your money. The pleasure of doing something yourself is immense and you could really give yourself that by doing the simple task of installing them without depending on a professional help.


Tips to install kitchen cabinets


You can gear yourself by following the simple steps that are mentioned below:


■          You would require some screwdriver, drilling machine, caulk etc. They are very much necessary for the installation of kitchen cabinets. You would be required to drill for the installation.

■          You can wear apron and rubber gloves so as to protect yourself from damaging your hands and clothes.

■          Newspapers could come handy in covering your floor to avoid getting filthy.

■          You could easily damage your kitchen cabinets if you are not careful in handling them.


In advance of installing your kitchen cabinets some things should be taken care of:


Take exact measurement of your kitchen before installation of your kitchen cabinets so that they fit perfectly. If any discrepancies appear then it can end up spoiling the look of your kitchen. If you are using the old ones then what you can do repainting them to give new looks and then install.


That will maintain the refreshing looks of your kitchen.


Take out all the appliances like refrigerator, the dishwasher etc out of the kitchen while installing the kitchen cabinets. Because these appliances take a lot of space and you will need the space for successful installation of your kitchen cabinets. It may even spoil your appliances if you don’t get the required space.


Take opportunity of this time to clean up your kitchen. We mostly clean our kitchen seasonally and sometimes we don’t even have the time to that. So, make proper use of this opportunity to divest the unnecessary items that may pile up due to your lack of time. It will not only increase your storage capacity but also will give you a clean and striking kitchen




Compiling collectively your kitchen cabinet:


What you can do is read the instructions carefully before fixing your kitchen cabinets .you can follow some of the instructions like:

  1. Doors and other supplementary hardware always come last in the installation process. Install the cabinets first and then put on the doors and other hardware. It will make the installation process easier.
  2.  The upper cabinets should be installed first to avoid the chances of causing harm to the other parts that also need installation. Your fittings should be appropriate before assembling the cabinetry. If you are remodeling your kitchen than make sure of the fittings before going any further.
  3. Before escalating them, confirm the accurate positioning of the cabinets. You can always take help of someone to hold the cabinets in their subsequent slots.



Actual installation of the cabinets:


After matching the measurement properly you can start the installation process of your kitchen cabinets. Make sure that the cabinets are held properly by the hoops to avoid coming out of the hooks. You can make use of the hoops finder to hang them. Make sure cabinets are leveled in an even way. After doing all these you can complete your installation.


After the installation process you can start moving your kitchen appliances readily back into their respective place. Everything depends on your measurement. If it’s perfect that it would look like the work of a professional. If there are problem then the cupboards would be uneven. What you can do is adjust them slightly to get the perfect fit. Of course, it would require some of your time but everything is worth the time and energy.

White Kitchen Cabinets – Are They Losing Their Demand?

White kitchen cabinets are most obviously the favored color whenever people consider remodeling their kitchens. Quite undisputedly, white is a distinctive color and it lends a pleasant look to the kitchen.


The fashion of cabinets also harmonizes the white color besides making a distinct difference in the looks by modifying the door style. There are many styles that complement white kitchen cabinets: Country, Traditional, French, English, Modern and Shaker models. In addition, materials employed for making kitchen cabinets take in plastic, laminate, white colored wood, heavy gloss lacquer, vinyl foil and white stain. These can be fused together along with the white kitchen cabinet in order to make a unique style statement and to go well with the person’s personality as well as style.


Benefits of installing white kitchen cabinets


■ Using white cabinets allows easy accessories choice as well as countertops because most accessories are also available in white.

■ It is also simpler to twang the color theme of your kitchen and adjoining space with white kitchen cabinets.

■ Use of white kitchen cabinets gives a striking look because it produces a ageless style that can remain in vogue for long. While almost every style and color made use in kitchen cabinetry may become outdated, white is one such color that is sure to stay in fashion for a long time.

■ The entire appearance is clean besides being sleek and elegant – generally, people wish their kitchens to look that way.


Creating the chic look using white kitchen cabinetry


1. If you’re interested in a modern style, you may wish to insert white gloss as the finish material to the white kitchen cabinet. This lends it a smooth and up to date appearance. While using a design that comprises of white painted wood, it gives an impression of raised panel doors typical of a traditional kitchen look. You may also generate a range of moods as well as themes for the kitchen by modifying or changing the countertops and extensive floor covering to complement your kitchen cabinetry.


2. A white kitchen cabinet having a conventional style can be fashioned with wood flooring – this turns out to be a very well-liked style among most homemakers. This lends the kitchen an extremely appealing feel to it and the affectionate design can be enhanced by extra interior decorations – for instance, a white dining table placed in the kitchen for breakfast.


3. A black granite countertop generates distinction to your white kitchen cabinetry and gives a unique statement of style. You can change the mood of your kitchen by altering the surface of the countertop. The softness of the cabinets is made use of to bring in a difference with the countertops made of granite. This is an appearance that is impressive and works great together.


4. It is often not noticed that the color of appliances one buys is quite important in terms of deciding the look of your kitchen. If you need a kitchen that appears very customary, try similar white wood front panels at the frontage of the refrigerator as well as dishwasher. This will augment the exterior of your kitchen and you can decide on black or even stainless steel cuisine tops, ovens and sinks. On the other hand, if you wish to produce a modern kitchen, you would have to make use of appliances having contrasting colors, totaling a spectacular feel to the kitchen.


Some people develop the false view that white kitchen cabinets entail a lot of maintenance since they mostly originate in showrooms. But, this is far from true. With the type of finishes and polishes obtainable in the market as well as synthetic wood finishes, the white kitchen cabinets demand easy maintenance.


White kitchen cabinets are known to be around for long – at least 20 years; but there is no indication that this fashion will turn obsolete. As a matter of reality, you are given a lot of options to select from in terms of adapting the color themes of your kitchen right from countertop accessories to window treatments as well as place mats.


Where to purchase white kitchen cabinets?


The Internet is an ideal place to locate manufacturers as well as suppliers of white kitchen cabinets. For instance, tenders white kitchen cabinets online. You should also verify the Yellow Pages in search of cabinet makers as well as retailers who trade white cabinets. You can also make contact with wholesalers dealing in such cabinets. The costs here are in general considerably lower compared to those you shall come across in retail outlets.