Do-It-Yourselfers Love Our Unassembled Kitchen Cabinets


  • You’re glued to every remodeling show on DIY Network
  • Bob Villa’s photo hangs in your family room
  • Your idea of a great date is strolling the aisles of the hardware store with your significant other in tow
  • Your kitchen is crying out for an upgrade

Sound familiar? Then you are a prime candidate for our unassembled kitchen cabinets!

Why let somebody else have all the fun of installing a fabulous new kitchen for you, when you can get equally beautiful results by doing it yourself? After all, you’ve taken on some pretty impressive projects around the house already, right? Like putting in a paver-brick patio, building an adorable garden shed or installing some fancy new LED “mood” lighting in the boudoir. It was awesome!

Now, just imagine the bragging rights you’ll have when you select and install gorgeous new kitchen cabinets yourself, instead of just settling for the mundane big box offerings. And at Kitchen Pro Cabinetry, our wide array of choices in ready to assembly cabinetry will provide you with luxurious, professional-quality results at a fraction of the cost.

Our handy Measuring Guide makes accuracy easy and our design specialists–providing our no-obligation free Kitchen Design Service–are here to partner with you every step of the way, to ensure you are completely happy with your new kitchen. (But we’ll keep your secret…you can take all the credit for the amazing and functional design yourself.)

What about quality, you ask? All of our unassembled kitchen cabinets are elegantly crafted of the finest all wood materials including Oak, Maple and Beech from Europe and North America. Our interiors are even sealed with a clear coat finish for ease of maintenance and cleaning. You’re getting top-notch cabinets at wholesale prices.

We are proud members of the Better Business Bureau and we’re so confident in our product, that we provide a Lowest Price Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty on every purchase. We even offer a no-risk door sample, so you can see the styling, color and quality before finalizing your selection.

Want a sneak-peek of the process? See our step-by-step wall cabinet assembly instructions…you’ll be amazed at how simply and quickly you’re up-to-speed and ready to begin this exciting project.

So slap on your favorite tool belt, grab a big mug of “I-can-do-it-myself,” and contact us to get this party started. We guarantee, you’ll love our unassembled kitchen cabinets!

Build a Dream Kitchen Starting with Unassembled Cabinets

No wonder Pinterest is so popular—no matter what your interest, you’ll find a thousand great ideas. That goes especially for home kitchen remodeling. You can get the ideas on Pinterest, then find what you need online to create that look economically.

For instance, take this gorgeous Tuscan kitchen. Start with a warm, beveled wood cabinet and a subdued cream-colored wall. For window dressing, you’ll look for Old World floral prints in earthly colors. A tile backsplash, also in warm colors, is an easy do-it-yourself project. Seating should be wood or metal, and Tuscan décor may be found anywhere. Add a lot of greenery to complete the look, and there you are.

Here’s another great look in the traditional white kitchen. Vanilla glazed maple cabinets are an excellent choice here, with everything above the dark wood floor being light, from the white pendant lights, to the barstools, the island, and the tile backspash. The under-cabinet lighting is the secret ingredient in making the kitchen all over bright and lively.

Then if you look at the Rustic Kitchen Pinterest page, you’ll see that interpretations of “rustic” vary widely depending on the state of the cabinets:  unfinished, weathered, metal, or dark. For this rustic look, the Shaker Cinnamon cabinet makes an ideal start to a kitchen with exposed beams running up the wall and across the ceiling. The ceramic tile floor is repeated on the wall, and there is a wonderful copper vent hood. The interplay of warm wood, tile and metal makes this a very homey kitchen.

These are just a few examples of how the right ready-to-assemble cabinets can be the starting point for any kind of kitchen. With what you’ll save on cabinets from Kitchen Pro Cabinetry, you’ll be able to afford all the other decorative touches. And our free online Design Service makes it easier than you ever thought possible. So contact us and get started on your dream kitchen today.

Online Kitchen Cabinets That Will Fit Your Design Style and Your Budget

Today there are many very good reasons to think about updating your kitchen. We all know that it can be one of the best ways to increase the value of your home.  It can also be an expensive undertaking.  When trying to find ways to create your dream kitchen, while staying within budget, inexpensive, unassembled kitchen cabinets can give you great “bang for your buck”.

With so many styles and colors of kitchen cabinets to choose from, you are sure to find that perfect match for the design plan you are creating.

An Asian Influence

This style promises to bring balance, harmony and peace to your kitchen and home. Using elements found in nature like stone and water, the asian-inspired kitchen can be a sanctuary of calm.  With a simple, clean design our Shaker Espresso or the Shaker White cabinet would lend themselves particularly well to this design style.

The Rustic Cabin Feel

This style reminds us of the rustic mountain ski lodge with it’s warm and cozy feel.  The use of natural wood and stone features remind us of a time when people often built their own homes by hand.  In keeping with that homemade feeling, our Shaker Maple or Shaker Cinnamon cabinets can be an excellent choice.

Classic French Country Kitchen

This design reminds us of flowers in a vase, warm, fresh-baked bread and delicious soups bubbling on the stove.  A distressed or worn look is common in this style.  Think about antique touches throughout and the colors of nature as your palette.  This is a kitchen where you can find a comfy easy chair and a relaxed family space.  Imagine a big bowl of French Onion Soup and look at our French Antique cabinets and you are instantly transported to Paris!

Kitchen Pro’s design services are available to you from the comfort of your own kitchen.  Online Kitchen Cabinets are a great choice for the homeowner who wants to add value and ambience to their kitchen living space and also save money.  When you are ready to move your vision into reality, contact us!

Great Color Scheme Options for Inexpensive Cabinets

Are you bored with a simple white or black color scheme kitchen and want something a little different? Not every kitchen has to have this basic look, you can jazz up inexpensive cabinets with bright and fun paint colors or all natural wood. If you spend a lot of time cooking in your kitchen and you want a full makeover, consider these color options.

Blue and Cream

A stark white kitchen is very common and for some, it can get a little dull after awhile. If you still want a light and pristine color scheme, why not go for the homey country look? Cream maple cabinets look exquisitely gorgeous with soft powder or colonial blue walls. If you aren’t fond of the light blue, opt for a darker shade and it will bring out the warm cream tones of your cabinet quite easily.

Yellow and Green

If you would like your kitchen to have a touch of contemporary, paint the walls a soft toned pastel yellow and add in some fun grass green furniture and kitchen accessories. Your cabinets can either be painted the same yellow tone, or you can select a light wood, such as a honey maple or beech. This definitely puts an interesting twist on a traditional kitchen and you’ll get plenty of compliments from your guests!

Black and Red

If you prefer dark and rich color hues for your kitchen, why not go for a midnight black and a deep brick red? Your counter tops can be red in color with your cabinets in a dark brown or pure black. Keep in mind that if you are going for this kind of look, do not paint your walls black. This will make a small kitchen look even tinier, so you’ll have to balance it out with a red paint.

If you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen, don’t hesitant to contact us! We’ll provide you with high quality cabinets that are ready to ship.

Unassembled Kitchen Cabinets-Assembly and Install Guide

Do you feel intimidated by unassembled kitchen cabinets?  Don’t be.  With Kitchen Pro Cabinetry, assembling a beautiful hardwood cabinet is as simple as putting together a 6 piece puzzle.

With easy to follow directions, a few tools and an air nailer, you can have top quality, hardwood cabinets assembled and installed in just a few short hours.  There are no complicated measurements, no exotic saws or power tools required for assembly.  Once you’ve assembled the first cabinet and understand where and how all your cabinet pieces go together, assembling the rest is a snap.

When your cabinet delivery is made you might feel a bit overwhelmed at first.  Your boxes should be marked on the outside with the cabinet numbers such as B36 (a 36” base cabinet) or W24 (a 24” wall cabinet).  Sort your boxes by base cabinets or wall cabinets.  Bring your cabinets indoors to a climate controlled area to acclimate them to temperature and humidity levels.

After you’ve removed all of your old cabinets, start by assembling your wall cabinets.  Once you’ve assembled your wall cabinets, attach a ledger board to the wall where you would like the bottom of your wall cabinets to be.  This allows a bit of extra support while attaching the wall cabinets.  Find your wall studs using a stud finder and attach your wall cabinets to the stud framing.  Start from the corner with the appropriate cabinet and work outward.  Once your wall cabinets are securely fastened to the wall, remove the ledger board.  You will also notice it was much easier to install your upper cabinets without having to reach over the base cabinets.

When installing your base cabinets, dry fit your cabinets in place first when working from a fixed position base, such as a sink base.  Put your sink base in first, then work from the corner to the sink base, on both sides if need be.  If all of your base cabinets fit into place correctly, then proceed with their permanent attachment.  Using wood shims, make sure your cabinets are level (using a framing level) across the top of adjoining cabinets.

By using the free design service offered by your cabinets should fit into place exactly as designed with little to no gaps and a smooth finish.  If you have any questions, contact us at Kitchen Pros Cabinetry for your cabinet assembly questions.


Key Considerations For RTA Kitchen Cabinets

Easy RTA Cabinets

When it comes to choosing RTA Kitchen Cabinets, often, homeowners focus on the outward facing material – what the cabinet door is made from. While there are many exterior door choices to choose from, don’t forget to look at what’s on the inside of the cabinet, too.

Here are some key things to consider when selecting ready to assemble cabinets:

Wood used inside the cabinets

Most manufacturers will use cabinet grade plywood in their cabinets. The thickness of the plywood used is an indictor of the cabinet’s quality. Higher quality cabinets will generally use thicker plywood, which makes your cabinet more durable, extending it’s life.

Wood used for shelves

Plywood used for shelving is one of the biggest differentiators. This becomes especially important in small kitchens where homeowners are more likely to have to store things as compactly as possible.

Ceramic items, like plates, cups and serving pieces, can be especially heavy, causing shelves to bow in the middle if too much is stored on the shelves. If you have a small kitchen, and store a lot of dishware, this is an especially important feature to condier.


Most ready to assemble cabinets don’t require a lot of care. When it comes to the messy kitchen, finished products often are more resistant to stains than natural finishes.


Hinges are often one of the most overlooked components of choosing your cabinets.

Some people like the way European hinges are concealed. For others, seeing the hinges on the outside of the cabinet door isn’t a problem.

If you have family members who chronically leave cabinet doors open… Self-closing hinges are a must have.


Drawers are one of the most problematic parts of kitchen cabinets. Overtime, overfilled drawers can cause bottoms to fall out and corners to become detached.

Drawers that are joined with dove-tail joints are far more durable – even for the most overstuffed drawers.

For more information regarding RTA kitchen cabinets please contact us.

The Valuable and Functional Kitchen Island Of Your Dreams

Island of Your Dreams

We all know how great a kitchen island looks but did you know that there are also some other very good reasons why a kitchen island is a great addition?  When you are planning your kitchen remodel, be sure you take a close look at the functionality of the kitchen island.

  • Added Storage

Especially when storage is at a premium, the added cabinets, drawers and shelf space can solve all your storage problems.  We have all seen how wonderful the hanging pot and pan rack over the island can look, imagine having all that free space where the pots and pans used to be stored.  There are many different configurations for your kitchen island so think about what you would really like to have, such as a trash compactor, because you will now have the extra space.

  • Extra Seating

When the kids come home from school a snack is always on their radar. With a kitchen island that offers some extra seating, you will have a great base for homework.  It can work out well for whomever is preparing dinner too because you can take the time to talk about cooking as well as helping with homework questions.  The kitchen island can offer a great space for family communication.

  • Room For Those Appliances

We all have experienced a lack of counter space which resulted in some appliances being stored out of sight.  Now you can have the space to have your food processor close at hand or to display your beautiful stand mixer. Additionally, kitchen islands can be outfitted with sinks, refrigerators, large cutting boards and even extra cooking elements. Would an extra electrical outlet or two be helpful? Your design options are many.

When designing your kitchen island start by imagining all of the goodies that you have always wanted.  How about hot water on demand?  If your island has a built in sink, you can have it.  How about a built in soap dispenser or a small refrigerator at kid height for all their snacks and drinks?  Next, think about whether the island will be functional or more of a thing of beauty.  This is important when considering the countertop material.  If your island will be an extension of your food preparation area, ease of cleaning will be important.

So, as you can see, kitchen islands are not just for show, they can add real functionality and value to your kitchen.  With all the different ways you can use a kitchen island, you are sure to find one that helps you function more efficiently and also creates a beautiful focal point to any kitchen.

When you are ready to have that island of your dreams or if you would like to discuss our free kitchen design service, we would like to invite you to contact us, today!

Kitchen Cabinets and Security of the Children

If you have kids at home, then your kitchen cabinets could turn to be fatal from fine-looking in whisker of a second.  Anything can happen, your kids can pull out the heavy drawer made of silverware which can topple down and fall on his head. Even they can open unsecured cabinet doors which may contain lethal chemicals or cleaners. But there are products specially designed to ensure the safety of your children and make kitchen cabinets secure.

Different type of locks for cabinet doors:

Descending Cabinet Door Locks

Varieties of cabinet door locking devices are available. The most accepted one is the uncomplicated synthetic U-shaped bar that descends and is cinched fixed between two doors. This can be used as a safety measure because it prevents your kids from getting inside. But this has a drawback. Children can easily put their hands inside even if the doors are locked and can cause harm to them self in the process. So, be careful while using this device and make sure that you have cinched it tightly to avoid accidents.

Y-Loop Locks

Descending cabinet door locks can be installed only if you have handles in your cabinets. If you have knobs then y-Loop Locks will be a perfect match. It is made up of synthetic and has two loops just like Y in shape. The mechanism to use y-loop locks are the same as the descending ones. They are put around the knobs and cinched fixed in the same way as the other cinching locks. They are mostly white in shade. And they are positioned outside the cabinets. However, one should be very careful because small knobs make it difficult for the locking system to stay in its place. And the child can easily remove it without much difficulty.

Inner Door Locks

Inner Door Locks are very trendy because it remains invisible and it is installed inside the cabinet doors next to the cabinet frame. It can easily be opened by a simple downward force. One should be careful dealing with these because if you are not careful then you can end up having pinched fingers. But it really gives a very clean image to the kitchen. So, people who don’t have to bother about children getting hurt can surely go for this.

Drawer Stops

Drawers stop are usually installed in all the drawers but it is always a good idea to strengthen the inbuilt drawers stop with supplementary high quality stops. It will ensure the safety of your children and stop them from pulling out the drawers. All your queries and doubts can be cleared by at expert either from a cabinet shop or hardware store.


The first two locks mentioned above are intended mainly for dual cabinet doors which have handles or knobs that are in front of each other. Inner cabinet doors are perfect for single cabinet doors. You should lock the cabinets in the base because it is more important in protecting children then the ones at the top floor. Chemicals and heavy things should be stored with care to prevent accidents. It’s better to spend some time in installation than spending hours in the hospitals.








Selecting Eco-Friendly Kitchen Cabinets as a part of Your Kitchen

Formulating an eco-friendly home is an enormous responsibility.  New kitchen cabinets can prove to bring major disaster to one’s homely environment.  But if you are eco-conscious and believe in keeping your homely environment good, then this is where you can discover information about selecting eco-friendly kitchen cabinets.


Material of the cabinet

Initially you need to decide if your cabinet really needs to be swapped or not. Fixing new cabinet accessories to your old cabinet may save you some money as well as the earth. Various ways like painting your old wooden cabinet would be real handy rather giving it a new look. This way you can save plenty of money. But in case of damages due with time and various environmental conditions, you can opt for the new eco-friendly cabinets. Cabinets’ prepared from well maintained solid wood is an outstanding choice to make. Remarkably sustainable as a natural product, the bamboo with its slim design and durability makes it the finest choice as well. Bamboo is famous for its sturdy nature and longevity in comparison to other hardwoods. Cabinets made of metal are also a better choice, because they can be recycled and reprocessed even after they have been used as kitchen cabinets for a long time.


Beware of a few things…

Formaldehyde, a chemical agent that is used in the production of urea is also brought to use in the manufacturing of some cabinets which might lead to illness and change in the quality of air that you breathe in your home. A lot of house holders are not conscious about the chemicals that is used in the manufacturing of cabinets and which can affect the class of air that they inhale at home. But they can and need to take precautions. Soy and PVC are additional substitutes that are safe and can be used.



One more thing that is to be taken into consideration is to decide the number of cabinets required when going for the eco-friendly kitchen. Probability  of interchanging of one cabinet with one of open shelves or pot holding racks, cooking pans and dishes from the designs can be applied within to bring new looks at times you want a change. This will help you in saving your money and also bring down needless consumerism.

The best way to protect our planet from the misuse of the sustainable resources of our lovely planet is to opt for the eco-friendly cabinets and recycling the old cabinets for the kitchen. Though it might not give the impression of a big step, still it would prevent the earth from various misdeeds like deforestation more or less. The house owners must keep in view all these aspects and remain conscious about the recycling and making use of materials like bamboo. The house owners must also inform the local cabinet sellers and contractors and make them aware about what you think is the best for your budget as well as your homely environment.


How Good Are Movable Kitchen Cabinets

There are quite a few things to consider before buying modular kitchen cabinets, modular kitchen cabinets or movable kitchen cabinets as they are also known let you shift the cabinets from one place to another at your convenience. However they are not suitable for all kitchen spaces. Here are a few things that you might want to consider.


Size of the kitchen


If your kitchen is not big enough, we would suggest fixed cabinets. A small kitchen will never let you take the full advantage of movable kitchen cabinets. A moving rack or shelf can be an alternative if you need some extra space, but if you have a small space you will have to make use of the walls and the floors to all its fullest capacity.


The needs


Consider a get together party at your home when you might want to place the desserts. A movable cabinet can be used to place them neatly in a convenient corner between the kitchen and the dining room. Modular kitchens are known for their flexibility and can help you in several different ways. The only factor which you will have to keep in mind is the space. You would not want your guests to be inconvenienced by the inadequate legroom. 


Relocation Concerns


For those of you who have to be on the move a lot, modular kitchens are perfect, these can go wherever you want them to and you will save a lot of money which would have been spent had you had wall cabinets instead of modular ones. Changing over from an old home to a new one will be much easier with these cabinet which are almost identical to kitchen islands. However, find a house that has a spacious kitchen to arrange everything without cramming the kitchen.


Diversified Applications


Many kitchens are not only the cooking space that we have been seeing traditionally. Sometimes kitchens may double up as study rooms or offices during the day time. If your needs of this type, modular kitchens will let you make optimum use of all the space you have. Roll a cabinet to an agreeable position to place your office stationery during the day and roll it back to its usual place to aid you in cooking or enjoying the meal. The study area needs to be isolated for the child to concentrate on studies, therefore a movable shelf can shield him from the distractions created due to your work in the kitchen.


Visit as many stores as you can to find what you need. It is indeed important to find the correct modular cabinets. Never hesitate to solicit professional help to get the optimum flexibility from your movable kitchen cabinets.