Kitchen Island – Let it Be the Star of Your Kitchen

If it’s time for a kitchen makeover, and your finances don’t match your vision, try making the kitchen island the star in your plan. There are ways to make everything look new by replacing or upgrading just the island.

Redoing all the cabinets in the same style and color can get a little tedious after awhile. All that wood, or white, or whatever, begins to be boring. Even accenting with contrasting counters, wall coverings, or fixtures may not be enough to make your kitchen sing rather than sting. But making the island the star attraction by using different cabinetry, work surfaces and increasing it’s usefulness, can be the key to making the whole kitchen look new and refreshed. And it’s much more affordable than a complete makeover.

Kitchen islands can be the workhorses of an efficient kitchen. Not only can they serve as extra prep space or for serving buffet style, they can house a cooktop, a bar sink, or even dishwasher drawers. The kitchen island can be designed to fit the space available. If your kitchen is long and narrow, the island can also be long and narrow. You can have an area for counter dining that wraps around one end or along the side.

The functionality of an island can be enhanced by installing electrical outlets that run from the floor directly into the island. The microwave can be housed here, but so can various other small appliances. Open shelving can store those bulky but frequently used applicances such as crock pots, coffee pots, and blenders where they are easily available. Several electical outlets make it easy to use these gadgets when you serve from the island.

The top of the island can be done in an endless variety of contrasting or coordinating materials to accent your kitchen. Laminates used to be your only option. But granite and man-made stone tops are available in many colors. A marble pastry top or a butcher block can be inset into your island. Concrete counters are very popular right now and offer endless varieties of color and texture to complement any kitchen design. Your pocketbook is the only limit to the possibilities.

When you’re ready to renovate your kitchen, contact us at Kitchen Pro Cabinetry to brainstorm your ideas and we’ll help you find ways to make those ideas a reality.

Inexpensive Cabinets: the Foundation of a Great Kitchen

It’s the dilemma of every kitchen renovation: What do we do about the cabinets? In many ways, selecting your cabinets sets the tone for how the rest of your kitchen will look. The color, style, and material inform you on how to select the rest of your kitchen items to match, and the price tells you how much of your budget you’ll have left for those other items.

Inexpensive Cabinets used to mean ‘cheap cabinets,’ or ‘stock cabinets,’ neither of which were particularly appealing to someone wanting to build a custom kitchen from the ground up. But now, with the ability to have a custom kitchen design made entirely from inexpensive cabinets, the sky is the limit.  (contact us to learn more about this service)

Since cost is no longer an issue, why not create that one-of-a-kind look you’ve always wanted? For instance, if you’re an aspiring chef, you might want to create an island for added work surface. A custom-designed island is as easy as connecting a couple of cabinets, adding a kickboard, and placing a countertop on top of them.

If you need added functionality, consider installing an outlet or two in the countertop so you always have quick access to power for your small appliances. Or insert roll-out trays so you can select exactly the item you need without having to re-arrange a dozen pots and pans to get to it. If you like to entertain, you might want to place a few counter-height stools around the island so your guests can get that ‘chef’s table’ experience (and when they leave, you can sit down and rest your tired feet!).

Once you’ve decided how to customize your new island, you may also discover that there is a new area for potential storage space- since you will not be walking through the island, the ceiling directly above it is now the perfect place to put that overhead pot rack you’ve been eyeing.

With inexpensive, custom cabinet designs now readily accessible, your kitchen is a blank canvas, and the only limit to the design is your own imagination.

You Can Renovate with Kitchen Cabinets Wholesale!

Question: Which room in a home is the focal point, the centerpiece, the place where everyone gathers to enjoy warmth, comfort, and company?

Answer: The kitchen, arguably the most visited room in anyone’s home. When you receive company, what do they see? Your kitchen. So why should your kitchen be stuck in the same design rut that it’s been in since the ‘60s?

Good news, ladies and gentlemen: it doesn’t have to be. According to a U.S. News article, one of the best ways to improve the value of your home is to renovate, and kitchen renovations are among the most valuable of them all, as they can potentially add thousands of dollars to your home’s value.

Oh, but I can’t possibly afford to renovate, you protest. We say, think again! We at Kitchen Pro Cabinetry believe that not only should we provide the best products and best service to our customers, but also the best value. That is why we offer beautiful, high-quality, fully functioning kitchen cabinets wholesale.

Our catalog contains a wide variety of cabinet colors, styles, and sizes to fit your design preferences as well as your pocketbook. Dreaming of a Parisian kitchen? Take a look at our French Antique Glazed design. Or perhaps you’re the modernistic minimalist who would prefer a kitchen filled with Shaker Espresso cabinetry. And of course there are the classic shapes and finishes that will never go out of style, such as our Traditional Oak or Coffee Glazed Maple. Whatever your vision for your kitchen is, we can provide the look and the price that will make both you and your wallet happy.

Contact us today to see how we can help make your dream kitchen become reality!

Build a Dream Kitchen Starting with Unassembled Cabinets

No wonder Pinterest is so popular—no matter what your interest, you’ll find a thousand great ideas. That goes especially for home kitchen remodeling. You can get the ideas on Pinterest, then find what you need online to create that look economically.

For instance, take this gorgeous Tuscan kitchen. Start with a warm, beveled wood cabinet and a subdued cream-colored wall. For window dressing, you’ll look for Old World floral prints in earthly colors. A tile backsplash, also in warm colors, is an easy do-it-yourself project. Seating should be wood or metal, and Tuscan décor may be found anywhere. Add a lot of greenery to complete the look, and there you are.

Here’s another great look in the traditional white kitchen. Vanilla glazed maple cabinets are an excellent choice here, with everything above the dark wood floor being light, from the white pendant lights, to the barstools, the island, and the tile backspash. The under-cabinet lighting is the secret ingredient in making the kitchen all over bright and lively.

Then if you look at the Rustic Kitchen Pinterest page, you’ll see that interpretations of “rustic” vary widely depending on the state of the cabinets:  unfinished, weathered, metal, or dark. For this rustic look, the Shaker Cinnamon cabinet makes an ideal start to a kitchen with exposed beams running up the wall and across the ceiling. The ceramic tile floor is repeated on the wall, and there is a wonderful copper vent hood. The interplay of warm wood, tile and metal makes this a very homey kitchen.

These are just a few examples of how the right ready-to-assemble cabinets can be the starting point for any kind of kitchen. With what you’ll save on cabinets from Kitchen Pro Cabinetry, you’ll be able to afford all the other decorative touches. And our free online Design Service makes it easier than you ever thought possible. So contact us and get started on your dream kitchen today.

RTA Kitchen Cabinets Available For Creative New Kitchens


To stimulate your creative juices as you dream of a makeover for your kitchen, here is a sampling of some varied design trends that are captivating both homeowners and designers alike:

Classic Kitchens With An Authentic Feel

Some homeowners have committed to using natural materials as extensively as possible. This approach blends well with a desire to create a timeless kitchen that will hold its value over time. Combine glass, stone, and solid wood to enhance the effect. Marble or granite countertops, crystal lighting, and solid wood RTA kitchen cabinets, properly integrated, will create a truly classic kitchen. In an adjoining dining room, select upholstery that approximates the texture of the marble, for example.

Go Retro

In a world that increasingly respects the ideas of re-purposing and re-cycling, retro kitchens are attracting more interest. Vintage stoves, fridges, and light fixtures can quickly invoke those feelings of yesteryear. Old storage boxes and classic posters can further enhance the retro look. In an ultra-modern world the nostalgic return to, say, the 50s or 60s can be both inspiring and comforting.
The inclusion of particle board cabinets in such a kitchen could feel less than authentic. By contrast, all-wood cabinets can be the perfect fit. The process of re-creating a selected look from decades ago can be very stimulating. Furthermore, the artistic process of blending varied components is very rewarding. Give an older, restored appliance a new lease on life in a retro kitchen.

3D textured wall panels

Along with modern abstract patterns, such panels are increasingly popular  in island and wall design. With computer 3D rendering ever more available, such non-linear and dramatic design elements are finding their way into more kitchens. Homeowners and their designers are definitely more confident in expressing their artistic sides when high-definition, three-dimensional kitchen renderings can be viewed beforehand. Because of their variety, such panels can be used to increase the cohesiveness of the kitchen and adjoining rooms. Even peninsula supports are taking on dramatic new contours and patterns as a part of this trend.

At Kitchen Pro Cabinetry, our design team can assist you in offering endless ideas for integrating our high-quality, affordable RTA kitchen cabinets into your exciting kitchen remodel. We’d love to hear more about your upcoming project. please contact us today.

Online Kitchen Cabinets That Will Fit Your Design Style and Your Budget

Today there are many very good reasons to think about updating your kitchen. We all know that it can be one of the best ways to increase the value of your home.  It can also be an expensive undertaking.  When trying to find ways to create your dream kitchen, while staying within budget, inexpensive, unassembled kitchen cabinets can give you great “bang for your buck”.

With so many styles and colors of kitchen cabinets to choose from, you are sure to find that perfect match for the design plan you are creating.

An Asian Influence

This style promises to bring balance, harmony and peace to your kitchen and home. Using elements found in nature like stone and water, the asian-inspired kitchen can be a sanctuary of calm.  With a simple, clean design our Shaker Espresso or the Shaker White cabinet would lend themselves particularly well to this design style.

The Rustic Cabin Feel

This style reminds us of the rustic mountain ski lodge with it’s warm and cozy feel.  The use of natural wood and stone features remind us of a time when people often built their own homes by hand.  In keeping with that homemade feeling, our Shaker Maple or Shaker Cinnamon cabinets can be an excellent choice.

Classic French Country Kitchen

This design reminds us of flowers in a vase, warm, fresh-baked bread and delicious soups bubbling on the stove.  A distressed or worn look is common in this style.  Think about antique touches throughout and the colors of nature as your palette.  This is a kitchen where you can find a comfy easy chair and a relaxed family space.  Imagine a big bowl of French Onion Soup and look at our French Antique cabinets and you are instantly transported to Paris!

Kitchen Pro’s design services are available to you from the comfort of your own kitchen.  Online Kitchen Cabinets are a great choice for the homeowner who wants to add value and ambience to their kitchen living space and also save money.  When you are ready to move your vision into reality, contact us!

Free Kitchen Design Service for the New Year

If your kitchen looks stuck in the 1980s, perhaps it’s time to think about a facelift. Kitchen renovations add the most value to a home, and as it’s the single most-used room in the house, an upgrade can really enhance living satisfaction.

The number-one kitchen trend for 2013 is updated kitchen cabinets. An interesting variation on this trend is to mix colors of cabinets. With the choices available, consumers are no longer stuck with one flat tone. A variety of shades, skillfully mixed, can immediately update the look of your kitchen. This is especially effective combined with vintage furniture and old posters or wall decorations. What’s very old is new again!

Natural finishes in cabinetry, flooring and countertops are on the rise in a reinterpretation of the country look, with a clean, simplified design. Open floor plans that invite socializing in the kitchen are also popular. Convenience and easy access to storage rank high on the list of desired results of a kitchen makeover.

All that’s great, but on a limited budget, how much can you do? Plenty, as it turns out. Purchasing all-wood, ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets from Kitchen Pro Cabinetry, Inc., can make your dream renovation a reality. With our wholesale price, you will save thousands of dollars compared to buying from a retail outlet.

And since we want to make sure you’re completely happy with your purchase, we offer a free design service by a professional designer who will work with you personally on your project. Our designer will create a three-dimensional rendering of your new kitchen so you can see exactly what it will look like before you make a final decision. Then we provide an itemized quote that includes everything you need to install your new cabinets. Squeamish about doing your own installation? No need to be, given our step-by-step assembly process. As a matter of fact, we’re so confident you’ll love your new kitchen that we offer a lifetime warranty on our cabinets.

So start the new year off right with a new kitchen at an affordable price. Contact us today.

Incorporate Online Kitchen Cabinets Into The Latest Kitchen Design trends

News of kitchen design trends comes from LivingKitchen 2013, an international kitchen show held in January in Cologne, Germany. Key trends involve open-plan designs, energy efficiency, and intelligent appliances.

Open-plan Kitchens

The further unification of cooking and living is evident in many of the latest kitchen designs. Ever more seamless transitions between the kitchen and the living area are popular. This is evident in cabinetry that blends with overall interior home design. Lighting, especially LED lighting, is being utilized to carry the mood across cooking and living spaces.

Ease Of Use

A consideration of work flow is essential in many business environments; why not be attentive to work flow in the kitchen? Easy-to-read displays facilitate the multi-tasking that is often essential in busy lives. Appliances that work with ease and those that are easy to clean continue to gain favor.

Energy Efficiency

Sustainable, energy efficient kitchen elements are demanded by many. Energy efficient refrigerators help reduce the significant percentage of household energy often consumed by this one appliance.
LED lamps not only use 50-90 percent less electricity than comparable incandescents and fluorescents, they are amazingly versatile in creating accent, mood, and spot lighting.
The right ‘white light’ LEDs also render truer colors, a valuable feature in cooking. Such lights that better approximate sunlight make it easier and more enjoyable to accomplish kitchen tasks.

Is Your Appliance Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?

Appliance manufacturers will continue to exploit the potential of wi-fi and cloud-based communication. Appliances that can be controlled by smartphones and tablets will become ever more ubiquitous.

Furthermore, cooking and shopping functions will be more fully integrated into this evolving partnership between kitchen appliances, the Internet, and mobile devices. This is an exciting trend indeed.

Ease Of Use

A consideration of work flow is essential in many business environments; why not be attentive to work flow in the kitchen? Easy-to-read displays facilitate the multi-tasking that is often essential in busy lives. Appliances that work with ease and those that are easy to clean continue to gain favor.


Bold, snappy colors reign, but so do earth tones. The key is to be decisive – carry out a consistent theme for truly harmonious results. The more that your kitchen design elements are integrated, the clearer your design statement will be.

We welcome the opportunity to learn of your kitchen remodel needs. Our fine selection of online kitchen cabinets can both enhance the final look of your project while keeping it within budget. For assistance, please contact us!

House Flippers — Re-imagine Your Kitchens with RTA Kitchen Cabinets

House flipping didn’t go away; it just took a short vacation for a few years to get its bearings again.  But with house flipping making a modest comeback, it’s time to step up the game and put more thought into the kitchen renovation.

The bottom line is contractor grade cabinets aren’t getting it any more.  They’re boring and unimaginative and most of all don’t get people excited to buy that home.  Kitchens and bathrooms are the rooms in the house that have to be dressed up to make your property more desirable than the guy down the street.

If you want to make an impression and move that house without the cost of custom cabinets, check out Kitchen Pro Cabinetry.  Kitchen Pro Cabinetry is the leader in RTA kitchen cabinets (Ready to Assemble) with several colors and styles to choose from.  From white to cherry colors, you’re sure to find a cabinet to fit your needs.  Not sure where to start.  With Kitchen Pro Cabinetry, with some measurements from you and a style, Kitchen Pro Cabinetry can design your new kitchen for free.

RTA Cabinets are solid plywood boxes with the same joinery used as custom cabinets including under mount soft-close drawer glides, dovetail drawer boxes, solid wood frames, full-overlay doors and drawer fronts. What you are not paying for and saving with is assembly.  But putting together your RTA cabinets is nothing more extreme than putting together a six piece puzzle using some glue, an air nailer and a screw driver.  If you’ve put your investment property back together with minimal help, this should be a breeze.

Dress up your next investment property and increase your returns with a new kitchen from Kitchen Pro Cabinets.  Contact us today to start your free design and cabinet selection.

Combine Inexpensive Cabinets with New Countertops for a Quick Kitchen Remodel

Watch any show on a home improvement channel and you’ll likely hear something about remodeling a kitchen.  The kitchen is the heart of the home where families gather, so it is common for homeowners to want to update this room frequently. The price of custom cabinets can scare many people away.  Choosing inexpensive cabinets and dressing them up with a great countertop is a budget-friendly way to get a great looking kitchen.

Granite countertops are the most popular material for kitchen counters these days and for good reason.  These natural stone counters come in huge slabs that usually don’t require any seams.  They come in a variety of colors, and once sealed they are stain resistant.

Many homeowners are trying out concrete countertops.  At one time these were messy and time consuming to install, but now they are made, cured, and sealed off-site.  They can be carried in and installed very quickly.  You can even add color to the concrete to customize the look.

Solid surface countertops have lessened in popularity, but this material has many advantages.  They are very resistant to scratches and stains, but after time if you find a few blemishes, they can be sanded and filled to look like new.

Wood counters are also a rarity these days, and require more maintenance than many options, but dedicated bakers or chefs sometimes prefer these types of countertops.  A hardwood counter can be an ideal place to roll out some pie dough or chop some vegetables for a pot of soup.

If looking for the least expensive option, laminate countertops are probably the way to go.  There are many colors and patterns to choose from, and laminates will hold up for many years.

Remodeling a kitchen doesn’t have to break the bank.  Contact us to start designing your new kitchen.