Kitchen Pro Cabinetry: Designing Your Kitchen Focal Point

Never believe an inspiring kitchen design is everything that it seems to be, unless it enhances your lifestyle and your comfort. Trendy styles that you see in the magazines may not be fit for you; and you may even end up creating a better version of your own through Kitchen Pro Cabinetry’s website. When you use the state of the art and design software, you are able to see your plan in 3D. Since we are discussing the kitchen, the room in which you will be preparing your meals, and spending valuable time in, you may want to focus your attention to the cabinets.

Cabinets are the focal point of any kitchen. Though kitchen cabinets are great for storing non-perishable foods and related kitchen artifacts; they are also considered your furniture; so they should be built to last long, and designed to your personal style. When you design your kitchen with high quality cabinets, whether they be  All Wood, RTA, Ready to Assemble Kitchen Cabinets or installed by a professional, stay loyal to your vision and keep up-grading possibilities in mind for future purposes. You never know when and if you may want to remove or add kitchen cabinets (or appliances) to create more space or have more storage.

Let Kitchen Pro Cabinetry help you can turn your vision into an inspired kitchen that works. Choose a modern, traditional, or a transitional look (of any color) that fits your ideal kitchen. You will ready to choose your kitchen cabinets once you feel and view your free door sample. If you are having trouble getting started, contact us.

Unique Kitchen Island Ideas

Kitchen Island is a great way to add style and storage to your kitchen. We’ve all seen the traditional island, possibly with a sink, in the middle of the kitchen. Did you know there are ways to increase the overall functionality and decor of your kitchen by having an island installed? Here are a few not-so-traditional ideas for your new kitchen island if you’re looking to remodel.

Use the island as a dining room table, or use a dining room table as your island! Either way, if your kitchen is too small for a dining area you can make one by having the island pull double duty, that acts as a food preparation area as well as a place for your family and friends to sit and eat; even by adding wheels so that it can be moved when needed. A multi-tiered island can provide a breakfast nook type of area to your kitchen if one is not available. Choose some unique barstools to top off the look, or create an interesting (and surprising) focal point by using an antique table as an island, showing that it’s possible to create a kitchen that’s out-of-the- norm and chic. You might think that you don’t have space in your home to install a mini bar. Think again! Turn an island into a mini bar, saving you from having to spend money on more expensive room add-ons. Have lighting, liquor and wine racks as well as a mini fridge installed in the island to create a fully functional mini bar. Since it’s already in the kitchen, you eliminate the worries of having to transport glassware for cleaning.

When you explore different ideas you will find the perfect kitchen island design for you. If you love traditional, that’s fine, but if you’re like me, and you want something different, think outside the box. There are tons of reasons to have an island installed in your kitchen; just think of the counter space, storage, and decor possibilities! Contact us today and let Kitchen Pro Cabinetry help you pick the perfect cabinet style for your kitchen today.

New In Stock Kitchen Cabinets May Be Key to Preparing Your Home for Sale

If you’re trying to sell your home at a good value, you might need to renovate your kitchen cabinets.  They may be worn out or outdated, warped with moisture buildup or discolored and scratched from years of use; as a result, your kitchen looks more drab and less attractive to prospective buyers.

Luckily, you can purchase in stock kitchen cabinets at a decent price and have them shipped to you quickly.  After straightforward assembly, they’ll be ready to install in your kitchen.  Saving time and money, you can transform your kitchen so that it appears inviting and fresh.  The cabinets you’d order from us are solid wood, free of the particle board and other inferior materials that cheapen the look of your kitchen and more readily fall apart.

In addition to redoing your cabinetry, how else can you prepare your kitchen for an open house?

  • De-clutter it.  Prospective buyers don’t want to see a kitchen that looks messy and crowded, the countertops littered with objects.  With newer, more      efficiently spaced cabinets, you can better organize your belongings, though you don’t want your cabinets to be stuffed to the brim either.
  • Organize cabinets and drawers.  Make sure that prospective buyers can still get a sense of the space and depth of each cabinet, by making sure the cabinets aren’t overstuffed and that the items in storage all appear accessible.  With drawers you could use dividers and other means of organization to make everything look neat.
  • Banish lingering odors.  Strong odors in the kitchen can be neutralized in      various ways.  Make sure all the appliances and countertops are spotless and free of grease and food particles.  Use scented trashbags. Also, try burning some scented candles.  Air fresheners may also work.
  • Fix any plumbing issues.  If the tap in the kitchen sink is constantly dripping or there’s water pooling under the fridge, perspective buyers will be turned off.
  • Add some aesthetic touches.  Fresh, clean curtains framing the windows, a clean tablecloth, or a kitchen island sporting an artistic bowl of fruit could all add to the picture of a pretty home.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for further advice on how to spruce up your kitchen and make it look better for prospective buyers.  And as you wait for a buyer to purchase your home, you’ll also be able to enjoy your beautiful kitchen with its new look.

Don’t Forget Designer Knobs and Handles with Your Unassembled Cabinets

The smallest details make the biggest impact.  Cabinet knobs and handle really make cabinets stand out.  Making that decision isn’t just about function.  It’s about style and design.  Learn how to find the best knob or handle to go with your Unassembled Cabinets.

Cabinet knobs are circular, square, or triangle accessories that require one hole, one screw and the chosen knob to install.  Knobs are available in two ways:  hollow and solid.  Hollow knobs are lightweight knobs that are hollow inside it.  Solid knobs are a chunk of metal that is shaped into a knob.  It’s heavier and more expensive than hollow ones.  This common accessory brings out the elegance and class in your kitchen and bathroom making it look cleaner.

Cabinet handles are accessories that require two holes, two screws and two knobs to install.  Installing handles requires measurement and accuracy.  There are handle bars, cup pulls, ring pulls, drop pulls and pendant pulls available.  Handles bring a modern and contemporary touch to every kitchen and bathroom.

Plain ones focus your eyes on the rest of the kitchen as it blends into the background.  Bold ones stand out from the crowd and take the kitchen to another level.  In terms of choosing the right knob or handle, choose one that is versatile.  These knobs and handles will match any décor no matter how much you change your kitchen.  Get both handles and knobs in your kitchen.  Mix and match designs to truly make it unique.  You can also try painting knobs and handles with your favorite paint color or going to antique shops and flea markets for unique accessories.

Creating a custom knob or handle is another great idea.  This is great for having that one-of-a-kind accessory that isn’t found anywhere else.  Have one with your initials, create a design from pictures, or get one inspired by your personal flair.  Get those creative juices going.

Knobs and pulls are an important component of the cabinet.  The detail will change the way you see your kitchen.  It’s another part of why you will love the way it looks.  Contact us for more information about knobs, pulls and cabinetry.

All Wood, RTA, Ready to Assemble Kitchen Cabinets: Part of Giving Your Kitchen a New Shine

Recently, published an article called “Magnificent Kitchen Makeovers” that featured three renovated kitchens – one from a city apartment, and two from houses in smaller towns.  The before and after photos in the article can serve as an inspiration for people who want to renovate their kitchen. Regardless of whether you want to your kitchen to appear more old-fashioned and traditional or to have a more modern appearance, renovating it can be necessary for improved its aesthetics and functionality.

What are some of the qualities that jump out at you when you look at the photos?

Lustrous surfaces

In the ‘before’ photos, the kitchens tend to have a flat and drab look.  The surfaces of the cabinets, countertops, and floor are dull.  In contrast, the ‘after’ photos show kitchens that gleam.

  • The countertops are made of marble, quartz, or granite.
  • The cabinets show richness and luster and look as if they’re made of durable materials.  In the last pair of photos, for instance, they’re cherry; they have a rich, dark color.  The choice of cabinetry color and wood makes a huge difference in how your kitchen will look; when you purchase all wood, RTA (Ready to Assemble) kitchen cabinets, you’ll have a variety of wood types and colors to choose from, including creamy vanilla-glazed maple and rich macchiato.  When made of high-quality materials, all of them will have luster.
  • The floors are wood, polished and refinished if necessary.

More light

Whether it’s natural light or artificial light, the renovated kitchens have more of it; furthermore, the light is gentle, not harsh, and the lights are chosen for optimal reflection off of the different kitchen surfaces.  For example, the first kitchen doesn’t have broad windows bringing in a lot of natural light, so the room is brightened up by the addition of small, well-placed interior lights.

Little details that can make a difference

Even something as small as changing the handles on a cabinet door, or adding a few ornamental vases or glasses to a countertop, can make a huge difference in how the kitchen looks overall.

If you’re considering renovating your kitchen, you’ll have to account for a number of details, large and small, to achieve the best possible results.  Contact us for a free kitchen design consultation, where we can work together to craft a lustrous, lovely kitchen.

From Unassembled Kitchen Cabinets to 2013 Kitchen Trends

With Kitchen Pro cabinets, it’s easy to keep your kitchen stylish and welcoming with up-to-date, beautiful cabinets.  Our Unassembled Kitchen Cabinets are easy to install, which makes keeping up with modern kitchen style an easy task.  If you are thinking about updating your kitchen, here are a few trends to keep in mind for 2013.

High Contrast: Light and Dark

2013 is all about high contrast and the play between light and dark.  Dark cabinets are accented with white kitchen walls or white tile backsplashes.  Or conversely, white cabinets can bring a fresh touch to a kitchen accented with a black countertop.  Don’t be afraid to make a bold statement in high contrast – 2013 is about playing with lights and darks.

Mellow Palette: Gray and Yellow

If high contrast isn’t your style, don’t worry.  Mellow palettes are also a beautiful option.  For 2013, gray has been a popular choice for its warm, mild tones and its ability to complement almost any color.  Try pairing gray with yellow for a lovely, mellow play between light and dark accents.

Timeless Neutrals

Neutral color schemes are another popular option for 2013 kitchens.  Neutrals such as brown and cream are timeless options that will work with almost any style.  If you want a classic look that’s at the same time modern and natural, neutrals are a great option.

Keep it Clean and Spacious

No matter which color scheme you choose, 2013 style is all about clean lines and open spaces.  When possible, choose an open plan and reduce clutter in the kitchen.  Big light fixtures are popular this year, and will lend brightness and a sense of openness to the kitchen.

Please visit our website to see all of our beautiful kitchen and cabinetry options.  If you are redesigning your kitchen, consider making use of our free kitchen design service to design the kitchen of your dreams at an affordable price.  Have a question or want to set up an appointment?  Please contact us.  We would love to hear from you!

Transform your Kitchen for National Culinary Arts Month with Unassembled Kitchen Cabinets

Did you know that July is National Culinary Arts Month? While many organizations and groups are sponsoring classes and events in celebration of the fine art of cooking this month, we thought it might be a great time to consider supporting your own culinary endeavors by transforming your kitchen into a place where you will love to spend more time and be proud to showcase your successful creations.

Now, we’re well aware that kitchen makeovers can start as dreams and end up looking more like nightmares. This is one of the reasons why we provide a free kitchen design service. With our professional assistance and hundreds of unassembled kitchen cabinets to choose from, you will have the chance to create your dream kitchen with the help of knowledgeable experts who can guide you toward the perfect choices for your particular situation.

As you begin thinking about what you need in your kitchen transformation, here are some helpful questions you can ask yourself.

  1. What’s not working in your kitchen right now?
  2. Do you have enough work space in your kitchen?
  3. Is cooking something you do by yourself, or do you enjoy sharing the work with family members and friends? How might the answer to this question influence what you want and need in a kitchen space?
  4. Does your kitchen space “flow” when you work in it, or do you feel like you’re always going back and forth across the kitchen because things aren’t in the “right place”?
  5. Do you have enough space to store everything in your kitchen, or do you need additional kitchen cabinets?
  6. Do you need help in organizing things in your kitchen so that you can find them?
  7. Is there an appliance or  special gadget that you’ve always wanted in order to create those perfect culinary masterpieces?
  8. Think back over the past week of cooking in your kitchen. What did you like most, and what did you like least, about cooking in your kitchen?

Once you’ve answered these questions, contact us and let’s discuss how we can help transform your kitchen for National Culinary Arts Month.

A Kitchen Island and Other Design Features in Celebrity Homes

Recently, Yahoo!Homes posted a slideshow of celebrity kitchens, showing off the beautiful design choices of an assortment of famous people.  Although these kitchens are located in luxury homes usually worth millions of dollars, they can still serve as a design inspiration; their features can be recreated in a wide variety of homes at far less expense, but with similar aesthetic effect and functional convenience.

What are some recurring features in these celebrity kitchens?

Kitchen island.  Most of the kitchens in the slideshow have an island, and for good reason.  The island is the beautiful centerpiece of the kitchen and serves multiple purposes.  In Sarah Jessica Parker’s and Matthew Broderick’s home, for example, the island holds some of the key kitchen appliances, while also providing a sleek, broad surface for food preparation and for eating; family and friends can stand around it, talk and nosh.  Islands also add to the kitchen’s storage space, as they contain cabinets and drawers.  A few artful items, such as an artistic bowl of fruit or a vase with flowers, can also be displayed at the center of the island, adding charm to the kitchen.

Cabinetry in lighter colors.  In many of the homes, the cabinetry is in shades of white or other light colors; some of the cabinets also have glass doors.  Lighter colors produce the effect of brightening the room and making it seem more spacious.  Furthermore, the cabinets with glass doors can also reflect light, along with showing off their interior depth and displaying lovely dishes, mugs, and glassware; you wouldn’t have to make all of them out of glass – one or two glass doors can be enough to give your room a luxurious touch.  If you want some darker colors in your kitchen, get some inspiration from Amanda Seyfried’s home, which combines white cabinetry with a glossy dark floor.

Communal and social considerations.  The kitchen doesn’t just serve as a place to prepare food; it’s also a place for family and friends to congregate.  The way many of these celebrity kitchens are designed, they are open to other rooms in the house, and they often have space for multiple people to walk or stand (and, with an island, a place in the room to gather around).  Even if your kitchen is relatively small, with the right layout and choice of cabinetry you can create more space for people to gather, so that your kitchen becomes more of a social hub.

Simplicity and lack of clutter.  In many of the celebrity homes, the appearance of the kitchen is sleek and modern, even though some of the cabinets may have an antique touch; well-designed cabinets, in fact, are essential to giving your kitchen more efficient storage space and making it appear neater.  However, what’s most important is that you pick something in accordance to your personal style that will make you happy.  In her kitchen, for example, Diane Keaton got very playful with bright colors, using vibrant, multi-colored tiles and displaying dishes with hues spanning the rainbow.

Your kitchen can also look stunning, but at an affordable price, provided you turn to experts for advice on kitchen islands, cabinetry, and other design features.  Contact us as the first free step to obtaining a kitchen inspired by these popular celebrity design choices.

Increase Your Home’s Value with Inexpensive Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are of one of the most important esthetic features of a home’s appeal and value. New cabinets increase the home’s value greatly as well as increases the homes appeal when going to sell.  Homeowners looking to get as much bang for their buck should look to inexpensive cabinets from Kitchen Pro Cabinetry to fulfill their needs.

Inexpensive Cabinets don’t have to be plain and boring prebuilt cabinets found at most big box home improvement retailers.  Online retailers like Kitchen Pro Cabinetry offer lines of ready-to-assemble cabinets in many colors, styles and sizes that are just as impressive as custom cabinets that cost thousands more. By using inexpensive cabinets and lowering your overall renovation costs you will enjoy greater equity in your home and a larger dollar-for-dollar return on your investment.

Ready-to-assemble cabinets are a value to customers due and are sold inexpensively because the producer does not have to pay labor costs for assembly and shipping costs are much lower from the condensed packaging. Consumers with little or no construction experience will easily be able to follow the detailed instructions and assemble the cabinets themselves.  This not only saves them the enormous cost of hiring a contractor but they can assure the cabinets were assembled with care.

Homeowners who purchase inexpensive cabinets from Kitchen Pro Cabinetry, assemble the cabinets as well as install the cabinets themselves with reap a greater home value increase per investment then anyone.  The online kitchen design tool allows customers to create a detailed kitchen and cabinet sizes easily.  Most owners looking to simply replace their current cabinets can purchase the same size cabinets in new styles simply taking down and install the new in its place. The increase equity and value will be worth the little effort it takes to take on your own kitchen cabinet replacement with the help of Kitchen Pro Cabinetry.

For more info please contact us.

Looking for Inexpensive, Quality Cabinets for your Kitchen?

Inexpensive, quality cabinets are a dream come true thanks to the professionals at Kitchen Pro Cabinetry. If you’re in the process of renovating your kitchen than check out our complete inventory; our prices and wide selection will make you glad you did!

We specialize in high-quality, all wood cabinets that we offer at wholesale prices which means you can get them for up to 40% off the normal, retail price. Our selection includes cabinet doors in beech, oak, maple and cherry (to name just a few of the wood types available). Cabinets can also be purchased in a variety of glazes and finishes including; antique, country, French glaze, white, macchiato, cream and black that are designed to match any kitchen theme and decor from classic to contemporary.

Our cabinets are elegantly constructed of solid wood and made with the highest-quality materials available. In addition they’re easy to assemble thanks to clear instructions and tutorials available on our website.

if you’re still in the design process for your kitchen than please check out our free kitchen design service! We want to help you decide the best remodeling tools for your kitchen and assist you in customizing the space to meet all your preferences and needs. Our experts will help you maximize the space available to you and assist you in choosing your layout – visit our website for more information about this service.

Contact us for a free, no obligation cabinet sample for your new kitchen. We look forward to helping you find the perfect finishing touch!