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What Are The Different Types Of Wood Cabinets?

You have a few options when it comes to wood cabinets. You can get oak, maple, cherry wood, pine, hickory or birch. Oak cabinets are light to medium in tone. They are very grainy and you can get them in white, yellow and red. They vary from cool to warm in these colors. Oak is also the most durable. Maple is popular for people who have hardwood floors and cabinets. Cherry cabinets are elegant. Pine, hickory and birch are nice too.

Should I Consider Wood Kitchen Cabinets If I Have Hardwood Floors?

If you have hardwood floors chances are you’ll want wood kitchen cabinets. Wood is durable and will last you a very long time. Also, wood cabinets never really go out of style. Wood cabinets are timeless. When deciding on wood kitchen cabinets consider maple, cherry wood or oak. Cherry wood will give your kitchen a very elegant look. The price will definitely reflect the elegance of the cabinets. The grain in cherry wood is pronounced. It is a high-end wood used to make upscale furniture.

A Vanity Isn’t Just For Vain People

Believe it or not purchasing a vanity isn’t just about looking in the mirror. It’s about setting the tone and look of the room. In a bathroom a great vanity can really make a statement about the entire room. It can be a striking focal point. It is a wise investment to put a little more money into a vanity because it’s something you and your guests will be drawn to whenever they enter the bathroom. A vanity can also set the tone of a bedroom. If you are going to be getting ready in front of it every day it should be nice.
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