Shopping For Wholesale Cabinets

It is widely understood that wholesale cabinets are easier on the pocketbook than buying retail, but not everybody can differentiate this cabinet from the next one. There are differences though, between the various ready-to-assemble cabinets.  It seems that with every experienced client at assembling installing their own cabinets, there are even more who have horror stories that can vary from just purchasing from the wrong supplier to actually purchasing the wrong wholesale kitchen cabinets.  If you know what you are looking for, we ensure that your experience is a good one. 

How to Differentiate Wholsale Kitchen Cabinets

Whether or not the door is made of real wood is a common thing to consider, although it is more important to know what the rest of the cabinet box is made of.  All of the cabinets you research should have solid wood doors and face frames.  It is the materials used for the construction of the cabinets are the most important selling point when it comes to custom, stock, or RTA cabinets. Plywood, fiberboard, particle board, MDF, and solid wood are the most common materials for cabinet boxes.  Anything else besides plywood should cause you to question the quality. Cabinet boxes are much more important, the side and back panels and shelves as they are what really need to stand the test of time. 


What is a Quality Kitchen Cabinet Really Made of?

As we said before, plywood or solid wood will provide the strongest cabinet box. There are several problems that may occur if you buy a kitchen cabinet that uses particle board or fiberboard with a veneer cover. If the material gets wet, as a kitchen cabinet often does, fiberboard and particle board swell and/or buckle.  Both materials also have a tendency to break or split around screws and nails. Screws will have a tendency to lose their grip because the material is made of shredded wood or even paper, neither of which have the solid mass of a plywood or solid wood material. For a strong, long lasting cabinet, make sure that the cabinet box is made of plywood or solid wood.


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