Things you Should Know About Kitchen Cabinets

With more than 7 million homeowners remodeling their kitchens this year, there’s lots of attention paid to kitchen construction. New kitchen cabinets can convert a dated, cluttered kitchen into a pleasant, organized, useful space. These days, cabinets are available in a dizzying array of finishes and options at many different price points. Be smart about your choices: Here are some helpful hints about cabinet makeovers.

You Can Buy Your Kitchen Cabinets Online, in Stores, or Have Them Custom Made

No matter where you purchase your cabinets, look for products certified by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association, which are subjected to tests that replicate years of normal kitchen abuse. Certified cabinets survive exposure to humidity, temperatures ranging from –5 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, and spills of common kitchen fluids like vinegar, lemon, fruit juices, ketchup, and coffee without showing signs of blistering, discoloration, or other damage.
Stock and semicustom cabinets are the most popular types on the market. Stock kitchen cabinets are most popular because of their low price, quick delivery, and increasing accessory options like furniture feet and full-extension glides. Semicustom models offer a larger range of sizes, finishes, and styles. Custom cabinets are the most expensive; they also take the longest time before they are ready to install. 

Features to Look for in Stock Kitchen Cabinets or Semi Customs.

Today's cabinets include useful options such as full extension roll-out shelves so you can see what’s buried in the back. Large drawers in base cabinets can hold pots, pans, and dry goods; they can also be used to store pull-out recycling bins. Built-in open-storage systems like wine racks and china displays look sophisticated and are convenient when entertaining. Many highly optioned cabinets can be purchased from companies that sell kitchen cabinets online, and these companies often have a design feature where you can mix and match features to get the exact kitchen you desire.


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