Oak Cabinets Are Easy To Keep Clean

While greasy and dirt definitely shows up on oak cabinets they are easy to clean. You will definitely have to watch your kids sticky fingers and the grease that builds up when you cook in your kitchen, but to clean oak cabinets you just need a towel and some cleaning products. You basically just want to go over the cabinets once a week to remove any excess grease or stains that have occurred that week. As long as you do that once a week you should have nice looking cabinets.

Maple Cabinets Give Your Home A Warm All Over Feeling

Maple cabinets are known for their warmth, durability and timelessness. Oak and maple are the chosen cabinets of most home owners because they are made so well and because they never go out of style. It’s easier to sell a house with maple cabinets in its kitchen than it is with other types of cabinets. They also lend a warm hand to the kitchen that draws people to it. If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen you want to feel that comfort and warmth that maple offers.

Stock Cabinets Come Ready To Order

The great thing about stock cabinets is you don’t have to wait around for months for them to be put together. Custom cabinets take months and months to assemble because they are custom made and do not come ready to order. Stock cabinets granted are made in bulk but they are still really nice cabinets that will last you a really long time. You just get them faster and they aren’t as original as custom but they also aren’t anywhere near as expensive as custom cabinets.
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