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What Should I Know About Stock Cabinets?

Most people would agree that cabinets can take up about fifty percent of your budget when putting together your kitchen. That’s a big percent. However, there are ways to buy cabinets that are inexpensive without buying cheaply made cabinets. One way to do that is by buying stock cabinets. On a budget there are three different kinds of cabinets you can get: stock, semi-stock and custom. You want to take into consideration construction, wood type, finish and the quality of the drawer.

What’s Better For My Home Oak Cabinets Or Maple?

Believe it or not they are about the same quality. Oak and Maple are probably hands down the two most popular cabinets out there. They are durable, well made, always look nice, will last you forever and they never go out of style. That means, that your oak cabinets or maple will never look dated, making your house easier to sell. Maple is naturally lighter than oak and has a more elegant hardwood look. Oak provides a more traditional look. In the end it’s a matter of taste.

I’m Stressing Out About Buying My First Kitchen Cabinet?

It’s natural when you are spending money on something that you plan to have for a very long time to stress out about it. People stress more sometimes about the decisions they make for their houses than the ones they make for their family. Buying your first kitchen cabinet can be daunting. There are a lot of things to consider. The main thing to consider is the tone you want to set. If you are someone who spends a lot of time in her kitchen you want cabinets that reflect that. You can never go wrong with wood cabinets. They will give your kitchen a warm, elegant, timeless look.

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