Designing a Warm Cherry Kitchen

Wood is an amazing decorating tool. With different woods, a kitchen can be made elegant or country chic, warm and bright or cool and calming. If you are looking for a way to brighten your kitchen and give it a warm welcoming glow, cherry wood cabinets should be on your list. Cherry is a premium American hardwood chosen for its natural luster, attractive grain, and rich, warm glow. Cherry is a native North American wood and can be harvested using sustainable forest practices. The wood from a cherry tree has a consistently high quality of grain, color, and width. Cherry will naturally darken from a light golden tone, to a rich red-brown. The final red glow is what makes cherry a popular choice for adding warmth to a space.

Red Maple Cabinets as a Substitute for Cherry

Red maple is also known as soft, water, scarlet, white, and swamp maple. It is also a sustainable American wood. Maple is used in making furniture because it has a beautiful grain and because it is a very hard and durable wood. Maple is often used without stain and just a sealer coat to make furniture like chairs, cabinets and tables. Maple furniture can also be stained so as to look very similar to cherry in appearance. Red maple cabinets are another good choice to bring warmth and glow to your kitchen without the higher cost of a cherry kitchen.

Consider Red Maple or Cherry When you Order Kitchen Cabinets Online

Both Red Maple and Cherry are commonly used woods and should be easy to find in web stores if you plan to order kitchen cabinets online. You can bring light and warmth to your kitchen, even if it is a small or dark space, by choosing warm reddish woods in light or natural stains.



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