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Kitchen Cabinets: When You Aren’t Great At Decorating

When people don’t feel they have a great decorating eye they tend to over think the kitchen cabinets they want to purchase. Understandably, if you aren’t confident in your decorating abilities you don’t want to shell out a town of money and make a monumental mistake. Therefore, it makes sense that you would be cautious about buying. Don’t be too cautious. There are ways to get around making bad decorating decisions. Home and garden magazines have great suggestions to help you chose the kitchen, bath or bedroom of your dreams.


Cherry Kitchen: Going With Cherry Instead Of Maple

You really cannot go wrong with wood cabinets. Wood cabinets are durable, oak and maple have great knots, grain that natural sunlight hits just right and it can really make an entire room shine. Wood is considered timeless. A cherry kitchen gives a kitchen and the rooms surrounding it a little more warmth than oak or maple. It has a log cabin feel and makes everything around it feel cozy. It’s also a beautiful wood that has a certain kind of elegance to it.

Maple Cabinets: Why Not Oak?

Maple cabinets and oak are actually very similar. They are both durable, timeless woods. Maple and oak are the preferred cabinets of most home buyers. They reason is because they withstand the test of time and they really give a kitchen a very elegant, finished look. They are also relatively easy to keep clean and they are made of durable wood. Choosing between oak and maple isn’t really about quality. You won’t go wrong with either choice. It’s really just about personal taste. How the wood looks and feels to you and which one you prefer to look at each and every day.
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