Kitchen Design: Letting Your Husband Contribute

A kitchen design isn’t always something that you want too many opinions weighing in on. However, if your husband wants to contribute let him. If he really has no idea what he’s doing then you need to have a real conversation with him that lets him know they kitchen of your dreams will look terrible if you go with the choices he’s made. A great way to ensure that he makes the right choice and that he feels like he’s been a part of the process is to show him a few samples and have him help pick from those samples.

Maple Cabinets: Sharing Your Kitchen With Good Friends

The best thing about maple cabinets is how they make the kitchen of your dreams look. If you are a girl’s girl then having friends over for dinner and wine and swapping stories about work or men is important to you. You want them to feel comfortable sitting in your kitchen talking about their days, their husbands, their children and your kitchen. Some people just have that knack for interior design and they know how to make their home feel like the entertainment capital of the world.

Vanities: Making Space While Making A Statement

Vanities can really bring an entire room together. If you have a bathroom or a bedroom that doesn’t feel complete take a look at a few vanities. They can be the focal point of a room, either pulling a few different looks together or making a statement. Sometimes when you have a painting or a vanity or a piece of furniture that stands out among the rest it really sets the tone for the room. It becomes a conversation piece among guests and relatives who come for a visit. It can really say something about your ability to design a room and best of all a vanity can give you room.
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