Bonfire of the Vanities

I’m sick of fake country and reproduction Victorian bathrooms. I want a clean sleek modern bathroom. I want the bathroom of the future, and I want to arrive there in a flying car. Ok, maybe the flying car is a bit much, but I shouldn’t have to look at faux finished distressed beadboard everytime I brush my teeth. I’m on the lookout for modern lines, modern mirrors, modern vanities and modern lighting.

What Accessories Go Above Modern Vanities?

Looking through websites of modern bathroom design is a little like going to a high fashion show. Everything looks great on the models, but can you actually wear it? I love the flat shallow sinks, but they look as though they’d overflow before you washed all the soap off your face. The same goes for minimalist vanities without enough room for a lipstick, let alone towel storage. I want modern, but shouldn’t the future be practical too? I can’t do my hair in a series of octagonal 3 inch mirror tiles, no matter how hip they look scattered across my suede finish dark blue wall and all that chrome is going get pretty water spotted. If that’s not discouraging enough, when you look at the prices, the future is looking pretty far out of reach. When I think about it, what I really want in the bathroom is a no fuss, easy to clean, simple look, and the main focus of that is the sink, counters and cabinets.

 Bring an Inexpensive RTA Cabinet into the Future

Resisting the call of the one inch deep sink, I choose a round inset sink and surround it with cool silvery grey tiles. For storage I find an rta cabinet and replace the doors with semi transparent plastic. To avoid needing handles, the cabinets I’m using make use of push-to-release opening hardware. I’m still working on it, but every morning I feel that much closer to my flying car.
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