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Cleaning Your All Wood Kitchen Cabinets

If you are lucky enough to have all wood kitchen cabinets in your kitchen place, it’s never a bad time to review tips for cleaning and care. Always remember to read information from your user’s manual but here are some general care tips for owners to keep in mind. For spot cleaning, it is important to use a soft, damp cloth. Using an abrasive material and harsh cleansers are not appropriate for wood cabinets. Chemicals like ammonia and bleach are some chemicals to avoid when it comes to cleaning as it can damage the finish on your cabinets. Once the exterior is cleaned accordingly, it can be appropriate to apply a quality polish to make your cabinets shine.

Maintenance of Your Bathroom Vanities

The bathroom is a humid place from steam and the shower. It is important to maintain the condition of your bathroom vanities to preserve their beauty and function. Wood vanities run the risk of expanding in a humid environment. To protect against this, you should treat your vanity with a proper finish or topcoat. To avoid water spots and stains, liquids should be blotted away as soon as possible. For some types of wood, you can administer a wax finish which will give it a shiny coat and make it easier to clean any spills. Following these easy tips will help you enjoy your vanity for years to come!

Tips for a New Kitchen Design

After reading about care and maintenance about these furnishings, you might be looking for some bathroom or kitchen design tips. Whether you are taking on a project yourself or hiring contractors, it is a good idea to be involved in the process so that you won’t be surprised with the outcome. If you plan to do-it-yourself, give your self plenty of time and space. Set a budget for your cabinets and time so that you won’t waste time or money. When choosing contractors, it is a good idea to choose people that you have worked with or individuals who are certified and have references. Don’t be afraid to take your time to get organized and good luck!
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