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Dirty kitchen cabinets at your home can be a heath hazard because they become a habitat for cockroaches and rats which harbor and transmit dangerous diseases. Dirty cabinets may also produce filthy smell which can cause respiratory problems to you and your family members. Your cabinets can still be dirty if you consecutively clean them improperly for some period of time; never allow your children to clean the kitchen cabinets because they will expose the whole family to the already stated health hazards if they do it hurriedly or clean them without using the right kitchen cabinets cleaning detergents. You should ensure that your cabinets always look as good as new by doing the following:-
Clean cabinets which are finished with varnish using the one-on-one cleaning method: you only need to wipe these types of kitchen cabinets with a wet piece of cloth to keep them dust free. You can use water and soap occasionally but avoid those detergents which react with or remove wax or varnish because they are likely to discolor them.
Always using non-abrasive cleaners: If your kitchen cabinets have grease stains you should not use the oil soluble detergents because they will also have adverse effects on the surfaces and the beautiful appearance of the cabinets may be lost. Just mix vinegar and water in equal portions because these have no effects on the cabinet’s surfaces and do not leave any residues after cleaning.
If your cabinets have metal parts, clean them by using a dry cloth if they do not have much dirt on them. If however they have a lot of dirt, dilute a mild soap with water, soak a piece of cloth in it and the rinse and squeeze it till it is almost dry and use it to wipe the metal parts. You can warm the water so as to remove any greases; the caution is always to ensure that no moisture builds up in the metal parts of your kitchen cabinets because this can cause rusting.
Do not clean your kitchen cabinets while cleaning your cabinets while they have kitchen utensils stored in them. You should remove all that which is inside them and place it outside the kitchen. Clean the inside parts of the cabinets in a way that no moisture accumulates there in because this can damage them and the utensils stored there in
After cleaning the cabinets, leave the doors open for about thirty minutes before storing any utensils there in. This gives them ample time to dry and for any cleaning detergents smells to evaporate in to the air.
Practice wiping any spots on your cabinets immediately you notice them. Do not wait till the cleaning time; always have a wiping cloth or rag somewhere near the cabinets.
Apart from cleaning you should take all the necessary steps to maintain the beauty of your cabinets and the kitchen generally. You should teach yourself and other family members to pick utensils from the kitchen cabinets and NOT slide them over the surface. Sliding causes friction which fades and scars the surfaces and this gives the cabinets an ugly old-looking appearance.
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