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Increasing the value of your home can be a pretty easy and relatively inexpensive investment that yields you, the home owner major results.

Not only are you making your home nicer, more enjoyable, and better looking, but you are rapidly increasing its value, that otherwise would appreciate only with the current market. By changing just a few choice items on your home, your investment that you made when you bought the house can increase an additional 5, 10 and even 20%!

Some things that you can do to your home will fall under these categories: rebuild, remodel, add on, renovate, and build. Rebuilding is when you take a structure in the home and tear it down to its structure, then rebuild it with usually the foundation or some structure still in place.

Remodeling is when you take an existing feature of the home, and change the surface of it, leaving the main pieces in tact. Adding on is when you actually add a section or structure to the house, or outside of the house. Renovating is similar to remodeling, in that you take a piece of the house and make it more up to date.

Building requires an entire new plan, like an add on, but may actually include a second story, extra guest house, or other large construction project that is simply more than “adding on” something such as a bonus room.

When considering the level of effort and amount of money you want to put into the house, you can either look at is as an investment for your enjoyment, as a way to increase the value of your home, or both.

Some simple ideas to greatly increase the value of your home include painting the exterior, remodeling a bathroom, kitchen, or putting in new, clean and attractive carpet. Curb appeal, how your house looks from the street, can add huge value to a home. Consider fixing up the grounds and exterior surface and see your investment grow!

Other simple ideas include adding bathroom vanities painting the bedrooms, putting down new tile in the bathrooms and having a nice wood kitchen cabinet, changing the fixtures on windows, doors, and lights, and planting a flower garden in an area where weeds once grew.

If you are in for more of a challenge or fun, depending on how you look at home projects, consider changing the den or basement into a recreation room with a pool table, games, or other fun items. Recreation rooms add value. Perhaps you can even add on to the house and create a nice patio or cemented area for patio furniture and a built in barbeque.

If you are feeling really overzealous, consider adding a guest house or detached garage or workstation. Perhaps your community would allow for a second story. If you want, think big and see all the possibilities that exist for your home! Many people buy a house thinking it is what it is, but your home can be changed, updated and made a whole lot better with a little effort and imagination. Put in a pool or spa, or little put-put golf strip on the side of the home.

What is great, is that whatever you do to your home that makes it more appealing or makes it have more amenities will increase its value. So much that refinancing after you do these things would be a wise decision, if of course the benefits outweigh the costs. Speak to an appraiser about just how much you could increase the value of your home. When you refinance, you will be able to see your investment and how it affects the value of the house! Build more equity, pay less interest on your mortgage, and enjoy a new, more enjoyable home!

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