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Becoming a Grown-Up through Kitchen DesignX


Until recently, I've lived in apartments with some of the world's most awful kitchens. The most terrible of terrible kitchens was my kitchen from grad school, which had about 2 feet of standing space, and didn’t even fit a refrigerator. I had my fridge in my living room! Since most of that time was spent feverishly comparing tortoise cholesterol levels for my thesis, I didn’t really worry that much about kitchen design.

The Magic of all Wood Kitchen Cabinets


When the tortoise paper was finally published, and I started an actual paying job (goodbye internships!) I started apartment hunting. When I walked into the kitchen of my current apartment, I heard angels singing, light filled the room and lit up the beautiful all wood kitchen cabinets. Wood cabinets might not seem that exciting, but after six years of pressboard, I felt like I was in the classiest kitchen on earth .

Goodbye Inexpensive Kitchen Cabinets and Peeling Linoleum.


I still haven’t gotten used to my wonderful grown up kitchen. Every morning as I reach for the coffee I expect to find the door handle of the cupboard sitting in my palm because the inexpensive kitchen cabinets are just sawdust and glue and it doesn’t matter how many times I try to rescrew the handle in, it just won’t stay. That doesn’t happen now! Instead, amazingly, the cupboard door opens, and I can make coffee! Even cleaning up is more fun. If I mop the lovely tile floors, they actually look cleaner! Not like the horrible moldy linoleum I had to deal with before. Growing up isn’t so bad. The kitchens are better here.


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