RTA Kitchen Cabinets Pros and Cons

Most people when they hear the phrase “ready-to-assemble” think of unnecessary work and cheap materials. Apply that same phrase to kitchen cabinets and thoughts of college furniture that falls apart in three months fly. Still, over the last few years, Ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets have increased in popularity due to the improvements in manufacturing and their low cost and convenience. Many furniture manufacturers are selling quality cabinets in a ready-to-use form because they are easy to store, ship and are very affordable. Many RTA kitchen cabinets available are made of solid wood constructions, can last a lifetime and increase the value of your home.

Quality RTA Cabinets

These days RTA cabinets have equivalent or surpassed the quality of semi-custom and custom made cabinets. RTA cabinets offer a luxury look at an affordable price. Customers can get richer stains, glazing and high end decorative moldings just like in custom cabinetry. In addition, all of the accessories you can find in custom cabinetry are available in RTA cabinets such as rollout trays, sink tilt-outs, trash rack, etc.

Great Cabinets Prices

RTA cabinets are usually manufactured overseas in a mass production lines which greatly lowers the production costs. Because they are much easier to handle, warehouse and ship, the cost of importing and distributing them decrease dramatically and the savings transfer over to the customers without sacrificing quality.

Fast and Cheap Shipping

The reasons for such low prices are due to the fact that they are very easy to warehouse and ship with less possibility of damage. Since they are not assembled, they are incredibly easy and cheap to ship. They require less packing materials, fitting up to ten times as much as assembled cabinets and have minimal instances of shipping damages. For comparison, a regular 20 feet truck can deliver 3 fully assembled kitchens but over 20 RTA kitchen cabinets. RTA cabinets are available in stock which means that customers receive them faster. Custom and semi-custom cabinets take about four to six weeks to ship. Should a cabinet arrive damaged, customers will have to wait an additional four to six weeks to receive the replaced part. The lead time for RTA cabinets is less than two weeks.


Because RTA cabinets are warehoused, they are always available. They are not built-to-order, which means that the lead time is only for packing and shipping. You can get the kitchen you want in less than two weeks.

Easy to Assemble

Consumers receive easy to follow directions as well as all parts needed for assembly with their cabinets. Most people have all of the tools necessary to assemble their cabinets since all that is needed is a screwdriver and sometimes a hammer. No previous carpentry experience is needed in order to assemble these cabinets.


Because RTA cabinets are not built-to-order and are warehoused, RTA cabinets have more limited style options. There are not as many door styles to choose from like for semi-custom and custom cabinetry. However, finding a style that you like is like winning the lottery, because you get the best of both worlds – the style you like with the quality you dreamt of at a low price you can afford. RTA cabinet companies usually carry the most popular and modern styles in order to satisfy most people’s needs.

Assembly Time

Although the average customer reports saving 30%-50% when buying RTA cabinets over custom or semi-custom cabinets, keep in mind that the novice installer takes an average of ten to twelve minutes per cabinet for assembly. When buying RTA cabinets, please remember to allot three to four hours for cabinet assembly for the average kitchen if this is your first time or two to three hours if you are experienced or have done this before.

Added Value

Kitchen cabinets are a very important factor for the functionality of your kitchen. They provide storage, style and beauty. Designers, consumers and real estate agents alike are putting more emphasis and importance on quality kitchens. New kitchen cabinets can significantly increase the value of your property without emptying your bank account. When remodeling your cabinets, you can also pick and choose which designs and storage options best fit you and your family. Remember the value of a house increases based on the quality and style of the cabinets chosen and not by the amount paid. RTA cabinets have the highest return on investment ratio out of all the products available on the market today.


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