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The First Complete Kitchen Cabinet Glossary

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  • Tall Cabinet
    A cabinet unit that is full height or size, spanning from the floor to the top of wall cabinet.
  • Tambour Door
    See Appliance Garage.
  • Tenon
    The rectangular protruding portion of a piece of wood to fit to a mortise.
  • Thermo Foil
    A plastic coating or vinyl laminate Thermo foil is not as resistant to damage as HPL and cannot be repaired.
  • Toe Kick Area
    The space below base cabinet doors where cabinets are joined. The toe kick area is usually three inches deep and four and a half inches high. It is designed to allow cooks to be closer to the counter without kicking the cabinet doors.
  • Toe Kick Plate
    A long covering plate at the bottom of the cabinet on the toe kick area, usually eight feet long that covers the joints between cabinets.
  • Tongue and Groove
    Boards or planks that have a tongue on one side and a groove on the other to create a joint. These joints are often used in flooring.
  • Traditional
    This kitchen style is very versatile and even timeless. Dark wood stains or all-white designs and elaborate moldings are indicative of a traditional kitchen. Stacked and symmetrical cabinetry with stained and glazed door panels is common. Flooring can be hardwood or checkered black and white. One can change the look without spending too much by updating appliances or using different fabrics or door knobs.
  • Traffic Flow
    The flow of traffic between work stations and guest entrance and exit. It is an important variable when designing a kitchen.
  • Transitional
    A transitional kitchen is a combination of both traditional and contemporary styles. Simple changes such as displaying appliances instead of concealing them or adding fewer moldings to cabinetry can make a kitchen transitional.
  • Trash Pull-Out
    See See Trash Rack.
  • Trash Rack
    A pull-out rack that may come with single or double compartments for trash and recycling. Trash racks are used to conceal trash.
  • Trim
    Materials used for decoration around the edges of an object or structure.