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The First Complete Kitchen Cabinet Glossary

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  • Rabbet
    A piece of wood that has a recessed cut.
  • Rack
    Structure used to hang or hold objects.
  • Rail
    See Drawer Guide.
  • Raised Panel
    Doors that have slightly raised center panels.
  • Range
    A one piece, freestanding unit that includes a stove/cooktop and an oven.
  • Reasy-to-Assemble Cabinets
    See RTA Cabinet.
  • Recessed Panel Door
    These panels are slightly depressed and are generally not made of solid wood. They are of lesser quality because the panel thickness is between ¼ and 3/8 inch thick. Sometimes veneers are used for these panels.
  • Red Birch
    A breed of birch wood that has a reddish-brown to blackish color.
  • Red Oak
    There are many varieties of red oak. It is a high quality wood that is very durable and has an open grain.
  • Refacing
    A type of cabinet remodeling where the door and drawer faces are removed and replaced. A thin layer of veneer is used to cover the face frame in order to match the new door style.
  • Refinishing
    A type of cabinet remodeling where the cabinetd are stripped and sanded bare then stained and sealed with a new color.
  • Reveal
    The exposed portion between the end of the cabinet face frame and the door.
  • Rigid Thermo Foil
    A surface treatment that creats more durable boards. RTF is an expensive process and not as durable as plywood.
  • Roll-Out Trays
    See Pull-Out Shelves.
  • Roman Arch
    Neoclassical design style. Wall cabinet door panels have a slight arch while the base cabinets are usually square.
  • Rosette
    Round, carved flower onlay decoration generally for fluted fillers.
  • RTA Cabinet
    Stands for ready-to-assemble. These are types of kitchen and bathroom cabinetsthat are sold with all the hardware and assembly accessories needed for a consumer to assemble.
  • RTF
    See Rigid Thermo Foil.
  • Rustic
    Usually rustic kitchens feature recessed flat panel cabinet doors with hand carvings on valances and warm wood tones.