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The First Complete Kitchen Cabinet Glossary

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  • Mahogany
    A dark and rich hardwood that has a reddish color and adapts well to both light and dark stains.
  • Maple
    Maple is very versatile and can be seen in both contemporary and traditional kitchens. Sometimes maple has a wavy grain, but it usually has straight grain.
  • Matte Finish
    A flat finish that is not shiny.
  • MDF
    Medium-density fiberboard that is made of compressed wood chips. It is heavier than plywood, more susceptible to damage, swells when exposed to moisture, and contains formaldehyde that may cause lung irritation when cut.
  • Medium-Density Fiberboard
    See MDF.
  • Melamine
    A white coating for cabinet carcassesor shelves. It is stronger than HPLbut still tends to swell when exposed to water or sever weather conditions.
  • Microwave Cabinet
    A wall cabinet that has two doors above an opening with a shelf for a built-in microwave.
  • Mill
    Any machine that modifies wood with a rotating device.
  • Millwork
    Any woodwork made from a mill.
  • Mineral Streak
    Color variations in wood due to minerals in the soil. Mineral streaks are often colored and considered to be a beautiful accent to the wood.
  • Miter
    A woodworking joint where two beveled pieces adjoin to make a 90 degree angle.
  • Moderne
    See Art Deco.
  • Modular Cabinet
    See Semi-Custom Cabinets.
  • Molding
    Material used to cover transitions between cabinetry and walls or for decoration.
  • Mortise
    A cavity cut into a piece of wood where a tenon is adjoined.
  • Mortise and Tenon
    A woodworking joint that consists of a slot (mortise) and projection end (tenon).
  • Mounting Plate
    The part of a hinge that mounts to the cabinet.
  • Mullion
    Mullions are glass window dividers inside cabinet doors and provide support.
  • Muntin
    A strip of metal or wood that holds and separates glass panes. See Grid.