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The First Complete Kitchen Cabinet Glossary

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  • Half Lap
    A lap joint where a groove is made in each portion to equal the thickness of the largest portion.
  • Half-Overlay
    See Partial Overlay.
  • Handle
    Lever used to open a cabinet. These can be plain or elaborately decorated.
  • Hardwood
    Wood from mostly deciduous (broad-leaved trees) or angiosperm (flower-producing) trees.
  • Hearth Wood
    A type of firewood.
  • Heartwood
    Wood that is dead and resistant to decay. It is often found in the center of the tree trunk.
  • Hickory
    This wood is one of the strongest and is a cousin to walnut wood. It is great for medium and dark finishes.
  • Highlighting
    A technique for accenting the base color by sanding off some of the stain.
  • Hinge
    A type of bearing that is made of two objects for a specific angle rotation.
  • Hinge Cup
    Part of a concealed hinge, the cup is the part inserted into the mounting plate.
  • HPL
    Stands for high pressure laminate, HPL is a combination of paper and resin placed under high pressures to make it very strong and resistant to damage. HPL was commonly used in the 1970s.