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The First Complete Kitchen Cabinet Glossary

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  • Galley Kitchen
    A kitchen design that consists of two parallel counters, one with two of the three work triangle appliances and the other with one.
  • Galley Rail
    A hardware style where two rails support the drawer. Almost all modern drawers have galley rails.
  • Glass Rack
    A glass rack can be placed under any wall cabinet but is usually mounted under a wine rack. It holds wine, champagne and brandy glasses as well as any other type of stemware.
  • Glazing
    The act of adding thin layers of color to make wood more shiny and glossy or for two-toned contrast.
  • Glides
    See Drawer Guides.
  • Gloss Finish
    A finish that adds shine and luster to wood.
  • Grain
    Indicates the direction of the fibers and growth rings in the wood.
  • Grain Variation
    Differences in the grain of cut wood. Because wood is a natural material, grain variations are unique, beautiful and may increase the wood’s value. The grain is specific to each type of wood.
  • Grid
    A generic term for muntin or mullion refering to the dividers inside a glass door.
  • G-Shaped Kitchen
    The most elaborate standard kitchen design, G-shaped kitchens are like U-shaped ones but with a peninsula at one of the ends. These kitchens have the maximum amount of space for preparation, storage and dining.