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The First Complete Kitchen Cabinet Glossary

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  • Face Frame
    A frame for the front of the cabinet to provide a fixing point for doors, hinges and other attachments. Face frames are also known to add to style to a cabinets and drawers.
  • Fake Doors
    See Decorative Doors.
  • Fake Drawers
    Drawers that are for decorative purposes and do not open.
  • Fiddleback
    Tight, curly figures in a wood grain that resembles the back of a fiddle or violin.
  • Figure
    The pattern in the wood grain.
  • Filler Strip
    A finished strip of wood usually three or six inches wide used to fill spaces between cabinets or between cabinets and walls.
  • Fine Grain
    A smooth grain.
  • Finger Joint
    Similar to dovetail joints but instead of pin and tail cuts, finger joints have rectangular cuts that interlock. They are not as efficient as the standard dovetail joint.
  • FInish Coat
    A protective top-coat layer usually shellac, lacquer, paint, varnish, wax or dyting oils.
  • Fixed Shelves
    Shelves whose heights cannot be moved or adjusted. They can be supported by metal or wood brackets in order to provide better support to hold more weight. These types of shelves are often used for closets, basements and attics.
  • Flake Board
    See Particle Board.
  • Flat Grain
    Wood that has been sawed perpendicular to growth rings.
  • Flat Panel
    A flat door panel with no design.
  • Fluted Fillers
    Decorative filler strips that are usually three inches wide used mainly to add style and beauty to the kitchen cabinetry work.
  • Framed Cabinet
    Cabinets that have hinges connected to the face frame.
  • Frameless Cabinet
    Cabinets that have a thinner face frame and hinges that are attached to the side of the cabinet.
  • Free Swinging
    When a hinge can move freely and there is no catch mechanism to keep the door open or closed.
  • French Legs
    Decorative cabinetry legs that are used in place of the toe kick area.
  • Fretsaw
    See Jigsaw.
  • Fretwork
    Interlaced designs that are often geometric used to adorn musical instruments, furniture or cabinetry. Fretwork designs are cut out of wood using a fretsaw or jigsaw.
  • Fridge Panel
    A finished panel used to cover both sides of the refrigerator in order to give it a built-in look.
  • Full Lap
    A lap joint where no grooves are made so that the thickness is doubled.
  • Full-Access Drawer
    Drawers that have the back pass the frame of the cabinet so that the back of the drawer is easily accessible
  • Full-Extension Guides
    Drawer hardware that extends full-access drawers and allow the drawer to pass the face frame.
  • Full-Inset
    When the cabinet door sits inside the cabinet and is flush with the face frame.
  • Full-Overlay
    When the cabinet door covers the entire face frame. A cabinet is also considered full-overlay when the reveal is less than ¼ inch.